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20 Guests C2C Needs


"I can think of at least a dozen guests (and shall list them soon when I have time) worthy of an appearance on C2C more than these clods they have appearing this week." -- binnall, 9.27.4, on the Coast to Coast AM message boards.

Like that, the challenge was made. Despite cries of heresy by the staff at binnallofamerica.com, it had come to this. Immediately we knackered down and began an all out effort to find the very best, and oft-overlooked, esoteric minds from all over the known world. After numerous debates, mindnumbing hour-long screaming matches, burned books,hurt feelings, an obscene amount of Chinese take-out, 4 dead interns, and a Human Resources Manager on the verge of a nervous breakdown, the list was complete.

Submitted for your perusal : 20 Guests Coast to Coast AM Needs. Notes : "Not listed" means they are not listed in the guest archive at coasttocoastam.com. When applicable, books proposed as topics are listed in quotes.

1.Terry Hanson -- "Missing Times" - Media cover-up of the UFO phenomenon. Abstract : An outsider to the UFO community with a fresh look at the mainstream media's penchant for "overlooking" UFO stories. Last C2C Appearance - None listed.

2.Peter Robbins -- Rendelsham Forest Crash, the death of James Forrestal. Abstract : One of the most conversational and knowledgable UFO experts today. Has a realistic perspective, which is refreshing from the field of ufology. Last C2C Appearance - None listed.

3.Jose Arguelles -- Time, the Moon based calendar, history of Gregorian calendar. Abstract : An enclyclopedic mind on the calendar we use today, it's origins and implications. Last C2C Appearance - 3.1.3 w. Barbara Simpson (BS)

4.Bart Sibrel -- Moon Hoax. Abstract : Yes, he's annoying and obnoxious, perhaps more than any guest ever on Coast and his theory is the laughing stock of esoterica, a modern day "flat earth". However, for entertainment value alone, his ability to annoy Noory may be unsurpased and his freqent misquotings of "famous quotes" are laugh out loud funny. Last C2C Appearance - 1.6.3 w. George Noory (GN)

5.Ann Druffel -- "Firestorm: Dr. James E. McDonald's Fight for UFO Science" Abstract : When it comes to the early days of ufology, she is practically a historian. Noory remarked he was reading her book in early 2004, so where is she ? Last C2C Appearance - 8.31.3 w. BS

6.Grant Cameron -- Presidents & The UFO Phenomenon. Abstract : In light of the upcoming presidential campaign, the role of UFOs in presidential politics would make for some timely discussion. Last C2C Appearance - 11.14.3 (Part of multi-guest appearance @ UFO Crash Retreival Conference w.GN).

7.Stephen Bassett -- UFO Disclosure. Abstract : At the forefront of the Disclosure movement, Bassett represents a new breed of Ufologist. A full episode without a conference to promote would be a good update on where ufology is truly heading. Last C2C Appearance - 6.23.2002 (Bassett appeared in 3 First Hour shots in early 2004 to promote X-Conference).

8.Loren Coleman -- "The Copycat Effect : How the Media and Popular Culture Trigger the Mayhem in Tomorrow's Headlines". Abstract Who knew Bigfoot guru and cryptozoologist extraodinaire Loren Coleman was also an accomplished and authored sociologist ? An episode with Coleman not once mentioning Bigfoot would be when Dylan went electric. Last C2C Appearance -- 8.2.4 w. GN, discussing cryptozoology.

9.Jim Marrs -- "Inside Job" (9/11 Conspiracy). Abstract : The legendary Jim Marrs has locked on to the 911 conspiracy movement and, as always, takes an authoritative look at it with his new book. Last C2C Appearance -- 2.26.4 w. GN, discussing a variety of topics.

10.Debra Cunningham, Howard "Dru" Strom -- The Philadelphia Experiment. Abstract : Document hounds on the search for answers regarding the niche mystery of the Philadelphia Experiment. Serious about facts, but finding intriguing ones. Last C2C Appearance -- 9.15.3 w. GN

11.Bill Millstead -- The Treasure of Oak Island. Abstract : Purported hidden gold and potential historical secrets kept from endless ambitious treasure hunters by an intricate code and numerous booby traps. Last C2C Appearance -- 7.6.2 w. BS

12.John DeCamp -- "The Franklin Cover-up" Abstract : Author of perhaps the creepiest book of the 20th century. A man so deep in the mix that he's lucky to be alive. Surfaces occasionally for Alex Jones. Last C2C Appearance - None listed.

13.Jim DiEugenio -- JFK, RFK, MLK, Malcolm X assassinations. Abstract : An expert on numerous assassinations who can connect dots well. Last C2C Appearance -- 11.20.3 (Part of multi-guest appearance discussing the anniversary of the JFK assassination w.GN).

14.William F. Pepper -- "An Act of State" MLK assassination conspiracy Abstract : An expert on the oft-overlooked Martin Luther King Jr. assassination and the murky "official" story. Last C2C Appearance -- None listed.

15.J.H.Brennan -- "Time Travel: A Guide for Beginners" Abstract : A look at time travel from someone not trying to sell you a box with a bunch of electrodes for $300. Looks at anomolies reported over time which stand out as possible time travel episodes. Last C2C Appearance -- None listed.

16.Ken Thomas -- "The Octopus: Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro" Abstract : shady gov't doings and the reporter who suspiciously died while investigating them. Last C2C Appearance -- None listed.

17.Alex Christopher -- "Pandora's Box II : The Denver International Airport Story" Abstract : A reclusive author who managed to put together a book on the story of the much maligned and purported NWO headquarters, the Denver Airport. Seriously. Last C2C Appearance -- None listed.

18.George Humpfrey -- "911 The Great Deception" Abstract : Alex Jones regular who can speak on any current event from the perspective of one watching the machinations of the New World Order. Last C2C Appearance -- None listed.

19.Michael Brown -- Tesla. Abstract : Tesla enthusiast studies the man intimately and does not just cite him as a trendsetter for alternative energy. Last C2C Appearance -- 7.23.3. w. GN

20.Alexandra Robbins -- Skull and Bones, Sororities. Abstract : Sexy dame who managed to not only break open the devious underworld of Skull and Bones but also the titilating world of secrecy in sorority houses. A chameleon of tempting proportions. Last C2C Appearance -- 1.22.3 w.GN (Scheduled for 10.5.4 w.GN)

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