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I Want My Flying Saucers Back !

Lesley, who writes the Grey Matters column here on BOA, has a poll on her blog Debris Field. The poll asks if C2C has the right amount of UFO/alien shows, not enough, or too many. I voted ďnot enough," which so far, is the majority of opinion.

It seems to me that when I first began listening to Coast to Coast years ago, with Art as the main host, it was mostly UFO and Fortean type topics that were covered. Heíd have open lines, but they seemed more entertaining that they do now. The majority of callers had their own UFO or ghost tales to tell, and that was pretty much it.

Somehow it changed, and in the past couple of years or so, thereís less of the good old fashioned, juicy, weird stuff. Not as much alien encounters and flying saucers, ghosts or scary creatures looming in the night, sex with giant reptilian aliens. Not nearly enough.

Iíll settle for some good conspiracy stuff; Iím a conspiracy buff, and can satisfy myself with guests who have theories -- the more elaborate the better -- on chemtrails, 9/11, RFID tags, aspartame, hell, even the tired old global Illuminati stuff. Iíll take it. And while I prefer UFO, ghost, and cryptid topics, Iíll settle for the number lady and the witch lady. The best are topics like Jim Marrs discussing alien ghosts in New Mexico hospitals, or Bigfoot dematerializing in front of a UFO. Oh, and Mothman -- we canít forget Mothman.

But when Coast to Coast starts having guests who talk about mainstream religion, especially Christianity, science, medical issues, I am bored and frustrated. I feel cheated (yes, I know, itís for free) but still. I want my flying saucers!) I donít want to listen to all that other stuff; I feel like Iím back in school. Possibly some sort of liberal arts alternative school, but school. Trying not to doze off in a stuffy lecture hall with three hundred students while the prof drones on about rocks or some other course youíre forced to take.

Since the competing AM station KUGN in Eugene, Oregon, took Jeff Rense off the air (and as much as I loathe Rense I appreciated the choice) there isnít any alternative to C2C. If thereís a boring guest on, I have to turn it off. It seems thereís only one or two nights a week I can listen to the program, the other nights are too mainstream for my tastes.

Maybe itís C2Cís way of appearing legitimate to the general audience, and in particular, the scientism skepti-crowd. Well, who cares about them?! Theyíre never going to take programs like C2C seriously. Forget about them, and focus on C2C fans. Many of which have had UFO, ghost and other strange experiences themselves.

Where are all the guests on cover-ups, disinformation, abductions? Sightings? I know theyíre out there. Bring back the flying saucers, Coast to Coast. The Bigfoot (preferably, the Bigfoot-UFO connection stuff), lizard people, chupacabras, even crop circles. Bring back psi, esp, ghost stories, shadow people. Bring back UFOs, witnesses, cover-ups, conspiracies, disinformation and mind control campaigns, abductions. Most of all, bring back the flying saucers!

(Of course, as I was writing this, I notice the lineup for this weekís shows includes Michelle Belanger who will talk about ďreal vampires," William J. Birnes, UFO magazine publisher, who will talk about Corso and Roswell, and Jeff Meldrum and John Bindernagel on evidence for Bigfoot. Encouraging . . .)

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