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Intrusive Ghost Hunting

I “believe” in ghosts. Not quite sure exactly what ghosts are: spirits of the dead, residual energy, emotional imprints, etc. Those are all variations on the same thing. Whatever what we call “ghosts” are, it seems clear that it’s energy and consciousness. How much of that consciousness (and personality of the once alive mortal) is in that energy probably depends on the specific variation of “ghost,” bringing us back to the idea of residual energy, active ghosts, imprints, etc.

I’ve seen, heard, felt and smelled ghosts. They exist. So naturally I’ve had an interest in ghosts, and for awhile, a couple of years ago, I’d watch a ghost “hunter” show. I enjoyed those shows but I always had a nagging feeling that it was all somehow kind of rude; all these people tromping around and downright demanding in many cases that the spirits appear. Some self important ghost hunter, standing in the middle of a darkened room, shouting out at the spirit that they show themselves -- that always seemed to intrusive to me.

Groups of “ghost hunters” walking around with tape recorders and things to measure temperature fluctuations and cameras and equipment, clattering around, waking the dead. Literally. Especially when they get to prayin’. That really annoys me. I tell you, if I were a ghost that was sticking around, and someone came in saying the Lord’s Prayer and waving crosses around, I’d be very irritated. I’ve spent all my earthly life avoiding sanctimonious do gooder Christian types, and now I have to put up with them in the afterlife?

I suppose if one wants to “prove” to science that ghosts exist (which just seems a silly thing to want to do) you need all that equipment. But you can just as easily communicate with ghosts by yourself, or a small, polite, -- and quiet - group of individuals who are well behaved, and not flinging themselves about in dark hallways with night vision goggles and EMF detectors, shouting out for the ghosts to show themselves.

I was a member of a ghost/paranormal society for a brief time. Very nice people, and well meaning. They were considerate and stressed the importance of being ethical and responsible. They had equipment, they expected above board behavior from members. They worked professionally with those that owned or were responsible for the places that were haunted, and volunteered at cemeteries and historic landmarks. They gave back to the community. But I always felt a bit guilty somehow; it just seemed pushy to go in and seek out ghosts on purpose. Especially when many members thought nothing of praying. As I said; if I were in my grave and a group of ghost hunters showed up near my tombstone signing religious songs, I’d be extremely ticked.

And so, when you find the ghost, then what? The temperature drops (or rises dramatically.) Abrupt loud noises from nowhere. A strong scent overpowers you. Voices that you know -- you just do, because you can also see it, communicate on some other level with it -- come from another dimension, and not here among the rest of us. Objects are flung across the room by invisible hands, or are slowly, very slowly, lifted up right in front of you. Swirling mists of thick white light that are forming shapes appear before your eyes. A knowledge, a literal gut feeling, that the ghost/entity is present, and not only that, you know what it’s about. And sometimes it isn’t good. At all. You sense, with your whole body, the entire thing. You not only “see” it, but feel it, smell it, hear it. At least, that’s how it’s always worked out for me.

There isn’t any way to “prove” this to anyone, and I don’t care. It’s a non-issue for me.

Ghost tours, paranormal groups ghost “hunting,” investigative teams; all out looking for spirits. There’s a sort of joy riding for ghosts going on everywhere, and it’s kind of. . . vulgar.

So you think your bar, restaurant, old building, house, library, whatever, is haunted? Find out on your own in a well behaved manner. Listen, relax, look. People can take it or leave it; no amount of “proof” will convince those who are determined to dismiss the existence of ghosts anyway. And for those of us who know, that’s all we need.

And what of those entities that aren’t ghosts at all, but mimic ghosts? All these ghost hunting teams: do they realize what they might be rousing when they go in with their equipment and prayers and bustle? Do they know what they’re experiencing?

There’s interesting data regarding connections between some UFO events and ghosts. Can what we think of as ET mimic ghosts? Are what some of what we think are ghosts, and interpret as ghosts, really something else altogether? (That’s another subject entirely, however.)

And I swear, if I have to watch Yvette from Most Haunted scream and cry and clutch at the nearest male investigator in abject terror, afraid for her life at sensing yet once again some ghostly presence one more time, I’mgoing to scream myself.

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