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Missing Time Inside A Dream

This was a new one for me. I had a dream a few nights ago that had ďmissing time" in it.

Iíve always had a very active dream life, ever since I was a child. I dream in color. Iíve had a few dreams where itís in color, but Iím watching black and white television, or some little bits are in black and white. I fly, sing, cry, eat, hear music, taste, smell things, converse with animals and other beings, change sexes, change from human to .. whatever. Iíve experienced many an out of body experience, astral projected, have had precognitive dreams, visitations: Iím a walking dream festival. Iíve kept dream journals off and on for years. Iíve painted paintings of my dreams. My dream life is as rich and varied as my waking life. Iíve also had episodes of sleep paralysis, falling-then-landing sensation that wakes you up, sleep walking, and OBEs (out of body experiences) since I was a child. I wouldnít be surprised if thereís a connection between all of these things, as some theorize.

(And Iíve had a couple of vivid UFO related experiences as a very young child that I tell myself were ďdreams.")

But Iíve never had the experience of experiencing missing time, as defined within the UFO context, inside a dream.

Iíve experienced missing time in waking life, twice. Both episodes of missing time invovled my husband; who doesnít remember where we were or what we were doing either. Once in connection with a UFO, and the other, we suspect now is UFO related, (knowing what we know about all that!) but we didnít see a UFO at the time of our first missing time experience.

It was a weird feeling, experiencing missing time inside a dream. The dream had absolutely nothing to do with UFOs or the paranormal. The dream subject was about my job; since spring Iíve been very anxious over the uncertainty of a possible reassignment to another department. Iíve been having a lot of dreams around this; dreams that are ordinary in the sense that theyíre clearly expressions of my uneasiness. While the dreams are uncomfortable, theyíre nothing out of the ordinary -- Iím not signing or dancing or flying, no vivid shimmering glowing colors or apparitions or precognitive scenarios -- just me and my wandering around in my dreamscape of old job/new job. Boring, really.

And the other nightís dream was pretty much the same, in regards to subject matter. But somewhere in the dream, while trying to figure out where to go, what I was doing in what department, etc. I come upon a group of coworkers and friends, who want to know what I thought about an event that occurred earlier, and why I was so late.

In the dream, I am completely confused; I tell them I have no idea what theyíre talking about, they look at me like I'm crazy, asking me ďHow can you not know where youíve been for the past few hours?" and I respond that I havenít been anywhere, no time has passed, etc. The words ďmissing time" were clearly known and understood by me in the dream; it was understood it had a specific reference to UFOs. Not amnesia, this was different. Missing time is sort of an amnesia, but amnesia isnít missing time. No, this was clearly missing time. It was as if I had walked out of my own dream, completely spaced out for awhile, then walked back in .

While I'm standing there with coworkers, discussing my whereabouts and long absence, Iím thinking to myself that this was really very weird; having a missing time experience, inside a dream -- a dream that doesn't have anything to do with UFOs.

I donít know what it means either.

Maybe itís a sign I should stop drifting off to sleep with Coast to Coast on the radio . Itís a bad habit, I guess, because I stay up too late, never hear the whole program anyway, and drift in and out of sleep while Coast to Coast is on. But I canít resist; listening to C2C at night became a habit long ago; hard to break. I know I can listen to the program on-line at a later date, but I have a hard enough time keeping up with everything, including Tim Binnallís interviews here on BOA.

So far now, C2C and my dream life will continue to merge in strange ways!

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