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Popcorn Machine Aliens

It’s a cliché: that we’ve met our soul mate, or that there is even an idea that there’s a soul mate to be met. It may be true for some, for all, I don’t know. I do know that for us, my husband and I felt as if we’ve known each other all our lives - and in past lives as well. We share a lot of particular (and peculiar), specific and esoteric “coincidences” going back to childhood. Including living, a couple of blocks away from each other when I was in my teens and he was in his twenties, before we met.

This connection continues to exist concerning the world of UFOs and the esoteric. From seeing literal, physical craft to experiencing missing time, we’ve both had a life time of anomalous, paranormal, (for lack of a better word) experiences. Some related to UFOs, some to other events: telepathy, hauntings, and the just outright plain anomalous and weird.

We discuss these things almost daily. Our personal values in this context are similar. I trust him completely and know I can tell him anything. Still, even after 30 years of marriage, there are surprises. His story of childhood episodes that continue to “haunt” him for example. I’d never heard these stories before; he casually dropped them on me the other night.

He started off by telling me he’s always been mystified by something that happened when he was about fifteen. “If I ever were to get regressed, that’s what I’d want to know about, not the sphere we saw” (meaning the orange orb we saw years ago; we experienced missing time, cover memories, and another sighting of a craft.)

When he was fifteen he spent the night at his friend’s house. They slept out in the living room. “It’s haunted me ever since, I don’t know what happened, but I know that it was something really weird.” Whatever it was, wasn’t good, and it involved a German Shepherd. I asked him if the family had a German Shepherd, (my mind immediately going to screen memories and aliens disguised as animals) he said yes. “All I remember is some dark, shadowy figures and the dog going crazy, absolutely nuts.” For some reason he can’t explain, he’s always had the feeling it had to do with aliens, that he felt an invisible presence, or presences, were in the room that night.

When he was ten years old, he said he had what he calls the “pop corn machine dream.” He was living in Hawthorne, California, at the time. Back then the area was almost out in the sticks, no sidewalks, brush, tumbleweeds. He woke up -- or, as he put it, he dreamt he woke up -- to see a craft outside his window. He went on board, where he saw a machine that “smelled like popcorn, and it reminded me of one of those popcorn machines.”

“I knew they were aliens, and they weren’t good. Over my life, of all the dreams I’ve had about aliens, they’ve never been good in any of them. They’ve been all about bad, or Trickster at best.” (To this day he talks about how he hated living out there, moving from the Hollywood area to live in the middle of nowhere. This could probably be chalked up to being a kid, and suddenly uprooted from friends and school. But I wonder if some of this intense dislike has something to do with his “alien” experiences.)

I told him I rarely see aliens in my dreams. (But then I immediately remembered my “Geisha Woman” dream of the tall female gray being; where I found myself on board, sitting across a tall “gray” female with black hair.) He said “I have. They’re usually human looking, but alien nonetheless. I just know they’re aliens. I don't’ think I’ve ever had gray aliens, specifically, but I have had insectoid aliens, giant preying mantis kind of things.” (When he said that, I almost fell out of the chair!)

He continued: “You never see them completely, but more like parts of them, and they appear in parts, revealing themselves slowly. I never see the whole thing.”

“Do you still have alien dreams?” I asked him.

“Yeah, occasionally.”

“I don’t have bad dreams or scary dreams that often, but when I do, they’re about aliens. Whatever it is I’ve been seeing all my life, it hasn’t been good,” he said again.

This somewhat vague, dream not a dream, bits and pieces memory related to UFOs and aliens is not uncommon. I’ve had similar experiences. This aspect of UFO experience is what frustrates many for it isn’t concrete. Nothing tangible; it’s all so fuzzy. Nuts and bolts craft, now that’s something we can get a hold of. Not so with these semi-New Age, mystical, murky, other realms stuff.

While it may be “paranormal” on some levels, maybe it isn’t. Maybe these memories, these partial, nagging memories of questionable realities are a product of the nuts and bolts UFOs. In other words, an effect of their technology. It isn’t so mysterious after all, merely technology beyond our current understanding.

Yet, these kinds of experiences have been with us a very long time; thousands of years, if we accept that the alien “abduction” UFO phenomena remains the same, merely shifting settings to fit the times. Either “their” technology has been capable of influencing us for thousands of years, or it’s something else.

This “something else” could include the idea that they’re not “aliens” at all (as in, from outer space) but some other entity. And maybe this “entity” or force isn’t as separate from us as we may think. Maybe on some level, as many mystics and esoteric philosophers have suggested. we are active participants on some level.

Two different scenarios: UFOs from space with technology that boggles the mind (at times literally) which still amounts to a “nuts and bolts” explanation, just spiffier nuts and bolts, or something more “mystical.” I don’t know, and of course no one does. I vacillate between the two. And then of course, there’s the “excluded middle” maybe a third area, some combination of both.

Some researchers, such as Dr. David Jacobs, have suggested that "repeated UFO sightings" are not as random as they appear; that there's a reason why some people continue to experience multiple UFO encounters. Maybe this can be extended; it's no random thing either, that my husband and I found each other, having both experienced these things before we met, as well as continuing to experience them together. That's not insignificant, and yet, what it means, remains elusive.

But whatever it is, it’s real for those of us who’ve experienced it. Real enough to continue to “haunt” us throughout our lives.

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