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Who Says UFOs Aren't Sexy ?

My mind goes about in odd ways, but we know that. Anyway, I’m working on a piece about the weird things people have said to me concerning UFOs, then I came across a link about insects (more on this later) which then led me to think about sex and UFOs.

Among the oddest things skepti-scoffies have said to me, or that I’ve come across concerning UFOs, is that they’re not “sexy" enough.

Really? How many lame and stale jokes do we hear on sit-coms and South Park about anal probes?

UFO lore is full of aliens coming in the night to abduct people out of their beds while they’re sleeping. They kidnap unwilling, scared humans and take them away to an isolated place. Then probing, rude, invasive physical exams of their genatalia take place. They’ve given shots and thick liquid drinks that drug them, ensuring their passivity. More strange, rude, and invasive things are done.

Sometimes women are returned to find that they’re now pregnant, even though they haven’t had sex with anyone. Anyone human, that is. Then, the pregnancy disappears. Or, in for their annual gyno exam, they’re told they had miscarried, or were recently pregnant, much to everyone’s bewilderment. Humans are shown hybrid babies; told they’re the baby is theirs, told to hold the babies, and play with the hybrid children. These hybrids are the result of sexual union between human and alien.

There are reports of giant Reptilians, sexually aggressive and powerful, who have sex with human women. Some human woman seem to like this, like Pamela Stonebrook, who has had encounters with Reptilian Lizard Lovers.

Even the benevolent, tall, humanoid ‘Nordic’ types get in the act. One of UFOlogy’s most famous cases is the Antonio Villas Boas encounter. As the article points out, in the first sentence:

Almost from the start, sex and UFOs were inseparable bedfellows.

Any quick study into UFOs and human encounters will verify this.

The aliens seem to have an egalitarian sexual philosophy. Female aliens are as sexually assertive as male aliens.

Then there are gigantic insectoid types; mainly the praying mantis. They attack humans, sometimes after imparting wisdom. This item on male praying mantis is what started me on this thread: as you can see, it’s intriguing. Well, I suppose if you’re a female praying mantis. No, that doesn’t work, she bites his head off, doesn’t she?

Then there are the humans. Those who get deeply involved in UFOs. Take the Raelians. Their philosophy is one of Free Love, cloning, UFOs and aliens.

It could be argued that our origins of religions is a history of alien-human sex. The Book of Mormon reads like a science fiction novel; warring tribes of humans stealing god-given DNA from each other. Or the Vedas, the Bible, or any other sacred book. You don’t have to be an English Lit major to figure out the obvious motifs in those stories.

And too, there’s the whole perspective towards UFOs. A sort of dirty little secret. Like sex, the subject often elicits the “giggle factor." (I wrote about this on my blog awhile back: Dr. Kinsey and UFOs, after seeing the film Kinsey.) Like sex, UFOs are fun to talk about, even indulge in if you’re the racy type, but no true, proper person actively pursues the subject. Not in decent company anyway.

Far from being boring or any of the other silly things people have said about UFOs, the subject of UFOs is very sexy. It may not be sexy in a conventional sense (my idea of fun isn’t being strapped to a metal table while being probed by asexual, non-human beings) but who am I to judge?

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