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2004 kicked off with a wild month of prognostication and promise from the various guests of Coast. Early in the month, George Noory brought out Howard Lyman to talk about Mad Cow and Joe Jacobs to make a series of predictions for 2004. RCH made a cluster of appearances in January, touting metal cased objects in Mars Rover pictures. Art Bell delved deep into Remote Viewing with one of the masters, Lyn Buchanan. Father Andrew Wingate also emerged to foist some dire predictions for the new year. A proverbial theoufologist, Chuck Missler impressed many with his depth of research. And finally, to round out the month, Sean David Morton stopped by to hilariously make an incorrect Super Bowl prediction.


On the third of the month, Eugene Mallove made a fantastic appearance on the show, made all the more remarkable because it was to be his last. Bev Harris laid the groundwork for what many are discussing now with an appearance detailing what to expect from the electronic voting machines. Aaron Donahue creeped us all out with his ramblings about satanic remote viewings. Ian Punnet made his shocking return to C2C, guest hosting on a Saturday night with Charles Higham, Lincoln Assassination expert. With the Mars Rover suddenly down, Richard C. Hoagland went into full on conspiracy mode, frantically bemoaning the powers that be and insisting he was correct. By the end of the month, Philip Plait arrived to bad mouth RCH and begin launching a campaign against him.


The month of March rolled in with discussions of Bigfoot, future lives, and trucker hotlines. Jordan Maxwell stopped by at one point to tell a rousing UFO story that had me in alternating fits of laughter and rapture. "I could just spew information for 50 hours," with that, Alex Jones finally made his debut on C2C in one of the best episodes of the year on a variety of levels. The ides of March brought out RCH to passionatly deride an article that turfed him @ space.com. Hoags directed considerable venom at Philip Plait including calling him out for a debate. After claiming to have met Sister Lucia of Fatima fame, Wayne Green and David Booth hijacked the show to pitch their new book for the second time in 3 weeks. Noory, fed up with their lies and double-talk, ultimately booted them from the show in an episode that was perhaps the most talked about episode of the year. Claiming the moon was towed to Earth by aliens, John Lear had a full 4 hours with Art Bell to get into all kinds of deep dark secrets.


Spring sprung on C2C with appearances from Stephen Bassett, Gordon-Michael Scallion, and William Henry in April. Most noteworthy, perhaps, was the very first C2C Roundtable on April 20th. Alex Jones, Jim Marrs, Steve Quayle, and Linda Moulton Howe participated in a marathon 5-hour episode that discussed Secret Societies and their role in shaping society. LMH broke C2C records with a full 4 hour appearance on the next night's show, setting her total at 9 consecutive hours of C2C. It was on this second night that Howe dug deep into the Dan Burisch story, a saga that would unfold over the summer. Meanwhile, Art Bell grew suspicious of George Green's stories and promptly gave him the boot after a brief one hour interview.


Early in the month, David Icke made his first and only 2004 appearance on Coast, discussing the post-911 world, the war in Iraq, and the impending election. The middle of the month brought the startling and sad news that Eugene Mallove had been murdered. Art Bell broke the story on his Saturday night episode, bringing in RCH to eulogize their fallen comrade in esoterica. The end of the month was full on "The Day After Tommorrow" hype from the C2C machine as Art Bell pushed the film ad nauseum and even George Noory got into the act, although he kept claiming he'd go see it "next weekend" and then promptly stopped mentioning it. Steve Quayle co-guested with Douglas Haggman to declare that the Summer of 2004 would be terror-ridden fright fest and suggested that both political conventions, the G8 Summit, and the Summer Olympics could be potential targets. Somehow George Noory found "Gods of Eden" author William Bramley and he guested near the end of the month. Bramley seemed like he'd barely kept up on ufology since penning his seminal work, but was entertaining nonetheless.


Despite high hopes, Roundtable II went down with more of a whimper than a bang, as Jon Rappoport, Michael Ruppert, and Stan Deyo discussed Secret Societies. A mish-mash of similar voices and an overwrought topic brought jeers from the C2C hardcores, but it was a solid episode nonetheless. Near the middle of the month, Richard C. Hoagland called in from Coral Castle requesting the powers of the mind from all C2C listeners. Whether it was a faulty cell phone connection or citrus Schnapps, RCH was rambling and screaming like he'd just proven "the face" was real, including claiming that with zero gravity one could launch a space craft "with a kiss." Classic. David Wilcock guested on June 23rd to try and convince us all that he was the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, while William Birnes showed up earlier in the episode to call out Dan Burisch and demanded a lie detector test from the purported Area 51 scientist.


Philip Plait returned to C2C early in July to diss on all things "psuedo-scientific" and deftly sidestep the many challenges from Richard C. Hoagland for a debate. Daniel Pinchbeck discussed psychedilic drugs with Art Bell in a trippy edition of the show on July 10th. Meanwhile, Michael Tsarion made his C2C debut with a blockbuster episode where he rewrote the history books to include good and evil aliens and Atlantis. R.Gary Patterson chilled us all out with a spooky appearance discussing "Rock 'n' Roll Myths and Legends", a change of pace from the usual "doom 'n' gloom" editions of C2C. RCH's July appearance included the hilariously mispredicted announcement of life on Mars for later in that week, which, of course, never happened. Later that week, however, Stanton Friedman and Seth Shostack locked horns in the classic "C2C Great UFO Debate", one of the best episodes of the year, drawing rave reviews from skeptics and believers alike.


