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UFOs: I Get To, That's Who

Itís nobodyís business how old I am dahlings, but I suppose I must reveal Iím, um, er... like your endearing eccentric Aunt. Lots of color and sparkly things and clangy bracelets and ridiculously large earrings, and, at my age! Humph. (Just today I actually bought a pair of high heels with loads of glittery beads and metallic things and a gold strap and . . . I havenít worn heels in -- well, never, hardly. I donít know what got into me but I couldnít resist. Thatís me, practical all the way, why, theyíll be perfect out on the playground during recess duty, Iím sure. But Iím veering off the point here arenít I?)

Still, to be referred to as ďagingĒ offends me, especially when itís insinuated that the lack of active UFO researchers is dying off, and no one under 40 is around to take the place of us doddering drooling UFO fools. Iím referring to various individuals who have the mystifying urge to comment on All Things UFO when they themselves donít care about the subject, yet must go on and tell the rest of us what to do, think, research, say, write, etc. Feh.

John Greenwald, of Black Vault; heís under 40. Hell, I think heís under 30. And Nick Redfern, under 40. (Iím pretty sure.) There are many good UFO researchers out there, under and over 20, or 30, or 40, or 50, wherever one decides is the cut-off age for UFO researchers.

As if age has much to do with anything. Only arrogant whippersnappers whoíve never had to walk uphill in the snow both ways would say such rude things.

This brings me nicely to my next Iím Highly Offended rant: the old ďwho decides who gets to be a UFO researcher/scholar/writer/personĒ whine. If itís not age, itís the ďwho gets to be called a UFOistĒ game. Who gets to be taken ďseriously.Ē

Who ďgets to?Ē Me, for one. Why? Because:

Iíve been seeing UFOs since I was 4 years old.

Iíve seen entities since I was a child.

I continue to see UFOs.

I continue to encounter entities.

Iíve spent the past 30 years studying the UFO phenomena

Many family members have had UFO encounters

And many friends

Iíve interviewed many people whoíve shared their experiences with me; often I am one of the few theyíre told. Often they havenít told their spouses, or family members.

Iíve had a life time of high strangeness events surrounding UFOs.

Iíve had episodes of Missing Time.

I have 400 or so books on UFOs in my home library.

I done went to collige and studyied reel good and got myself deegrees.

I wrote a book. (no, itís not published. Er, no, I donít have a publisher. But you know, I wrote the damn thing at least. Have you?)

Itís a free country (so far, barely) and I can write, blog, and pontificate, all I want.

Iím the President of our local UFO chapter. Ha.

Unlike many who sniff and snarl and tell the rest of us UFO people what to do, I at least have seen UFOs, studied UFOs, interviewed UFO witnesses, experienced highly strange weird things connected to UFOs, am pretty well convinced aliens from other worlds have visited earth, are still here, are responsible for a lot of human history. (Have you read the Book of Mormon? Itís a virtual ďHereís What Happened When the Aliens Fought Over Their Batch of Stolen Human Being Genes On EarthĒ guide.)

So donít tell me I canít study, share, write about, discuss, present, etc. about UFOs because Iím not ďcreditaledĒ or donít have the Grand PooBah approval of some self-styled UFO pundit.

I may not be contributing in some nationally major way to UFO research. My little book will probably be sold by me, e-book wise or something; itís the only way itíll no doubt get out there. I doubt Iíll appear anywhere with somber UFO tidbits to share with the rest of humanity. Then again, one never knows. I'm not that old; I donít plan on dying off yet. There are many other UFO bloggers out there who are very good and together, weíre saying things that are valid, and valuable, to the overall Big Picture of UFO stuff.

I find it ironic that there are so damn many within the UFO field, as well as on the outside looking -- or barging -- in, that dictate what kind of UFOist should be taken seriously, when the UFO phenomenon itself is so complex, multifaceted, and even seemingly contradictory. Like the intricate and layered UFO realm, its researchers are equally varied. From scientists to the lone blogger UFO experiencer, all are searching and all are contributing to the data. To reject some because theyíre too old, or donít have the arbitrary credentials does UFOlogy a true disservice.

To sneer and dismiss people like us because weíre supposedly ďnobodiesĒ is of course arrogant, but also ignorant. And notice how many of these people arenít true Ufologists anyway. Theyíre just thugs; the New Thugs, as I call them.

Dahlings, I am most certainly a goddamn somebody, and so, with that in mind, remember: I am woman, hear me rant. Oops, that dates me, Iím sure. Oh well, too old after all to write about UFOs, I guess.

Speaking of women, hereís a plug for my Women in the UFO and Paranormal Realm webpage. Iíve updated it a bit since last time, and as always, invite you to contact me if you have names of women writing about UFOs and/or the paranormal.

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