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2005 kicked off on a dire note as Ed Dames was the very first guest of the year. He said he was on the hunt for gold and would have some for Art Bell on his birthday in June. Later on that week, Hilly Rose guest hosted for George Noory and had Zecharia Sitchen on as a guest. Sitchen was ornery as ever and insisted people should read his books instead of answering questions for them. Towards the middle of the month, Glynis McCants was a guest and introduced us all to the infamous "Number 8 in your wallet", a gimmick that would continue on C2C for the rest of '05. Joe Jacobs guested mid-month to predict for '05 : "problems associated with water a recurrent theme, such as in ports, dams, and rivers". Near the end of the month, Paola Harris brought us Charles Hall to talk about his experience interacting with "tall, white ETs" while he served in the military in the '60's. George Noory took a trip down to Texas and had a memorable in-studio episode with Alex Jones.


The shortest month of the year featured an appearance by Marcus Allen to discuss Moon Hoax theories. Hoagland appeared throughout the month, first talking about his new Iapetus theory and also some "Life on Mars" story that was making the rounds at the time. The Iapetus theory would culminate in an awkward episode towards the end of the month where he "discussed" the episode with mainstream astronomer David Darling. Art Bell had both Greg Bishop and Richard Doty on the show in an infamous episode the last weekend of the month. Noteworthy guests in February were Lionel Fanthorpe talking about "Templar Secrets", JZ Knight providing us the "teaching of Ramtha", John Perkins with "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man", Joel Martin with "Presidential Ghosts", and Russel Targ talking about "Remote Viewing".


The 3rd month of '05 burst onto the scene with an excellent episode featuring Richard Dolan talking about the UFO Cover-up with George Noory. A few nights later, Art Bell set off a firestorm with Benjamin Chertoff, where Art called those who believed in a 911 Conspiracy "wingnuts". Andre Eggelletion shined a light onto the infamous Federal Reserve in a stand out episode in the second week of the month. Buxom bombshell Amanda Swisten, of "American Wedding" fame, popped in on Noory in the first hour of an episode later that week. They talked about serial killers, oddly enough. Noory went to Hawaii, for no discernable reason, and hosted Open Lines. Art Bell hosted a whole open lines about Peak Oil. At the end of the month, Noory hosted "The Velikovsky Debate" between James McCanney and David Morrison.


April Fool's Day was historic and hilarious as Fr. Andrew Wingate popped in on the first hour to insist that Pope John Paul would not die over the weekend. Less than 24 hours later, Pope John Paul died. Art Bell welcomed the Ghost Investigator Society and they had a postively chilling EVP of a drowning child. Hoagland was live at Coral Castle for another one of his wacky experiments on April 8th. The venerable Ray Bradbury was a first hour pop-in towards the middle of the month. In the middle of April, Noory hosted the outstanding "UFO Roundtable", featuring Linda Moulton Howe, Grant Cameron, Bruce Maccabee, and Bob Wood. Peter Lance commemorated the 10th anniversary of the OKC bombing by blaming terrorists and government incompetance. And, towards the end of April, Hoagland turned 60 and celebrated it with the Coast audience.


Early in May, Noory produced the wild and wooly Bigfoot Roundtable, featuring Loren Coleman, Tom Biscardi, Jimmy Chilcutt, and Smokey Crabtree. The episode devolved into madness towards the end when Biscardi and Crabtree fought Coleman over the veracity of Smokey's "8 foot skeleton". It was another crypto fun show with Steve Alten, the very next day, talking about the Loch Ness Monster. Art Bell was paranoid as ever with James Howard Kunstler, talking about peak oil. Noory worried about illegal immigration with Frosty Wooldridge. The Captain and Tanille of C2C, Will Henry and Laurence Gardner, did it to us one more time with an outstanding episode. Charles Coulombe laid down some serious wisdom for us towards the middle of the month. Dr. Roger Leir shared an awesome story, with Art Bell, of a downed alien in Brazil. The end of the month saw the debut of the infamous Prophet Yahweh, fascinating and confounding Noory to no end. Paul Stonehill brought UFO secrets direct from the USSR in a mememorable episode. And, ending May, Travis Walton made an ultrarare appearance on Coast.