The first week in August was one for the books, featuring Loren Coleman, Michael Salla, Jayna Davis, and Benjamin Creme, four A-list level C2C guests. The following weekend, Steven Greer appeared with Art Bell to play his death threat that he'd recorded and made a series of outrageous claims. Controversial 911 researcher David vonKleist guested with George Noory to detail his new film "911 : In Plane Site". That same episode RCH appeared with Paola Harris to allege a conspiracy to silence the announcement of life on Mars. And, at the end of the month, Eric Brende discussed his time living with devout minimalists with an astonished and intrigued Art Bell.


Animal lover Art Bell was tickled pink when Rupert Sheldrake guested to discuss Animal ESP early in the month. Meanwhile, the legendary Hilly Rose guest hosted a special edition of C2C where he discussed DMT with Dr. Rick Strassman and also talked 911 with callers in the first hour. Stanton Friedman popped in mid-month to eulogize abduction pioneer Betty Hill who'd passed the previous weekend. A blind woman had an astounding near-death-experience and luckily Dr. Jeff Long was there to bring the good and details to the C2C audience and Art Bell in a classic episode. Late in the month, it was Father Andrew Wingate returning with more predictions of biblical doom 'n' gloom. The next day, Noory played it straight with erstwhile presidential candidate Ralph Nader, C2C's most mainstream interview of 2004. Near the end of the month, C2C remembered abduction research pioneer Dr.John Mack, who was killed by a drunk driver in England, with an appearance by his friend and colleague Budd Hopkins.


One of nine living humans left to have walked on the moon, Dr.Edgar Mitchell guested for 2 hours and gave rare insight into a variety of space concepts and theories. The next night, esoteric vixen Alexandra Robbins gave the low down on "Skull and Bones" as well as sorority girls in a steamy edition of C2C. Zeph Daniel appeared with Art Bell in mid-October to detail his strange life as a satanic abuse survivor, a story so astounding that Bell even dragged Daniel's wife onto the show to confirm some facts. George Noory accheived a childhood dream when he interviewed his hero, children's show host Dr. Morgus in a "light" but entertaining segment mid-month. Dr.Michael Shermer attempted to debunk just about every C2C guest ever with a far reacher episode on skepticism. Late October was a lovefest as Deepak Chopra guested with George Noory to plug one of his umpteen books and attempt to enlighted some of us. And, finally, Ghost to Ghost AM was a total creepfest again this year as Art Bell played an early 1900's recording of a researcher of EVPs.


The fine folks at C2C busted out all the tricks they had with a series of landmark theme episodes throughout November. It all began with an astounding 6-hour episode on Election Night that featured an amazing 8 guests in total. They followed this with a truly remarkable episode the next night with Alex Jones who, free from endless election speculation, discussed a wide-range of topics outside of his normal range of expertise. After a year full of first hour appearance, RCH got to stretch his legs with the very special "Conversations with Richard C.", a full appearance by the Cydonia-lover. Hyperdimensional physics, Zacharia Sitchin bashing, political intrigue and other outlandish topics were touched on by Hoags. It was a march through the history of Ufology with Linda Moulton Howe on location in Las Vegas and reporting on the "UFO Crash Retreival Conference" on the 9th. This theme edition of C2C included 6 top-notch experts and over 100 years of UFO history. In keeping with last year's coverage of the JFK assassination, C2C tried to catch magic in a bottle twice with the JFK Assassination Special II. As if this weren't enough, C2C also went to the Roundtable well once again with Knights Templar Roundtable II featuring Warren Getler, Glenn Kimball, and William Henry in another great theme edition of Coast. The next night, it was Bigfoot for Thanksgiving feasting as Peter von Puttkamer joined George Noory to discuss all things cryptozoological. And, at the end of the month, Steven Quayle and Douglas Haggman arrived to warn of a variety of potential terror threats for the upcoming winter.


A festive and frenzied December rounded out 2004. The month began with an exciting appearance from Marc Zicree to announce work on a C2C based TV show. Much like his January appearance, Peter Davenport waxed poetic about Ufology in a deep episode. John Taylor Gatto gave the education system in America an "F". Michael Salla and Paola Harris formed a quasi-roundtable to discuss UFO politics. By mid month, the prognosticators began coming out of the wood work, first with an appearance from Hans Christian King and an early Part I for Art's annual Prediction Show. Rodney Cluff talked about the Hollow Earth and bored us to tears. Hilly Rose stopped by to host a rousing "Miracle Show" followed by a "Breaking News" style C2C Tsunami Special, covering the devastating Tsunami that occured the previous day. The year wound down with 3 appearances by RCH, a Steve Quayle pop-in, and more madness from Linda Moulton Howe. Sylvia Browne won the distinction of being 2004's last scheduled guest and Art hosted Predictions II the next night.