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Bruce Rux

(2 Hours, 37 Minutes)

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Back by popular demand, the amazing Bruce Rux returns to BoA:Audio for a jam session covering ancient aliens, Egypt, Mars, and contemporary UFO events. Bruce will detail his overarching theory on what is behind UFOs and how it connects to our ancient world as well as the planets in our solar system. Along the way, we'll also discuss his recent trip to Egypt as well as his journey there in 1994 with Zecharia Sitchen, Bruce's take on the world of Ufology, and his thoughts on the latest spate of UFO-related movies from Hollywood.

Picking up where we left off with the Bruce Rux Trilogy two years ago, it's a fast-paced, free-flowing, and fully enveloping edition of the program that is sure to serve as the ideal dinner companion for the BoA:Audio listeners' Thanksgiving feast as we welcome the amazing Bruce Rux back to the program.

Full Preview: We kick things off by having Bruce provide with some bio / background to bring BoA:Audio newcomers up to speed. This leads to him talking about the divide between ancient astronaut proponents and members of contemporary UFO studies. He then compares this divide with similar disputes in Egyptology.

We then set about unpacking Bruce's essential thesis behind UFOs by first looking at who or what is behind the phenomenon itself. Next we tackle the other big question, which inquires as to the origin of these beings. Having set down the parameters of Bruce's theory, we then dig in to the finer details of it all, beginning with the importance of Egypt to the hypothesis. Bruce uses this to explain how he sees Egypt connecting to Atlantis and, in turn, Mars.

Turning our attention towards Mars, Bruce details why he believes Mars was once an Earth-like, thriving planet that was destroyed. We then take the timeline and narrative that Bruce is presenting and connect it to Earth. From there, we get into the ancient astronaut theory and how it details the creation of the human race. Bruce continues the scenario to explain how he sees the Great Flood fitting into the story.

In light of Bruce's contention that contemporary Greys are robots, we find out how he reconciles this with the ancient astronaut theory which he supports. Staying within contemporary times, we have Bruce speculate on how much knowledge the governments of the world have of this 'alternative human history.' We also have Bruce speculate on the possibility that this entire scenario ever gets fully disclosed to the human race.

Looking at the contemporary UFO phenomenon, Bruce explains why the enigma seemed to catch fire with the development of the nuclear bomb. We also have Bruce weigh in on the theory of reverse engineering by the government as well as the concept of a deal being brokered between the 'aliens' and the US government. We then look at the overarching idea that the human race is, or is near, reaching the level of these 'gods' that started the whole story.

Going down a different path, we find out about Bruce's recent trip to Egypt, alongside noted Egyptologist Robert Bauval. Bruce recounts some of the observations he made on the trip which strengthened his convictions surrounding his theories on UFOs and ancient 'gods.' In light of the recent upheaval in Egypt, we find out what the climate was like in the country when Bruce visited this past Fall. We also get his take on how the antiquities department in Egypt has changed since Zawi Hawass has been removed. Bruce also provides a humorous take on what everyday Egyptian think of their famous landmarks.

Bruce then goes in-depth on the various potential uses for the pyramids in Egypt. This leads to some discussion on how humankind's knowledge of the past has been systematically destroyed as time marches forward and new power brokers attempt to solidify their strength. We also ponder how the pyramids have managed to survive epic stretches of time and countless attempts at their destruction. We have Bruce detail some of the more esoteric rooms and chambers that are either known about or speculated about inside the pyramids. Bruce shares the amazing tale of a tiny door that was found inside one of the pyramids' shafts and what was discovered beyond that door.

Getting philosophical on the pyramids, Bruce ruminates on how the bigger question behind the monuments remains 'why' rather than 'how.' Jumping from that point, we discuss the possibility that Egypt's climate was not as harsh in ancient times as it is today. The conversation then leads to some discussion on the Sphinx. Getting meta on the conversation, Bruce talks about how there is a new form of Egyptology emerging in recent times.

Going back in time, proverbially, we have Bruce recount his 1994 trip to Egypt with Zecharia Sitchen. Bruce shares his perspective on traveling with Sitchen and remembers what he was like at the time. Bruce shares the story of watching Sitchen translate hieroglyphics at the Cairo Museum. He also talks about how Sitchen was particularly secretive and prickly.

For fans of the Rux Trilogy, we then go back to Bruce's theory that the government is seeding UFO information in hollywood fare and get an update on his thoughts on this concept in the last few years. Bruce looks at the story of the Green Lantern and how it connects to his theories. We also talk about Paul and Bruce shares how it encompasses a recent trend of making the UFO phenomenon seem rather 'matter of fact.' We revisit Bruce's observations about how the portrayal of ETs seems to change with different presidential administrations and he reflects on how the Obama tenure reflects this. We also touch on Cowboys v. Aliens, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and District 9.

Next we get very meta on Bruce's career as a researcher and first find out if his recent trip to Egypt has inspired any new insights or works. We revisit Bruce's unique and refreshing decision to essentially publish his findings and then leave Ufology behind. We get his take on contemporary Ufology and why they haven't come to the same conclusions that he has. Considering how adamant Bruce is about theories, we find out if there is anything that could emerge that would change his perspective.

Heading towards the close, we bring back to the beginning and reflect on how ancient alien research and modern Ufology seem to be at odds, while also proving each other. This leads to some discussion on abductions and how Bruce sees that phenomenon fitting into his greater theory. We also examine the concept of the human race being property or 'owned' by some other race of beings. Closing it out, we bid farewell to Bruce until his next visit to BoA:Audio.

Bruce Rux Bio

Bruce Rux was an actor for twenty years, and is still current on his Actors' Equity card though he hasn't performed on stage since the early 1990s. He appeared in perhaps eighty shows, winning numerous acting awards in several states. Bruce received his BA in theater from Loretto Heights College in Denver in 1979, and an MA in Mass Communications, emphasis on playwriting, from Kansas State University in 1988. In 1980-81, he performed for a year with Wayne State University's prestigious Hilberry Classical Repertory Theater in Detroit, toward an MFA that was never completed. He won the first annual Jerome D. Johanning Playwriting Award in 1987 at K-State, for his four act historical drama, The Grave Affair, which he directed as an American College Theater Festival entry the same year. He has written several plays since. For the past ten years, he has been an upscale security officer (USO) for Wackenhut.

Bruce has studied UFOs his entire life. After the Mars Observer probe failure in August of 1993, Bruce wrote to share his findings with several researchers in the field and with a few elected representatives. As a result, he found himself invited on ancient astronaut author Zecharia Sitchin's first tour of Egypt in the Spring of 1994. During that trip, Bruce decided to write a book containing the results of his own UFO research and conclusions, which resulted in Architects of the Underworld: Unriddling Atlantis, Anomalies of Mars and the Mystery of the Sphinx in 1996. The following year, he wrote a companion volume that turned out to be even more massive, Hollywood Vs. the Aliens: The Motion Picture Industry's Participation In UFO Disinformation. Both were published by Frog Books in Berkeley, now part of Random House.

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