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Remote Viewing and Government Programs

There’s a common idea among skeptics, (as well as some researchers of the esoteric) that remote viewing didn’t work, and that’s why the government shut down its programs devoted to the study of remote viewing or "RV" as its also called) like Project Stargate.

The assumption is that remote viewing doesn’t work; have they tried it? I’ve tried it, in a small and limited way, and was very surprised -taken aback, in fact - at the results. It works. My brief experiments have shown me that it does take a lot of concentration and self-discipline, two things I am not consistent with. But I discovered that there is something to it, and that it seems to be potent. Can you imagine what that energy, that potency, would be like with those remote viewers who have trained themselves to be consistent and focused? And what the results would be in a controlled envirnoment?

So we’ll assume that RV works. Officially, the government has closed its remote viewing programs. That’s officially. It’s very possible the government has continued with RV programs but have gone dark with these programs. It wouldn’t be the first time the government has continued working on something without officially acknowledging they’re doing so. When it comes to mind control, the paranormal and UFOs, this is especially true. This isn’t tin foil hat country; history gives us a context in which to make this assumption. We all know about MK Ultra for example. Why anyone, skeptic or not, would believe the government on anything these days, is the real mystery.

The United States isn’t the only country to research remote viewing and other psychic methods; it’s well known that the Soviet Union and China did so as well. And no doubt they still are.

I have no doubt that government studies concerning RV are still going on. A similar situation exists with UFOs: officially, there’s no government agency to report sightings to; the Air Force no longer concerns itself with strange craft flying in our skies. In fact, the public face of indifference to UFOs that the government puts on is disturbing; that doesn’t present an attitude of security or control. Their lack of concern over giant objects gliding through our skies gives the impression the government is incompetent. But do we really believe that the government isn't doing anything about UFOs? I don’t believe that for a minute. They clearly want us to think they’re blissfully unconcerned, but it seems incredibly naive to believe that they actually are as unconcerned as they appear to be.

The same with remote viewing. I doubt the government found that there’s nothing to remote viewing, and I highly doubt the government has ceased studying the phenomena.

A few weeks ago I was watching the TV program Psychic Detectives. A refreshing aspect of that show is that they don’t use skeptics or debunkers, and they don’t make disclaimers. On this particular episode however the psychic used remote viewing. A voice over announced that "remote viewing has not been proven to work and there is no evidence to support remote viewing as a legitimate technique." (I’m paraphrasing here but that was the general idea.)

Both my husband "George" and I looked at each at the same moment; we had the same thought. Which was a big "What?!" Why should the program go out of its way to make that disclaimer? Verrrryyyy interesting. What that disclaimer did was reinforce the suspicions I have that remote viewing works quite well, the government hasn’t closed down any programs, and that the producers of Psychic Detectives were told to make that disclaimer. The message was clear: kids, don’t try this at home.

Remote Viewing UFOs and Aliens

There are the government shills, hucksters and doomsters who make public appearance abut remote viewing. Those people aside, there are serious reporters of the esoteric that know what they’re talking about. One person is Jim Marrs, a frequent guest here at Binnall of America, and well known paranormal UFO investigator and author. In his Secrets of Redgate documentary, about UFO sightings in that area (Montana) over many years, remote viewers gave their impressions about what was going on there. One viewer said:

"I am looking at a flying object with subjects inside…non-human creatures," wrote one viewer.

Another drew a picture of a flying saucer, and had this to say:

" --- three human figures being drawn up into a saucer-shaped craft by a cone of energy."

Officially, there’s still a lot of debate and drama surrounding remote viewing. Skeptics point to the Stargate Project, ostensibly the government's commissioned independent study of remote viewing. Skeptic/debunker Ray Hyman, and "believer" Jessica Utts, were the two hired to evaluate the validity of remote viewing. In typical Trickster esotericism, Utts said there was something to all this, Hyman did not, believing further study was needed that replicated the results. Their report caused the CIA to shut down its research into remote viewing in 1995.

So they say.


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