Brad Steiger
2 hrs, 38 min
The long and winding road that has been BoA:Audio, Season Six reaches its destination as the incomparable Brad Steiger returns to the program for our Season Finale. Plus, we've got a bonus mini-interview with Whitley Strieber to close out the program and season.
Adam Davies
1 hr, 36 min
Wrapping up our triumverate of annual episodes, we welcome acclaimed cryptozoologist and extreme explorer Adam Davies for a conversation about his 2011 expedition to Sumatra in search of the Orang Pendek.
Greg Bishop
2 hrs, 30 min
Closing the book on 2011 and peering into the abyss of 2012, it's the annual BoA:Audio Year in Review with our old pal Greg Bishop.
Stanton Friedman
1 hr, 55 min
Serving as an ideal companion to egg nog and gingerbread cookies, it's the yuletide tradition like no other: the 7th Annual BoA:Audio Holiday Special featuring the iconic Stanton Friedman.
Mack Maloney
2 hrs, 24 min
BoA:Audio welcomes prolific military fiction author Mack Maloney for a discussion on his new non-fiction work UFOs in Wartime.
Bruce Rux
2 hrs, 24 min
Back by popular demand, the amazing Bruce Rux returns to BoA:Audio for a discussion on his theories surrounding UFOs, Egypt, Mars, ancient aliens, and mythology stories.
CuChullaine O'Reilly
2 hrs, 24 min
BoA:Audio welcomes equestrian researcher and long rider CuChullaine O'Reilly for a discussion on his groundbreaking book Deadly Equines: The Shocking True Story of Meat-Eating and Murderous Horses.
Loren Coleman
1 hr, 51 min
Making his long-awaited return to BoA:Audio, the iconic Loren Coleman joins us for an in-depth and richly arrayed conversation about cryptozoology.
Dr. Gregg Korbon
1 hr, 37 min
Dr. Gregg Korbon, author of Beyond Reason: Lessons from the Loss of a Gifted Child, shares the amazing story of how his 9-year-old son, Brian, predicted his own death.
Pearl Jr.
1 hr, 54 min
BoA:Audio ventures into the world of pop conspiracy with Pearl Jr., creator of the film Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?, which advances the theory that the King of Pop faked his own death.
Butch Witkowski
2 hrs, 9 min
Longtime researcher of high strangeness, Butch Witkowski, joins us for a discussion on human mutilations and the field of Ufology.
Kathleen Marden
2 hrs, 13 min
BoA:Audio welcomes Kathleen Marden, the niece of Betty and Barney Hill, for an in-depth discussion on the iconic abduction case which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.
Jones & Flaxman
1 hr, 34 min
BoA:Audio mainstays Larry Flaxman and Marie Jones return to the program for their annual paranormal jam session.
Larry Arnold
2 hrs, 26 min
BoA:Audio explores the mystery of Spontanteous Human Combustion with Larry E. Arnold, the world foremost authority on the phenomenon.
Peter Robbins
1 hr, 51 min
BoA:Audio eschews questions in favor of conversation as we sit down with our good friend Peter Robbins for a wide-ranging discussion on the world of Ufology, the UFO phenomenon, and the world, at large.
Paul Bannister
2 hrs, 16 min
BoA:Audio goes behind the scenes at the National Enquirer with Paul Bannister, author of Tabloid Man & the Baffling Chair of Death. Bannister, formerly the Enquirer's chief paranormal reporter in the 1970's, pulls the curtain back on the notorious tabloid.
Paul Kimball
2 hrs, 10 min
Longtime friend and supporter of BoA:Audio, Paul Kimball returns to the program for a nearly two-hour jam session covering the film Beyond Best Evidence: The UFO Enigma as well as the world of the paranormal at large.
Matthew Pellowski
1 hr, 55 min
BoA:Audio kicks off our Summer Session by welcoming filmmakers Matthew J. Pellowski and Anastasia Konstantinou for a conversation on their film Eyes of the Mothman.
Jarrah White
2 hrs, 25 min
BoA:Audio returns to the realm of the Moon Hoax as we welcome Jarrah White, known as the "Grandson of the Moon Hoax Theory."
Tracy Twyman
2 hrs, 33 min
BoA:Audio delves into the connection between alchemy and economics with Tracy Twyman's long-awaited return to the program.
Baseball Special
2 hrs, 45 min
Longtime pals Jason Offutt, Loren Coleman, Adam Gorightly, Paul Kimball, and Greg Bishop join us for the 2011 BoA:Audio Baseball Special.
Dan Gordon
1 hr, 31 min
The first half of BoA:Audio's baseball double header features Dan Gordon talking about Haunted Baseball and tales of the supernatural and America's pastime.
Stan Gordon
1 hr, 31 min
BoA:Audio welcomes veteran UFO and paranormal researcher Stan Gordon for an in-depth discussion on his book Silent Invasion, which details the UFO / Bigfoot wave that swept across Pennsylvania in 1973/74.
Robert Murch
1 hr, 50 min
Continuing this season's exploration of the fringe realms of the esoteric, we welcome the world's foremost collector, historian and expert on the Ouija Board: Robert Murch.
Dr. Bob Curran
1 hr, 34 min
BoA:Audio welcomes back the vibrant Dr. Bob Curran for a discussion on his latest book Man-Made Monsters, which delves into a variety of forms of life that mankind has tried to, or been said do, create over the years.
Phil Imbrogno
2 hrs, 11 min
One of the most frequently requested guests by BoA:Audio listeners over the years, the legendary Phil Imbrogno finally arrives on the program for a nearly two-hour interview on his latest book Ultraterrestrial Contact.
Adam Davies
1 hr, 49 min
World class cryptozoologist Adam Davies returns to BoA:Audio to tell us about his 2010 expedition to India in search of mysterious creature known as the Mande-Burung.
Bishop & Redfern
2 hrs 44 min
Longtime friends of BoA:Audio, Greg Bishop and Nick Redfern return to the program for our annual examination of the past year in Ufology.
Dr. Beach
2 hrs 8 min
One of the breakout esoteric stars of 2010, 'Dr. Beachcombing' joins BoA:Audio for his first-ever interview, discussing his critically acclaimed work chronicling some of history's most bizarre stories.
Stanton Friedman
2 hrs 7 min
The yuletide tradition like no other continues with the 6th annual BoA:Audio Holiday Special featuring the iconic Stanton Friedman.
Bix Weir
2 hrs 7 min
Financial analyist Bix Weir joins BoA:Audio for his first interview concerning the 'Road to Roota' conspiracy theory.
Gian Quasar
2 hrs 28 min
BoA:Audio tears at the fabric of the Bigfoot enigma with acclaimed researcher Gian Quasar, author of the sure-to-be-controversial Recasting Bigfoot: Uncovering the Truth about Sasquatch Amidst the Hype of Bigfoot.
Jim Marrs
1 hr 43 min
BoA:Audio embarks on our sixth year with the man who has become synonymous with each new season of the program: the venerable Jim Marrs.