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For more information on the UFO CRC IV, check out Ryan Wood discussing the UFO Crash Retrieval Conference IV on the 5.27.6 edition of BoA : Audio (*Right click the link and "save target as")

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UFO Crash Retrieval Conference IV


No Updates : 11.9 - 11.14

Well, folks, it's that time of the hour where I've got to run. For those of you out of the loop, I'll be heading out to Las Vegas, Nevada this afternoon for the UFO Crash Retrieval Conference IV. I'll be returning to Boston just after midnight on November 14th and we will resume our usual updating schedule later that day.

For those of you new here or those who have recently discovered BoA, feel free to take some time this weekend to explore binnallofamerica.com. Don't forget to also check out the affiliated sites of the outstanding team of BoA writers, Khyron (khyron.net), Lesley (The Debris Field), and R.Lee (The Orange Orb).

Here's a brief run-down of some of our features here @ binnallofamerica.com :

BoA : Audio Seasons one, two, and the X-Conference sessions. Underground audio interviews with today's leading esoteric researchers. Approx. 50 hours total and growing every week.

Khyron's The K-Files Khyron's weekly stroll down the mainstreets and backroads of esoterica and beyond.

Lesley's Grey Matters Lesley's weekly musings on Ufology to Cryptozoology and all points in-between.

R.Lee's Trickster's Realm R.Lee unique perspective on esoterica's odd and ends.

the binnall report Posted every Friday. A look back at the week that was on Coast to Coast AM and a preview of the upcoming week, along with various features like This Week in C2C History and tbr mailbag.

Hot Newz Posted every Thursday. Weekly satire from BoA that's so bizarre it just can't be true.

The United States of Esoterica The official binnallofamerica.com message board / forum where we discuss all the insanity of esoterica and have a lot of fun along the way. Check it out, read some posts, sign up (it's free), and join in the fun.

The Coasties binnall chronicles the best C2C episodes of 2006. Plus the winners of the first two years worth of polling C2C's hardcore fans.

Feature Articles Full length articles from binnall. Topics ranging from Ufology, Cryptozoology, Esoteric radio, and a host of other areas of research.

The Wrath of Joe A vitriolic take on the world of theology, ufology, and esoterica from binnallofamerica.com's resident theologian Joe Vee.

So there's a lot to see, read, and check out in the interim before I return from Vegas. I hope you enjoy your stay here and come back for more extensive estoeric coverage when we get back to business on November 14th. Thanks for supporting binnallofamerica.com