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UFO Experience and Hypnosis

On the good Lesley’s forum (that’s our own Binnall of America’s Lesley of Grey Matters) I was asked if I’d considered undergoing hypnosis to uncover memories of my missing time experiences.

I’ve been asked this before, and, I’ve considered it over the years. As I replied in the forum, I’ve “considered considering” hypnosis.

It’s not that I don’t think hypnosis is valid; I think it is. I’m not an expert on the subject, or even that well informed, but overall, I think it can be useful. I realize there are areas that could be problematic; leading questions by the hypnotist, the overall ethics and quality of the hypnotist, the need to please on the part of the subject, etc.

Assuming I’d find a qualified, balanced yet sympathetic, or open minded, hypnotist in my area, there are a few reasons why I won’t be hypnotized to uncover some of my UFO experiences.

For one thing, just approaching a hypnotist and telling her or him that I might have been abducted by aliens --or, even kookier in some ways, by our own government disinfo-MIB-spook agents -- is a scary thought. That ridicule factor exists my dahlings, I’m not immune to that, and I’m not about to put myself in that situation.

Then there’s the years of study and research I’ve done on the subject of UFOs, the paranormal, supernatural, occult, religious studies, folklore, and all that other good esoteric stuff. At the time of my missing time episodes, I didn’t know much about UFOs, I “believed” they existed, if the question was brought up, and I was generally an overall, open-minded person when it came to UFOs, ghosts, and related topics. But I didn’t know much about UFOlogy, its history, about sightings, researchers -- none of that. Now of course, over 20 years later, I know a whole mountain full more than I did then. So I’m concerned about muddled, contaminated images and scenarios and the ‘truth’ vs. some surreal metaphorical fantasy. Just because I might remember something as happening, doesn’t mean it did happen. In other words, I don’t trust myself.

Speaking of the above: there are layers upon layers, I’m sure, to be unraveled. IF the abduction event is a staged scenario produced by our government faking alien invasion/abduction, then obviously a big part of that would be drugs, and mind control techniques. So I may “remember” aliens; but that doesn’t mean it was aliens. Then again, it may very well be just that: aliens. Who’s to really say? If I can’t remember -- and I was there -- (if I was) then how can the truth ever be found?

Maybe I’m being far too cautious.

And then, there’s this: I admit it. I’m scared. Yes, I am unnerved about what might be revealed. My husband feels the same way; neither one of us want to go there.

Yet, I am “going there,” just in a different way. My obsession is as strong as ever. After that “pumpkin orange orb” sighting -- the one involving a silver craft, beam of light, orange orb, missing time, creepy feelings of being watched, paralyzing dreams, -- all of which still, over 20 years later, bring up physical feelings of anxiety when recalled -- I read every book I could find on the subject of UFOs. As anyone who’s been through this kind of experience knows, one thing leads to another, and soon you’re researching not only UFOs, but high strangeness, sightings in other countries, Bigfoot, apparitions, metaphysics, the paranormal, types of aliens, military craft, psychological theories for what happened, the whole long twisting list of fascinating stuff.

If I were completely uninterested -- and afraid -- I wouldn’t be obsessed to this day. I wouldn’t write for Binnall of America and American Chronicle. (shameless plug.) Or my blogs. Or read every book I can find on UFOs. Or watch every silly television program on UFOs. Or painting paintings of UFOs. (although they tend to be abstract/expressionist rather than realistic; that says something about the process right there.)

I may be taking the long way around, but at least I’m taking it. And who knows, maybe someday I will be hypnotized. That’d be, at the very least, highly interesting!

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