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Jarrah White

(2 Hours, 25 Minutes)

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BoA:Audio returns to the realm of the Moon Hoax as we welcome Jarrah White, known as the "Grandson of the Moon Hoax Theory." We'll explore the origin and evolution of the Moon Hoax Theory, the passionate stances taken by both sides of the MHT debate, Jarrah's encounters with Phil Plait, the Mythbusters, and Buzz Aldrin, conspiracies surrounding the Apollo One and Challenger Shuttle disasters, why, in 2011, whether or not we went to the moon still matters, and a slew of challenging questions covering this most peculiar genre of esoterica.

It's an edition of BoA:Audio that takes a fair look at an often dismissed and highly controversial area of the paranormal with the man responsible for championing it in the millennium: Jarrah White.

Full Preview: We kick things off by getting some background on Jarrah White and how he got interested in the Moon Hoax Theory (MHT). In talking about the evolution of his work researching the Moon Hoax, Jarrah details the Apollo 10 television broadcast, which he says was edited by the conspirators. This leads to us learning more about Jarrah's status as 'Grandson of the Moon Hoax Theory,' as he vividly details the evolution of MHT from Bill Kasing to Ralph Rene and, ultimately, to himself. Jarrah also details the passing of his mentor Ralph Rene in late 2008 and how many consider Jarrah to be Rene's heir and, thus, the 'Grandson of Moon Hoax Theory.' We also find out where BoA favorite Bart Sibrel fits into this 'family tree.'

This leads to discussion on the extreme vitriol surrounding the Moon Hoax Theory from both sides, the believers and the skeptics. Jarrah talks about the outrageous reaction from the Moon Landing believers to the death of Ralph Rene. We also get Jarrah's opinion on why this debate fuels such passion from both sides. We also hear the amazing story of Jarrah's trip to a skeptic's convention in Las Vegas where he confronted 'Bad Astronomer' Phil Plait as well as the Mythbusters. Jarrah also details some of the new information that has surfaced in recent years which, he believes, lends credence to the Moon Hoax Theory.

Next, Binnall presents his 'theory' that the MHT, and the surrounding 'evidence,' is actually a diversion tactic and/or clues to a cover-up the UFO phenomenon, not an inability to get to the Moon. We get Jarrah's take on that idea as well as the contention that NASA could not fake numerous moon landings, beyond merely just Apollo 11, and Jarrah details the secret Soviet N-1 Program as well as the compartmentalization of NASA as evidence to the ability of nations to keep secrets. This leads to Jarrah talking about some of the "mistakes" made by NASA, when they allegedly hoaxed the moon landing, which lend credence to the Moon Hoax Theory.

Following that, we get Jarrah's opinion on whether or not it is even possible to go to the Moon and, if another country managed to do so, would they blow the whistle on the original moon hoax. Jarrah also talks about the faltering of NASA and how many of the plans for manned missions to space 'conveniently' end up being cancelled. Looking at MHT from a meta level, we have Jarrah weigh in on the field's standing as the proverbial 'bastard son of esoterica,' where the ridicule factor surrounding the moon hoax is extremely high, beyond even that of UFOs and other genres of the paranormal. On this note, Jarrah speaks to the difficulties in battling the 'propagandists,' who assert that the moon landings were real.

Looking at the proverbial end game for Moon Hoax Theory, Jarrah reveals his remarkable plan to ultimately prove that the moon landings were fake. We also find out what could be done, here on Earth, to either prove or disprove the veracity of the moon landings. We also tackle the idea that, if NASA faked the moon landing, isn't it possible that they'd also fake any pictures taken of the landing site from Earth.

Moving on, we examine a couple of tangential conspiracy theories that are often connected to the Moon Hoax Theory: the Apollo 1 disaster and the Challenger explosion. Jarrah provides tremendous detail on the many suspicious engineering 'errors' and miscues that led to the Apollo 1 disaster. Additionally, he talks about many of the anomalies surrounding the actual event, including how long the dying astronauts were inside the capsule trying to get out. We also have Jarrah talk about the Challenger disaster and he goes in-depth on the issues surrounding what happened that fateful day in 1986.

Heading towards the close, we then tackle the ultimate question, which examines why, in 2011, people should even care whether or not the US went to the moon. We extend things to a hypothetical scenario and have Jarrah ponder how the government would actually disclose the Moon Hoax if they decided to 'come clean' on it. Jarrah also talks about how he thinks the Moon Hoax ended up hampering our current knowledge of space. We also get Jarrah's opinion on how the private space industry could end up playing a role in proving or disproving the Moon Hoax.

Wrapping things up, Jarrah shares the story of how he recently attended a Buzz Aldrin press conference in Sydney and asked him about the fake moon rock that was given to the Netherlands by Apollo astronauts. This leads to further discussion on how the media reacted to his question for Aldrin and if it is the result of the 'Sibrel-ification' of the way MHT proponents are painted as 'stalkers' in the media. Closing out the conversation, we find out what's next for Jarrah White including future video projects.

Jarrah White Bio

Jarrah White is a native of Australia who debunks the Apollo Hoax debunkers, both in forums and through film. He holds academic qualifications in Film & TV at Sydney Institute of TAFE and is currently doing his BSc in Astrophysics. Since 2006 he has produced over 300 videos on the subject of the Apollo moon hoax theory: these include the ongoing MoonFaker series, Flagging The Gems and Apollo Zero. He is the contributing editor to moonmovie.com, and is considered by many to be the honorary heir of Ralph Rene (author of NASA Mooned America).

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