David Icke made his one and only C2C appearance early in the month. He was talking about perceptions of reality. David Sereda and John Hutchinson had an enlightening episode with Art Bell, talking about the Hutchinson Effect and Zero Gravity. Paola Harris and A.J. Gevaerd were guests with Noory to talk about Brazilian Disclosure. Prophet Yahweh's 15 minutes of fame continued as he spun his story of UFO contact some more. The second debate of 2005 was held, as Noory moderated the Rapture Debate between John Anderson and Ken Parsons. Dr. Louis Turi made his debut on C2C, wowing everyone with his plucky French accent. He made C2c history by "predicting" Hurricane Katrina for later in the Summer. The Coastie Award Winning Episode of the Year, 911 Roundtable was held on June 16th. This five hour affair featured hardcore fisticuffs between Alex Jones and Peter Lance. Mike Levine and David Ray Griffin were their proverbial "tag team partners" in the historic episode. Ed Dames showed up a few days after Art Bell's birthday with no gold for Art. Nick Redfern guested and alleged that Roswell was really a secret government test plane that was manned by Japanese POWs. Hoagland produced the God, Man and ET Roundtable, featuring Mike Heiser, David Flynn, and Hugh Ross. And, towards the end of the month, Chris McGill made his C2C guest host debut, featuring the legendary Stanton Friedman as guest.


After Art Bell announced he was cutting back his schedule in the previous month, Ian Punnett dusted off the mothballs and assumed the position of C2C Saturday host. He worked off the rust by guest hosting for Noory on the first of the month. Noory returned from vacation with the Deep Impact Special, featuring Richard Hoagland, James McCanney, Dr. Sky, and Tom Van Flandern. Marshall Klarfeld debuted to rave reviews, talking about the birth of human civilization and the Annunaki. Sean David Morton showed up later in the month to backpeddle on his claim that New York would be awarded an Olympic bid that went to London. Hypnosis expert and frequent C2C advertiser, Wendi Friesen guested and made lewd comments to Noory several times, much to our amusement. Noory moderated the Health Freedom Panel featuring Robin Falkov, Jon Rappoport, and Dr. Terry Grossman. Howard Bloom reacted to the London Bombing on Ian Punnett's first Saturday Night hosted episode of his new run as weekend host. Peter Lance appeared a few days later and did not go after Alex Jones as hard as many had expected. He did stick to his non-conspiracy guns though. The Alien Hunter Derril Sims was an interesting guest with Art Bell later in the month. And, Richard C. Hoagland showed up all fired up and, at one point, yelped that "NASA sucks".


This month on C2C was dominated by one man : Tom Biscardi. His "Coaster" earning Bigfoot saga, which would go on to earn the title "Biscardigate", took place throughout August. Amidst all this, Rob Morphy brought some real cryptozoology to Ian Punnett early in the month. Meanwhile, Nancy Lieder was allowed off the banned list for no real reason. Philip Carlo was a guest, talking about criminals, and said the word "bullshit", much to my delight. Mid-month, odd fellow Colin Bennett was the guest for two hours and he mostly laughed like he was drunk. Rumours swirled that Noory gave him the boot mid-show. Just before Hurricane season began, Scott Stephens was the guest to talk about government weather control. Mid-month, Tom Biscardi breathlessly claimed he'd captured Bigfoot and would have it on the following Monday. He never produced. Noory flipped out, banned him from the show after an hour of having Biscardi get berated by angry callers in a historic episode of Coast. In the middle of all this, Art Bell allowed his nemesis "JC" the opportunity to guest for the first hour of a hilarious episode of Coast. And at the end of the month, Noory had the certifiable Eric Hufscmidt on to talk about 911, but it turned into a Moon Hoax Debate where Richard Hoagland was the level headed one of the two.


