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Bruce Rux

(2 Hours, 37 Minutes)

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In light of last year's wildly popular Bruce Rux Thanksgiving episode, we continue the tradition with the 2012 installment of the now-dubbed 'Ruxgiving' edition of BoA:Audio. This year's festivities are almost entirely devoted to listener submitted questions, nearly 20 total, covering a wide array of topics and all posed to the amazing Bruce Rux. Our conversation includes discussion on the recent Denver UFO sighting, why Bruce is not on Facebook, Stanley Kubrick and the moon hoax theory, Zecharia Sitchin, government influence on UFO films, Bruce's encounters with MIBs and his thoughts on MILABs, his take on reality tv paranormal shows, 9/11, and the challenges of writing a new book. Along the way, we'll talk about a plethora of films and TV shows including Prometheus, V, The Event, Apollo 18, The Thing, American Horror Story, and even Scooby Doo.

Altogether, it's a fun, enlightening, and organic edition of the program that is tailor made for the long ride to grandma's house en route to Thanksgiving dinner or as an after-meal companion while you wait in line for doorbuster Black Friday sales. BoA:Audio gives thanks to the listeners with our old friend Bruce Rux in our annual Ruxgiving feast.

Full Preview: We kick things off with an update on what Bruce has been up to since his impromptu July appearance on the program and he talks a little bit about the recent Denver UFO sighting that drew the attention of the local news. This leads to a strange story from Bruce about his days as a security guard tasked with watching over essentially empty warehouses. Bruce also shares some funny and poignant reflections on being unemployed over the last year.

Setting the stage for listener submitted questions, we find out why Bruce is not on Facebook, when it seems like everyone else on the planet has a profile there. Diving in to listener questions, we begin with an inquiry from Scott C., who asked how Bruce's community has changed since the Aurora shooting. Next, Ben Y. asks Bruce about how he deals with seriously researching a topic like UFOs, which is often and deservedly painted with the 'giggle factor.' He also reflects on the 'tin foil hat' crowd and how he, luckily, doesn't have to interact with them much.

Then, our conversation about Bruce's steadfast theories leads to discussion on whether or not anything new has come up in the last 15 years that has changed his theories. And, to catch folks up with Bruce's work, he details his overarching theory about UFOs, ancient aliens, Mars, and other paranormal mysteries. Bruce also talks about Alexander Kazantsev, who actually set the stage for the ancient astronaut milieu before Sitchen popularized it for American readers.

We next get to Chuck B.'s questions about Bruce's belief in the moon hoax theory, which leads to some fascinating discussion about the possibility that Stanley Kubrick played a part in hoaxing the moon landing. This gets into Jay Weidner's theory that Stanley Kubrick hid a 'confession' to the moon hoax in The Shining. This leads to Bruce talking about 'problems' with the moon landing which suggest to him a hoax was at work and he also talks about the current state of the space program and his thoughts on the possibility of a secret space program.

The subsequent question comes from Tarquin R., who ponders if paranormal research has 'jumped the shark.' This leads to some talk about the limits of discovery and if, ironically enough, it is impossible to realize you have reached the point of discovering everything. We also loop back around and examine the state of paranormal research today. Following that, we tackle Cory T's question about whether Bruce has happened upon any 'inside information' about UFO films being influenced by the government. Bruce details suspicious aspects of the original version of The Thing.

Arthur J. then asks if Bruce thinks our 'makers' are coming and, if so, soon. This leads to Bruce explaining his interpretation of 'makers' in the grand scheme of human history. Veil then asks what Bruce has been working on lately and if there will be any new releases soon. He proceeds to tease us with a potential book connecting pirates with Masons, but also explains why that is unlikely to come to fruition any time soon.

Following that, Marty L. asks about MIBs and MILABS, which leads to Bruce sharing an amazing story about his encounters with government sponsored MIBs and a subsequent threat that was levied against him. Bruce also addresses the plausibility of MILABs and how the government would know someone was abducted in the first place if it is kept secret. He also puts forward a theory that abductees may be used by ETs for hypnotic sabotage on Earth.

The next question comes from AlexOne, who requests Bruce's take on the research and translations of Zecharia Sitchin. To that end, Bruce shares some recollections of insights told to him by Zecharia Sitchin. Getting into a slightly more askew area of discussion, redsonsuperman asks if Bruce would ever embrace Twitter and his thoughts on the Scooby Doo revival in recent years. Robert C. then asks Bruce about Hollywood using films and TV shows to 'reveal' the powers that be, such as odd 9/11 references in entertainment before the event happened.

David K. asks for Bruce's opinion on both the classic and modern relaunch of the TV series V. This leads to some additional talk about X-Files, Fringe, and Lost. Susan F. then wants to know about the recent spate of UFO and ghost hunting shows and if they are being used to 'mold' the public's perception of the paranormal. We also speculate on why the government would want to mold the perception of things like ghosts and Bigfoot.

Next, Brent H. asks Bruce what he thought of Prometheus and we also find out how it fits into Bruce's overall theories about UFOs. Following that, Steve G. asks Bruce if he thinks the recent slew of zombie / apocalypse entertainment are a metaphor for society collapsing in the future. One2Believe then wants to know about a variety of sci fi movies and TV shows of which we discuss Apollo 18, Cowboys and Aliens, The Event, American Horror Story, and Paul.

Heading towards the close, VampElvis asks Bruce if he is familiar with the work of Robbie Graham and also if he rocks an ascot or smoking jacket, which somehow leads to discussion on the live action Scooby Doo movie. And, in the final listener submitted question, Hillbilly asks about Stanley Kubrick possibly being involved with the government and whether any other directors may have worked at the behest of the 'powers that be.'

Closing out the program, we revisit the Aurora shooting and, based on an inquiry from Jeremy Vaeni, ask Bruce what he thinks of the conspiracy theories which arose out of the event. This leads to some talk about the many unanswered questions about Columbine as well. Additionally, we talk about the many theories surrounding Denver International Airport and that Denver is the backup capital of the United States. Wrapping up the conversation, we find out if Bruce's books will ever be re-issued or made available for Kindle readers.

Bruce Rux Bio

Bruce Rux was an actor for twenty years, and is still current on his Actors' Equity card though he hasn't performed on stage since the early 1990s. He appeared in perhaps eighty shows, winning numerous acting awards in several states. Bruce received his BA in theater from Loretto Heights College in Denver in 1979, and an MA in Mass Communications, emphasis on playwriting, from Kansas State University in 1988. In 1980-81, he performed for a year with Wayne State University's prestigious Hilberry Classical Repertory Theater in Detroit, toward an MFA that was never completed. He won the first annual Jerome D. Johanning Playwriting Award in 1987 at K-State, for his four act historical drama, The Grave Affair, which he directed as an American College Theater Festival entry the same year. He has written several plays since. For the past ten years, he has been an upscale security officer (USO) for Wackenhut.

Bruce has studied UFOs his entire life. After the Mars Observer probe failure in August of 1993, Bruce wrote to share his findings with several researchers in the field and with a few elected representatives. As a result, he found himself invited on ancient astronaut author Zecharia Sitchin's first tour of Egypt in the Spring of 1994. During that trip, Bruce decided to write a book containing the results of his own UFO research and conclusions, which resulted in Architects of the Underworld: Unriddling Atlantis, Anomalies of Mars and the Mystery of the Sphinx in 1996. The following year, he wrote a companion volume that turned out to be even more massive, Hollywood Vs. the Aliens: The Motion Picture Industry's Participation In UFO Disinformation. Both were published by Frog Books in Berkeley, now part of Random House.

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