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Disclosure and Energy: Saved By the Aliens

When I started out writing about UFOs, I approached the whole thing from a deeply personal perspective. I went with my own sightings, experiences, dreams, thoughts, -- all the weirdness, all the things that didn't add up, make sense, seemed vague, airy, "New Agey," etc. I've been reading all I could get my hands on about UFOs for decades. I became a sole UFO student ("scholar" sounds too pompous.) I wanted to know what happened to me, but also, what is happening to others.

So along the way, back when, I stumbled upon the Disclosure Movement. I even met some people locally who are very much involved in this issue of UFOs, aliens, and energy. The bulk of the focus is centered around saving the planet, ourselves, finding new ways to sustain ourselves that aren't harmful to the earth or ourselves. They had a hand in bring Stephen Greer to Eugene a few years ago.

Greer talks a lot about alternative sources of energy. He presents fantastic and compelling witnesses who've seen all kinds of UFOs. That is incredible evidence to supporting the view that aliens are here. But, I asked myself for the first time not long ago, what is the actual relationship between us humans developing healing ways to fix our mess and a "belief" that aliens are here?

Like it or not, and a lot of UFO researchers don't, the UFO phenomenon is full of vague, nebulous , liminal, imaginal twists and turns. The UFO experience often plunges into the mystical, the poetic, the metaphysical. The Trickster is alive and well in UFOlogical events, witnesses are often changed in profound ways for the rest of their lives. Healings take place. Spirits are uplifted. Change is good; messages of love and peace and healing and care come from the aliens to the human to the rest of us.

There are also dark, conflicting episodes within the UFO experiences. Blocks to remembering. Blame by smug guru types who accuse the victims (or experiencers) of not being open enough or evolved enough to fully accept this wondrous experience. Conspiracies, cover-ups, official debunking campaigns. Suicides. MIBS and other sinister, unwholesome weirdness. Black helicopters, tapped phones, psy ops. Clowns.

Two dichotomous sides to a mystery. Somewhere in all this some people have created the idea that the UFOs, and the occupants, are involved with energy. And their energy will save us.

That's possible, I suppose. We'll somehow, after "full disclosure" or at least, some amount of disclosure, get the goods on technology that will give us free energy. I'm not sure how this assumption grabbed hold, but it has.

But I don't expect the aliens to save us. I don't know what they want, and I'm suspicious of whatever they tell us. This is all assuming there's just one kind of alien, which there doesn't seem to be. Although I'm not so pompous as to state, as Stephen Greer has, that there are a specific number of alien species. No one knows that. None one knows anything, in fact.

And it's not that I've replaced Jesus with aliens. Of course, I don't believe in Jesus so maybe that's part of my problem.

I don't remember what happened during some of my UFO encounters, I have experienced missing time. I have episodes of telepathy or psychic communications with UFOs and aliens. I have a life long experience with this stuff, as well as the paranormal in general. So has my husband. Clearly, there is a reason why we're together -- a karmic connection, or something manipulated by "them," or both.

In fact, while all these elements of contradictions seem to make no sense, the sense is that they're full of contradictions. Obviously, there seems to be more than one type of alien. Obliviously, the government has forces -- no doubt unknown to much of the government itself -- that are well aware of the alien presence, and are manipulating this prescence for their own agenda. Obviously, the entire enigma is full of seemingly contradictory things. Looks like we have to stand back some more to see it all. Part of our problem is, I think, that we're dissecting bits here and bits there, and not seeing the whole picture for what it is. There are the nuts and bolts guys who want to stick with just one aspect of this stuff, while others are immersed in mysticism. Nether approach is "wrong," neither should be tossed out.

But back to energy. Unless you're pathologically insane and deny the following, it's obvious we're in big trouble as a species, -- all of earth's species are in big trouble, the planet is in big trouble, and we, as humans, are responsible for a lot of that trouble. We all need to be doing a lot of things, fast, to fix things.

What does this have to do with aliens? Not much. And that's the point. I don't think the aliens give a damn, or maybe they're just supremely detached. I don't believe in a second coming, not for Jesus, not for aliens; some kind of eleventh hour thing where they save us, averting Armageddon.

Aliens are here all right, I don't even argue about that anymore. Believe it or don't. But I don't believe they're going to help us any. (In fact, I believe some are making sure we don't get help. Gloomy as hell of an outlook, I know.) That's something we have to do on our own.

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