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Finding Sasquatch

Why Do I “Believe?”

I believe that Bigfoot exists. That the Yowies, the Almas, the Yetis of the world exists. How can I say this when I’ve never seen one myself?

Well, I said it’s a “belief.” I prefer terms like “informed opinion,” “strong opinion based on the data,” etc. rather than “belief,” for the word belief conjures up negative implications: zealotry, fanaticism, blind faith, stubbornness. If I’d seen a Sasquatch, then I’d probably be more vocal in the use of the word “belief,’ for, after all, I saw the damn thing. But in either case, “belief” is okay, believing in Bigfoot (or UFOs, etc.) is another matter.

But based on the eye witness stories of those close to me, and of the data that’s out there, I believe Bigfoot exists, and that’s that.

My Interest in Bigfoot Research

Because I believe Bigfoot exists, I’m very interested in Bigfoot research. I’m no expert, far from it. I’ve never gone out in the field looking for Sasquatch. Just the opposite; I do a kind of silly superstitious mental psychic thing when I am out in the woods, asking Sasquatch to stay the hell away from me. I know, people would give their eye teeth to see a Sasquatch, but I admit I’d be so damned awed I’d faint. There’s also an odd feeling that, given my paranormal UFO life, the last thing I need is a Sasquatch sighting to add to my litany of high strangeness. Still, I’m immensely interested in the topic, including the “paranormal” Bigfoot.

Paranormal and Psychic Sasquatch

Years ago, when I came across a report of psychic communication with Bigfoot, and UFO sightings in connection with Bigfoot, I almost threw the article in the trash. But because I’m a Fortean junkie, I kept it. Then, in typical paranormal Trickster Synchronicity, I kept finding article after article in various places while looking for other material, about the psychic/UFO aspect of Sasquatch. Still not knowing what to think about it all, I was hooked. As it is with Forteana, so many diverse people with similar experiences have shared their encounters. That says something to the validity of those experiences.

Bigfoot Expeditions

Now I’m at the place where I remain fascinated with Bigfoot research, and particularly the “crossover cases,” as Nick Redfern refers to them: the weirder Bigfoot tales.

One thing I’m pretty sure of is the futile nature of looking for Bigfoot with a large group of people, hauling all kinds of equipment around, making a lot of noise out in the woods. Even if there isn’t anything “paranormal” about Bigfoot, this isn’t the way to go about it. It’s obvious Sasquatch is a highly intelligent being; and well aware of the approaching humans coming to look for him long before they’ve arrived.

And if Bigfoot does have extrasensory characteristics, or is connected with paranormal elements, the chances of humans capturing anything about Bigfoot are extremely slim.

Proof to the World

Two or three individuals, quietly studying the area, making casts of footprints, etc. seem like a more respectful and reasonable way to go. Even so, while I understand the thrill of the quest, I leave it to others to do. Anecdotal evidence is discounted by skeptics and it isn’t proof. It’s proof to the person who’s seen Bigfoot, they need nothing more. But to prove to the world that Bigfoot exists, the world and institutionalized scientism demand a body. Dead or alive, doesn’t matter. Even some Bigfoot researchers insist a dead body is necessary to prove to the world it exists.

But I don’t care if it’s ever proved to the world and to science. It doesn’t matter at all. It’s either out there, or it isn’t. I don’t know for a fact it is of course, not having seen one myself. But I trust the people I know who say they’ve seen Bigfoot, and that’s enough for me.

Protecting Sasquatch

There is something to the argument that, if it can be proven Sasquatch exists, laws could be put in place to ensure protection. (This is the argument of Texas researcher Chester Moore, who insists the only way to save Bigfoot is to kill one to show to science in order to preserve its habitat. Personally, that seems damn loopy.)

There are already a few places where there are laws making it illegal to kill a Bigfoot. The argument from scofftoids is this: how can one make a law making something illegal concerning a “mythical” creature? Well, isn’t it better to have it in place in case one pops up in front of you and you don’t reach for that gun, instead of the other way around? What harm do such laws do? (Personally, I’d be a lot more concerned about laws in existence right now about our freedoms in this country rather than Bigfoot protection laws.)

Flesh and Blood, Paranormal

I have nothing against people going out to look for Bigfoot, as long as they do it quietly, with respect to the environment in general, and mindful at all times of the intelligence -- and possibly much more than “intelligence” -- of Bigfoot. Because Bigfoot seems to be some sort of shape shifter being, or an entity with “paranormal” abilities, does not negate the usefulness of field research.

Bigfoot research shares with UFOlogy a strong decisiveness factor. In UFOlogy, there’s a lot of pro-ET, nuts and bolts people pitted against the metaphysical, inter-dimensional people. With Bigfoot research, there’s the “flesh and blood,” versus the “paranormal” Bigfoot. The idea, both in UFOlogy and Bigfoot studies, that a thing can be both is very difficult for some people to accept. But really, when it comes to Fortean stuff, isn’t it just a given things are topsy turvy?

I am adamant that both things can exist at the same time, both when it comes to UFOs, as well as Sasquatch.

Tracks and Telepathy

So the casts of tracks and hair samples and the study of habitat are useful. If nothing else - like the laws created to protect Bigfoot -- they can’t hurt. But taking seriously the other aspects of Bigfoot encounters, as weird as they might be, as uncomfortable as they might make one feel, must be done as well.

Otherwise, we’re not going to get anywhere in finding the creature. Which is okay by me.

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