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My First Time

About time I say something about Coast to Coast, after all, this is the place to be for all that.

Iíve been listening to C2C for years, probably about ten. I stumbled upon it by accident, listening to my little portable with the earphones as I drifted off to sleep. The first time (no, this isnít about that first time!) I discovered C2C, I came across gruff and strong radio voice guy Art Bell, going off on some caller about how we arenít a communist country, heís been to communist countries, and damn it, this isnít a communist country.

ďOh great,Ē I thought. Another pissed off, aggressive, right wing radio host. Donít we enough of these buffoons?Ē Then the talk went from that, to -- oh be still my beating heart! -- UFOs! Bloody damn UFOS!!!! I was so amazed I sat up in bed, turned up the volume, and turned on the light to see what radio station it was.

From then on, it was a nightly affair, me and C2C. I just couldnít believe my luck, Here, in Eugene, Oregon, a nightly radio show about UFOs! And Bigfoot! Ghosts! The Paranormal! Conspiracies! And so much more! I just couldnít believe my endless and supreme good fortune.

A few years ago, the rival AM station here in Eugene (KUGN) started to air the Jeff Rense program. At the same time the other station was airing Coast to Coast. This was usually a good thing, because if I didnít like the guests on C2C, I could listen to Rense. I didnít, and donít, like Rense for a variety of reasons (in fact, I used to have a ďBash Jeff RenseĒ forum) but at least he, too, had guests on about UFOs and related topics. I found myself getting irritated and downright offended a lot at Rense however, so only used him as a back-up. C2C, and Art Bell, my favorites by far.

A couple of years ago now, the rival station that aired Rense yanked him off the air. No reason, and my e-mails and phone calls to the station have been ignored. Thatís interesting, eh? (At least lately theyíve been airing something called the Ďdream doctorí who analyzes dreams -- in a very matter of fact, non-New Agey way -- thatís something.)

Which reminds me, I should send a big thank you to the station here in Eugene, Oregon, for airing C2C. KPNW 1120 AM Radio in Eugene, thank you for airing C2C every night!

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