Art Bell continued harping on his fears of Peak Oil with Matt Savinar, early in the month. Red Elk made his much anticipate return to Coast as a guest of Ian Punnett. Col. John Alexander guested later in the month and alleged that Jon Ronson, who'd appeared in the previous week, was lying all about him. Alexander subsequently retracted that claim a few weeks later. Noory made history towards the end of the month with "An Evening of Commentary", featuring Steve Quayle, Howard Bloom, Frosty Wooldridge, Don McAlvany, Alex Jones, and Richard C. Hoagland. The "after party" the next night with Alex Jones, RCH, and Scott Stephens was even more of a hoot. And, at the end of the month, Cliff Pickover guested to talk about the C2C drug of choice : Ayuahsca.


Paul Williams kicked off the month by freaking everyone out and suggesting that there would be a Ramadan offensive over the coming Autumn. Noory said "What the Bleeep" with Dr. Masaru Emoto, who spoke only Japanese. It was wild. Peter Levenda wowed the C2C world with his look at Occult History in an awesome episode of Coast. JC called Noory mid-month to allege that a C2C listener had stolen his girlfriend Edna Pringle. Noory hosted the Earth Changes Roundtable, mid-month, with Stan Deyo, Jim Berklund, and James McCanney. John Michael Greer talked about monsters with crypto maniac Ian Punnett towards the end of the month. Kenneth C. Davis guested and did a fantastic job giving the background to many holiday myths and legends. And, rounding out the month, Art Bell hosted the stellar "Ghost to Ghost '05".


Noory kicked off November with the C2C return of Graham Hancock, who was on to talk about Ayuahasca adventures. C2C half-assed the UFO Crash Retrieval Conference, with one hour of coverage and two guests, Jim Marrs and Richard Dolan. For shame. Steve Quayle put in an awesome episode where he talked about everything from the French Riots to Discovered Giants. Hoagland produced another theoufological affair with a "Creation Debate", featuring himself, Mike Heiser, and Stan Tenen. Dr. Morgus showed up in Noory's studio and freaked him out. Michael Horn was a guest of Ian Punnett and he made some controversial remarks that Ian was smarting over later in the month. Noory had an awesome episode with Loren Coleman, Jorge Martin, and Mark Hall where they talked about tons of cryptozoology. Ian Punnett had an excellent episode with David Sereda and Robert Plarr, talking about the sustainable energy conspiracy. The next day, Art Bell had a fantastic episode with living legend of Ufology, Stanton Friedman. Noory had the JFK Assassination Special III, with Peter Levenda, Joan Mellon, and Lamar Waldron. The next day, Jim Marrs made a full episode appearance on the anniversary of the JFK assassination. On Thanksgiving night, Kevin and Matthew Taylor guested to talk about the Hollow Earth, in another great episode of Coast. And, to round out the month, Ed Dames showed up to be mocked by Art Bell for not ever getting that gold for him.


To start out December, Noory was all about Project Serpo, with Bill Ryan, Richard Doty, Whitley Strieber, and Richard C. Hoagland on to push this new UFO myth. Esoteric insanity continued the next night with Christopher Knight, Alan Butler, and Hoagland talking about Hollow Moon theory. R.Gary Patterson was a guest to talk about the 25th Anniversary of the John Lennon Assassination. Riley Martin guested with Ian Punnett on a wild Saturday night of Coast. C2C dug into the vault and gave us an early Christmas present in the form of the decade old episode of C2C featuring the debut of "Mad Man" Markham. Peter Gersten emerged from the shadows to talk about all things Ufology and crap all over Project Serpo. Oddly enough, Hilly Rose guest hosted for George Noory and had Zecharia Sitchen on as a guest. Sitchen was ornery as ever and insisted people should read his books instead of answering questions for them. And, Art Bell pulled double duty and hosted two back to back episode featuring his annual Predictions for the New Year.
2004 : The Year in Coast