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A Looming and Heavy Energy on the Coast

My friend "Lola" lives in the coast range in Oregon. Lola has a life long history of paranormal activity in her family including not just ghosts but UFOs, Bigfoot and other paranormal and psychic phenomena. These things seem to follow the family; particularly the women. There are some paranormal clichés involved: events happen more to the females in the family, some members have Native American blood, and at least one house is on Native American hunting grounds.

Lola, her husband and their children moved a few years ago to their present home in the coast range. We've visited them several times and it's a great place; out in the country, on acres of land by a creek. The night sky is magnificent and far from city light pollution. There is something odd about the place however, and that is the space between their house and the shop. The shop is a large building; it could easily be a house onto itself. It's placed in an odd spot; very close to the house; there's only about six feet between the shop and the house, which makes for a dark, cold, narrow passage way to navigate through.

In the narrow dark space between house and shop there is a persistent feeling of something very heavy and large, as well as depressed, close by. Neither one of the children (young teens) will go out there at night, and they're no wimps. They're used to living in the country; many family members live in rural areas; they're no strangers to the country. Lola doesn't like to go out there at night either, and really, no one does, including myself or my husband. It's not only the space between the buildings that has this heavy cold feeling, but the shop itself. The remodel work going on hasn't seemed to improve these feelings.

The feeling I get when in this space is one of extreme heaviness, a depression as well as an oppression, of something very, very large. It's a living, conscious entity but I haven't been able to call it "human," or "animal" --- it seems to be both, as odd as that sounds.

The other day George had mentioned that he's always felt it's an animal spirit, and that this energy is one of great depression due to abuse. Right before he said that to me, I was thinking about this energy, trying to get closer to what it is. I received a strong vibration of mistreatment, but as to animal or human, it was still vague. It seemed wrapped up altogether. Then George said, out of the blue, "I've always felt very strongly that this animal energy had a lot of abuse energy surrounding it."

Lola's bedroom faces the shop, and their bedroom widow looks directly onto the building. She keeps the curtains closed at all times, because of the negative energy she feels coming from the building. There are strange claw marks on their bedroom window, high up and no one can figure out how they got there, or what made them. Whatever it was, had to jump up very high to make them; and why would it? It's as if something was trying to claw its way into the bedroom. It's possible a bear was looking in the window, (they do have a black bear problem in the area) still, the bear would have had to have been an exceptionally large one to reach that high.

Lola has had other strange experiences; one afternoon, while lying on their bed, she saw an entity appear beside her. The entity, in Lola's own words, "Wasn't human, but was trying to pass itself off as human." Lola was clear it was a female entity, with a pale, almost white face, and a "wig" of dark brown hair cut short. Lola doesn't know if this has anything to do with the energy between the buildings; but she does say this entity wasn't a positive one.

The other day, Lola was working in the herb patch outside her kitchen, which is a few feet from the shop. She told me she kept getting a strong image of something dead buried nearby; something large and animal like.

There is a sad history to the place; a horse that the previous owners kept on the property was terribly neglected, and they left the animal on the property when Lola and her family bought the place. The poor thing suffered a great deal for years but fortunately, Lola's family has worked closely with the horse, who is now very happy and healthy, and they've since bought other horses to join the family. The area where the horses hang out seems fine; but near this shop area, it's another feeling altogether. And I've noticed the horses don't go near there either, or in the upper field that faces Lola's bedroom.

Something seems to have left an imprint; either a series of events, or one specific being, be it human or animal. Whatever it is, has been felt by many visitors.

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