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More Faery Musings

Faeries seem to be coming into my life recently. I’ve never been mushy over cute little pastel colored Victorian fairies. Although I do like them, I’m just not a cute little fairy person. I prefer mermaids. (Now, a fairy-mermaid combo, hmmm. Amphibious! Or, ‘airphibious,’ maybe.)

But faeries have been popping up in my life lately. I’ve been stumbling upon them in various ways and unexpected places. Faery vases (I actually bought them, even though they’re too fey for me; I know a couple of people who will enjoy them though) a lovely children’s story book of faery adventures, complete with beautiful color illustrations, all kinds of things.

As I wrote about last time, faery can take many shapes and forms. They aren’t all sweet tiny flitty things. They’re Bigfoot. (Yes, I’m serious.) Meaning, it’s possible that the faery explanation explains much of the “paranormal Bigfoot” encounters.

Cats and other animals can be familiars; and anyone who has cats knows this. Currently, our household has five. (Trust me, five is too many, but what are you going to do?) Our latest addition, a stray that wouldn’t leave our backyard last summer, turned out to be the best cat! Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with cat stories. People with cat stories are as obnoxious and boring as people with baby stories. I love both, but I know that.

But two things happened recently that have me wondering about spirits, or faeries, or faery spirits; some sort of mischievous energy is about in our house.

When we first moved into this house about twelve years ago, we felt it was “haunted,” in a mild sort of way. Maybe that’s not accurate; not exactly “haunted” but there were energies afoot. After we painted and cleaned and changed things around the negative energy seemed to leave, but every now and then a little odd thing would happen that would remind us that whatever it was was still around. The backyard was a very negative place, especially at night, I was afraid to go out there. Someone suggested I change around the back and talk to the plants; I did, and now it’s a welcoming, comfortable place.

My husband and I have had the experience, several times through the years in this house, of looking for something we know damn well is there, and not seeing it. Then it turns up in that spot later. After checking to make sure we didn’t just think we didn’t see it (or something) and stop bickering over who last used the thing, we realized it really was there, and damn it, it really did take a faery jaunt somewhere before coming back. This has been happening a lot lately, and I think it has to do with putting out ‘faery energy,’ for lack of a better phrase.

The other day we were both looking for something in the bathroom, we both knew it was “right there,” and yet, it was gone. Gone. We looked everywhere in the teeny bathroom, how many places can a huge bottle of shampoo go after all? We were getting quite annoyed. And freaked out. My husband said something like “This is really weird, and it’s vanished, someone took it.” I said “Maybe we should ask whoever took it to stop playing around and bring it back.” So I did. And we looked back on the counter and there it was. We almost fainted.

Oh yeah, cats. The other day I came home and saw our cat, the rescue from last summer, waiting for me on the table on the porch like he always does. Except that he was looking at me in the weirdest, and spookiest way -- truly spooky -- I’d ever seen him, or any creature, look at me. I was truly frightened. Not of the cat, not at all, but at the utter, absolute weirdness of it. I had the psychic impression, a real gut feeling, that it wasn’t my cat that was looking at me, it was something else altogether. It was another entity. It wasn’t my cat. I got so freaked out I just walked in the house and shut the door. Then of course I felt incredibly stupid and peeked out the window, and he was still looking at me like that. Usually he’s banging at the screen to get in. Still feeling stupid, but also freaked, I just went into the other room for awhile.

Then a “faery thing” happened. I was looking for a book I know I left on the table by my chair, Couldn’t find it, getting irritated. Said aloud “What the hell is going on?!” looked back, and there it was. And then I heard the screen banging; my cat wanted in.

Little things like that are still going on, and they’re not all bad. I found a very pleasant bit of paper today related to money matters after cleaning (something I do only once every ten years, on principle) and that after I said to “whatever” that I need to create money in my life.

I think faeries are visiting me lately. Not sure why, although I think inviting them, no matter how unconsciously, has something to do with their presence. The trick is to be appreciative and careful; maintain a balance between thankfulness yet wariness. I hear they can be fickle things if you’re not careful.

So carefully, with thanks but knowing it can’t last long, I’m enjoying this odd little journey into the faery realm.

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