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2004's 20 Guests C2C Needs, Revisited


" I can think of at least a dozen guests (and shall list them soon when I have time) worthy of an appearance on C2C more than these clods they have appearing this week. " -- binnall, 9.27.4, on the Coast to Coast AM message boards.

With that, an annual tradition was born. Last year, binnall and company hunkered down and composed the now historic "20 Guests C2C Needs". The list was so legendary, it is still cited to this day in various BoA articles and columns. So famous did this list become, that we actually got contacted by some guy trying to get on this year's edition. So infamous was the list that rumour had it one esotericist who didn't make the list vowed to punch binnall in the face, should he ever meet him.

And now, we sit, one year (and one week) later and we look back. For obvious reasons, you may want to refer back to the original article, located HERE. Done that ? Good, now let's get on with the results ...

Who Made It

Terry Hansen (1) appeared on 8.29.2005.

Good to great episode, hampered by occurring the day after Hurricane Katrina hit and in the midst of the New Orleans levees breaking. Noory was not on his game this night, but Hansen was strong. A follow up appearance is deserved, especially when pertinent (i.e. another ABC UFO type special or major UFO news in the mainstream).

Peter Robbins (2) appeared on 11.12.2004.

A mere half hour allotted during the critically acclaimed UFO Crash retrieval Special. Excellent half hour discussing Rendelsham Forest Incident. A full guest appearance is expected in light of this December's 25 Anniversary of said incident.

Grant Cameron (6) appeared on 4.11.2005.

Also allotted a half hour @ UFC CRC Special, but, more importantly, a featured member of the panel for the UFO Roundtable. As usual, his insights were exceptional and the overall episode outstanding. Still awaiting a stand-alone full episode appearance.

Loren Coleman (8) appeared on 2.14.2005.

Has appeared numerous times throughout the year, but only appeared this once to discuss his book "The Copycat Effect" and that was for only a portion of the episode. Still no love for Loren Coleman, sociologist, on C2C. An appearance to discuss the news media's role on society in the next year is doubtful, but numerous cryptozoological appearances can be expected.

Jim Marrs (9) appeared on 11.12.2004.

A technical "hit", although Marrs was only on for a half hour, during the UFO CRC Special, to talk about the Aurora Crash, not 911, as was suggested in last year's list. That said, Linda Moulton Howe, the on location host that night recommended Marrs for a future visit to talk about 911. That never happened. Marrs may be hampered by being a monthly "Rense regular", but I expect he'll get on C2C to talk about 911 at some point in the future.

Alexandra Robbins (20) appeared on 10.5.2004.

Another technical "hit", as binnall had compiled the list then C2C scheduled her before he'd published it. Much like Marrs, however, Robbins only discussed the recommended topic, her book "Pledged", for like ten minutes. Once she got to the more titillating parts of that book, The Noor shut it down quickly. A return to talk about Pledged is not expected.

Who Didn't Make It

Jose Arguelles (3)

Possible for next year. He seemed like the perfect guest to appear when the government announced changing the dates for "daylight savings time".

Bart Sibrel (4)

Doubtful for next year as well. Noory seems to loathe him. The closest we got to Sibrel all year was a fired up Eric Hufschmid, who sounded like a Sibrel imitator.

Ann Druffel (5)

Somewhat surprising. Perhaps she is hampered by the late time slot for C2C. Could show up on the schedule at any time.

Stephen Bassett (7)

Shockingly didn't appear on the show to promote X-Conference 2 nor the big Toronto UFO Symposium. A new force in disclosure, his absence on C2C borders on criminal.

Debra Cunningham, Howard "Dru" Strom (10)

Niche topic that usually gets featured on C2C once every 2 or 3 years. An appearance is due, could come sometime this year.

Bill Millstead (11)

Surprising, considering the Knights Templar Roundtable held last November. Perhaps a 1st hour pop in on a Friday night at some point down the line.

John DeCamp (12)

No way, never, not gonna happen. Too hot for C2C, but I can dream.

Jim DiEugenio (13)

Another surprise, considering the lackluster fare offered for this year's JFK Assassination Special II. Hopefully, he'll make the cut for the annual episode's 3rd year.

William F. Pepper (14)

Another strong potential guest who got no love from Coast. He should be on C2C at some point, not, when I have no clue. Perhaps for an Assassination Roundtable, look for that maybe.

J.H.Brennan (15)

A surprise, this guest seemed natural for Art Bell. Also a niche topic that may surface at any time on the schedule.

Ken Thomas (16)

Potentially a tad too hot for C2C. Thomas is extreme, but calculating. May be destined to stay in Alex Jones land.

Alex Christopher (17)

This guy's been MIA for years, so I'm not surprised he didn't show up on Coast. I'd also not be surprised if he were dead.

George Humpfrey (18)

An Alex Jones regular who deserves a chance on the big stage. If C2C opens the doors to more 911 folks who aren't zany like Hufschmid, then Humpfrey should be one of the first.

Michael Brown (19)

A surprise, considering Noory's love of Tesla. Could appear at any moment.


6 out of 20 is pretty good. Throw out the Marrs episode, which is a technicality, and you've got 25%.

I was obviously a tad disappointed with the scant time allotted for some of the guests and/or discussion of the topics I'd hoped to hear delved into. That said, I'm happy that the top of the list was culled from, considering the bottom half was littered with more obscure suggestions.

In light of that, we will be revising this year's list, parsing it down to "12 Guests C2C Needs". Since my original boast was that I'd name a dozen, I will be sticking to that and not reaching for names just to show off.

Of the guests who didn't make it, the forecast breaks down like this :

Possible for next year : Jose Arguelles, Ann Druffel, Debra Cunningham, Howard "Dru" Strom, Bill Millstead, Jim DiEugenio, and Michael Brown.

On the Fence : Stephen Bassett, William F. Pepper, and George Humpfrey.

Highly doubtful for next year : Bart Sibrel, John DeCamp, Ken Thomas, and Alex Christopher.

Along with this year's list, we will revisit 2004's list next year and see how it all shakes out. Stay tuned for 2005's 12 Guests C2C Needs ... coming 10.24.5 to binnallofamerica.com, where it all began..

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