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Random Bits of Weirdness on the Oregon Coast

Over on the coast, a good friend of mine here in Oregon has been having some interesting experiences.

This friend and I share a lot of things, including a paranormal connection for a good part of our lives. And with each other. She’s one of the few, who, as we were sitting around discussing UFOs, confirmed the presence of “them.” Unseen intelligent entities present while we were discussing UFOs. (I’ve had this experience a few other times, confirmed by others. I’ll write more about this in another column.)

My friend’s family - particularly the females -- have had all kinds of paranormal, UFO, and Bigfoot encounters. I’ve been in three family members houses that were reported to be haunted. In two I experienced vivid ghostly (for lack of a better term) phenomeana. In the third, which was her house at the time, many others had reported seeing two ghosts, as well as experiencing various phenomeana. I didn’t see, hear,or sense anything however any of the many times I was there. (Something that’s always intrigued me: why not? Did the ghosts not like me? Was I immune for some reason? Is seeing ghosts a randomly generated event?)

Many times my friend and I will be talking to each other on the phone, and one of us experience a strong electrical shock right before one of us would say something the other one was thinking.

A few weeks ago, she called me to tell me she felt a presence in her bedroom. (I’ll call her Lola, I can’t keep calling her “she.”) There have been times when, even over a long distance, one of us can sense what’s going on. In other words, get a psychic confirmation of something. This experience Lola had was bothering her, and she asked me if I had felt anything. I truthfully told her I didn’t “see” anything either way.

Then there was the time Lola was talking on the phone to a friend, and looked up to see a “very, very tall” entity “just looking at me. Just watching me.” Lola had the distinct impression this thing wasn’t human -- or ever was, as in, it was once a human, now a ghost -- but was trying to pass itself off as a human. She said it reminded her, in a typically goofy Fortean way, of the characters in the children's series “Arthur.” Long, long face, “her eyes were up high,” and her hair was “fake” looking, “like someone pretending they had real hair.” ” She said the eyes were “very round, and very dark.” I asked Lola about the shape of the eyes; she said that, while large, they were round, but it was the “very deep darkness” that was so strange.

The other night, she told me a story that, for some reason, gave me the creeps. As she was telling me this story, I felt a strong sense of “something’s not right.” (I later told this story to my husband, who also got a strong sense of fear, or “something not right.”)

As Lola was driving on the road to their house, with kids in the truck, a few yards before the driveway, they both screamed in surprise as a deer came running up beside them. It was on the road, right next to the truck, running alongside the driver side. Lola said the deer’s head was right at eye level with her. They turned into the driveway, and as my friend opened her door one of the dogs jumped into her lap, clearly frightened. This was the first time the dog had done this. (the other dogs were in their run.)

A couple of nights previously, the dogs in the run were going crazy, barking non stop. Her husband went out there with a gun and flashlight, but didn’t see anything. He couldn’t figure out what it was they were barking at.

Around this same time, they heard a huge thud on the outside of their bedroom window. The next day they found long scratches on the screen.

The way Lola was telling me this story was so strange; it just didn’t feel normal. My first thought though, as with her, was that it was a cougar. I asked her if they found tracks anywhere, she said she hadn’t looked yet. The property is very grassy, weedy and muddy, hard to tell. I asked her to take some photos of the screen for me and send them along.

And most likely of course it was a cougar. Although the window thing is odd; the window sits high up in the building. It seems unusual for a cougar to go leaping up onto a window. It could have been after a night bird of some kind I guess, assuming cougars eat birds.

There are tales of animals acting as guides in some abduction accounts. Was the deer a guide? I asked Lola about missing time; she said she didn’t think that was relevant, they had gotten home on time. And odd behavior among domestic animals is a given in UFO, Bigfoot and other anomalous encounters.

We'll just have to wait and see how this story unfolds.

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