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The excitement, the drama, the best of BoA : Audio

As research for this article I went back to look through BoA : Audio, Season One. I had planned to pick out the ones I liked best and it ended up that I like most of them enough to write it down. Doesn't make my job very easy and has caused me to turn this into a 2 part article.

We started last season with one of my very favorite guests, Jim Marrs. No matter what show he is on, if I can listen I will. I have heard Jim on Rense, c2c and Alex Jones, but never has any interview been as good as Tim Binnall's. I credit that to many things, starting with the fact that Tim had read Jim's books. Also, was the fact that he asked intelligent questions and let Jim take as much time as needed with the answer.

I have never been able to figure why George Noory seems to rush people through their answers. I understand sometimes the answers get long and boring and in those times it is necessary, but that is rare. I think Noory has a list of questions that he feels obligated to ask before the two hours run out and it is open lines. I could do without open lines, so I suggest Noory learn from Tim Binnall.

Greg Bishop was another of my favorite guests from last season. Living in NM, I have always been interested in the Bennewitz story and Dulce. Although, I don't agree with the way Bishop tried to make it all out to be Doty playing tricks on Bennewitz and really nothing to do with ufos, I still learned tons of info from this interview.

Peter Robbins was someone that I really hadn't heard much from, or know much about. I am now a fan of his and even bought his book. Why the media is hiding from the ufo phenomenon has been a question I have often wondered about and Robbins seems to know the answer.

Then there was Grant Cameron. It was right during all the hype about him being banned from the US, which made it even more exciting. Grant Cameron is one of the really awesome people in ufology because he researches what the Presidents knew, something that nobody else really pays much attention to. This was a great two part interview and I enjoyed every minute of it.

When Tim told me he was interviewing someone named Adam Gorightly for the show, I had my doubts. Oh me, of little faith. I knew absolutely nothing about Adam and now I hope Tim has him back sometime. He is a great storyteller and has some of the most bizarre conspiracy theories that you have ever heard. Adam Gorightly is totally refreshing and fun and I would recommend a listen to this two part interview to anyone, even if they weren't interested in ufos or conspiracy.

Oh, then there was Alfred Webre. It is unlikely I should ever forget this interview. Tim asked him a question for me, it was something like - How can he rely on remote viewing to decide that all aliens are good since remote viewing is often wrong? Webre said that Lesley should get "out of the business" if she didn't believe in remote viewing and went on and on trying to defend himself and remote viewing. Tim was worried I might be offended or hurt, but I found it incredibly funny! It was the highlight of the whole season for me, that one little question from me could cause such a stir. BTW, Alfred Webre I am not "in the business," in order to be that I would have to make money of which I don't make, nor have I ever tried. I have loved ufo and other strange tales since I can remember, but I am just a curious observer and don't consider myself to be in the business.

Stanton Friedman! What can anyone say about him that hasn't already been said? If ufology has someone that almost everyone can agree upon being the best, the most informed, the top of the charts and the statesman, it would be Stanton. I remember seeing Stan on ufo related shows when I was quite young and I have always thought of him as the top ufologist ever! Tim handled this interview really well, because I would have been too star struck to speak. They even talked about baseball! Imagine that, talking about baseball with Stan Friedman, it gives a whole new meaning to the term "fly ball."

Then it was time for a great lady, being Melinda Leslie. Melinda use to be on with Art quite often in the early days. Note to self - email Art and request Melinda. I don't know what happened during that time, but until Tim had Melinda on I hadn't heard from her in ages. I always like her military-alien stories, they are something you rarely get from anyone else. Melinda is probably one of the most informed researchers on abduction, which is a subject that most ufologists seem to shy away from. The only somewhat bad thing about this interview was that people emailed me, thinking I was Melinda Leslie, even though I spell Lesley differently. Oh well, I was somewhat famous for a brief period.

I will end there for this week and see you back here next time around!

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