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A Nudging Shift . . .

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on what UFOs are, where’re they come from, although of course, I’ve been thinking about these questions for decades.

For a long time I found the Jungian ‘mind projection’ theory (although that’s simplifying) and Vallee type interdimensional-folklore hypotheses extremely interesting, but a bit unsatisfying. While I saw a lot of truth in those ideas, I still “believed” that ETs were ETs, and not earth based entities. But the past few years I’ve changed my mind about that and after reading Patrick Harpur, and George Hansen, and so many others along these lines, I accepted that UFOs and “aliens” are pretty much inter-dimensional, ‘fairy’ type beings, and not ET.

As to alien abductions, I found the sleep paralysis/fantasy prone nonsense just that; insulting and ridiculous. At the same time, I couldn’t bring myself to take the stories literally.

Very recently, in the past month or so, I’ve been aware of a nudging shift in my opinions. I’ve come now to consider that most UFO experiences are encounters with literal spaceships (machines, craft) from literal planets. The ETH has moved up a notch. And yet, I still don’t know about alien abductions. If I can accept the literalness of ETs, then why not also accept the idea that literal alien beings are the cause of abductions? But, it seems I can’t.

At the same time, there are many things operating at once here. I am also of the firm opinion that, for as long as extraterrestrials have been here, so have “the other.” Inter dimensional, non-human but also non-ET beings that have been crossing our paths for a very long time. We often interpret these encounters as UFOs or ETs, but they are very different phenomena.

And of course, there’s always the government spook factor. Staged events to further confuse the issue. MILABS,(Military Abductions) etc. (and so many subcategories; hoaxes, the mentally ill, the gullible, etc.)

At any given time, one or more of these things are being played out, and we are witness to them. We interpret them according to our beliefs, religious (or lack of) background, culture, and more. We may believe ET is god, or that God is perceived as ET. We may have experienced the terror and daily torture of abductions, believing it ETs to be the cause, when in fact, it’s our own government. Or not. Hiking in the woods or traveling a lonely highway, we encounter a shape shifting ‘Bigfoot’ that communicates telepathically with us, and we say it’s ET. Or it’s a non-human, inter-dimensional faery of some kind, but not literally ‘flesh and blood’ bigfoot. Or that it is Bigfoot, because that is what Bigfoot is. Or that that’s impossible, since there is only ‘flesh and blood’ Bigfoot.

I won't -- I can't -- take a side. This isn't a contest: choose one over another, and be damned. It's just that I think, really, when you look at the ETH, it does make sense that most of what people are reporting about UFOs point to a literal 'nuts and bolts'/ET explanation. That doesn't, by any means, negate or exclude the daimonic/folklore/faery realm/inter-dimension idea.

Whatever, the fact remains that those of us who've had these encounters have experienced something very, very weird and mysterious.

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