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The excitement, the drama, the best of BoA : Audio

(Part 2)

(See Part 1 HERE)

Time to search for the skinwalker with Colm Kelleher. Maybe it is the Irish accent, but Kelleher is wonderful storyteller and I loved the way he told about skinwalker ranch. Who needs George Knapp? Although I find Kelleher's mad cow information to be needed, I would still rather here about unexplained happenings at skinwalker ranch. Tim, as always, had read the book and asked the best questions of any of the many interviews I heard with Kelleher.

Loren Coleman. What can I say about Loren, without sounding like I am fawning? Probably nothing, so I will just say what I want. Loren is the top cryptozoologist in the world. He knows everything about Bigfoot, giant birds, mothman, the Jersey devil, the Loch Ness monster and any other creature of lore that you care to ask about. I asked about the giant Siberian bear (Ursus arctos piscator - Bergman's bear), of course, Loren knew all about it. As many know, I am a huge animal lover so cryptozoology is a natural for me. I wish all cryptozoologists were like Loren, he is someone who actually cares about the "creature" and not just the study of it. I know Tim is also a huge fan of Loren's and that is one of the things that made this such a great interview.

Upon hearing Tim tell me about Jerry E. Smith, I had thought he sounded interesting, but also thought I would wait and see since I had never heard of him. Smith talked about the legendary Spear of Destiny and I am much interested in Nazi legend pertaining to magic, ritual and especially ufos. I found Smith interesting enough that I bought his book, though sadly it is still on the "to be read" pile with dozens of others. Here again, was a person that I had never heard of that ended up being totally entertaining and thought provoking.

I haven't read any of his books, but I find Nick Redfern to be one of the good ones in ufology. He tells somewhat wild tales, which I like, but most of all he kind of adds a raw edge to ufology. He talks about the CIA and other such agencies and their ufo related intrigues, in length, he gives you a good feel of what has been going on. Tim pried the best of him out, if you ask me. Nick may have said things on BoA audio that he didn't and wouldn't have said anywhere else.

Here was someone again who I was not totally familiar with, Andre Eggelletion. Wow! Just the voice alone, I could listen to him talk about anything! Besides the voice, what he did talk about was really interesting and informative. Andre seems to have the inside scoop of what is going on in the world and he shared that with Tim Binnall. Lucky us!

As much as I love all the other guests, Richard Dolan is probably in my top three of ufologists, along with Stanton. I don't know exactly what it is about Dolan, but he seems to add an air of credibility to ufology. I might also say that he is incredibly nice, but that would be beside the point. In this interview, Dolan really let us peer a bit at his soul. This interview had everything, the politics, the loves, the hates, the hardships, the joys, it was Richard Dolan as I doubt you will ever hear him on any other show.

The last show of the season was with Gary McKinnon. I have been following the McKinnon story since the beginning and didn't think I would learn anything new. Shame on me! There is always something new to learn. I learned that according to what McKinnon said it was likely that he could have been abducted. I suppose that shouldn't be a shock, but it was interesting news to say the least. I also learned that he may know more about 911 than what he is saying, at least it seemed that way to me. Stay tuned to that one, McKinnon is still in play.

What can I say about BoA audio without sounding biased because I write for the site? Probably nothing. However, those who know me, know that I don't BS, if I don't like something I say so. I will say that in my opinion, BoA leaves other such "shows" in the dust. Why? The reasons are pretty simple. First, Tim Binnall really cares about the subjects he covers. Second, he actually reads the books that the guests have written. Most importantly though, he lets the guests be themselves and answer things in the way they wish without pushing them to another question while they are still thinking about the other and before they are ready. When you listen to BoA audio, you get the full answer, not what could be fitted in before the time for that question ran out.

I suspect we have another great season ahead of us. Jim Marrs kicked it all off once again and already there are many awesome guests lined up to take us through season 2.

How does Tim do it? Really, I don't know. The technical parts of putting everything together isn't easy and if you have listened to some of the other internet radio shows you know that they aren't always quality audio like BoA. I know Tim puts in a lot of work on the show and that he really deserves a lot more credit than what he gets. Yeah, he enjoys doing it, but if you enjoy it too why not drop a few paypal bucks his way and let him know?

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