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Covert Ops and Cryptos: A Fortean Esoteric View

I’m reading Andrew Colvin’s Mothman’s Photographer II and enjoying it very much. It’s different, it’s a bit odd, even, but that’s not a criticism. This isn’t about Colvin’s book, just one little thing I read in there that, for some reason, leapt out at me:

At one time during filming,I idly fantasized about possible connection between video gaming, major defense contractors, global cartels like World Vision, and cryptozoological covert ops.

It’s that last part: "cryptozoological covert ops" that got my attention. Of course, the whole thing is enough to get anybody’s attention.

Colvin continues:

his speculation was triggered by Loren Coleman's awarding of a major cash prize to a seemingly hoaxed Mothman photo (that mimicked a real photos of mine) on the behalf o Hasbro, a partner of World Vision, Wizards of the Coast, and Boeing. Coleman has published with Time-Warner, a company dominated by the Rockerfellers and Ted Turner -- who is also from Ohio.

Colvin sees the relationships between things esoteric and anomalous, and it’s clear that Mothman is no mere singular oddity, but lives, at least partially, in the world of para-politics, mind control, psy-ops, conspiracies, and much more.

The idea of "paranormal Bigfoot" and supernatural or paranormal phenomena with other cryptic creatures is hard for some to take seriously. (It was for me, at first, many years ago.) But go deeper, and you’ll find something even stranger: some sort of bizarre connection between shadowy military, paramilitary, mind control and psy-op factions and strange creatures, such as Mothman, Bigfoot, and others.

Then there’s the invisible Bigfoot at Livermore Labs. Someone named "silvereagle" has posted on Loren Coleman’s Cryptomundo blog about invisible Bigfoots at Livermore laboratories in California. It’s a fascinating story about Dr. Evils and Mad Scientists, invisible Bigfoot, escapes, vibrating to other dimensions, and that’s just for starters.

Needless to say, the comments to this are interesting! They total 167 in all. I had to laugh at Loren’s disclaimer:

By posting this information from silvereagle, I in no way endorse it as factual.

Peter Guittilla’s Bigfoot Files relates stories of Bigfoot seen in uniforms, or wearing some kind of clothing. Guittilla’s book contains accounts of witnesses seeing Bigfoot type beings wearing "bright blue glowing belts" around their waists. (Does Bigfoot have a waist?) These types of Bigfoot are said to be under the control of the military, or maybe it’s the aliens. Or maybe it’s both.

Some believe they’re " under direct supervision of secret military force . . .(p 85 of Bigfoot Files) These are called "Manchines" and are considered very dangerous.

Bigfoot (or Bigfoot type creatures), strange "animals" and aliens are said to exist in the desert areas near Edwards Air Force base in California.

All this seems like the underbelly of crypto stuff. It’s bad enough to talk about orbs, UFOs, telepathic communications, and so on, in connection with Bigfoot. But it isn’t sinister; it’s kind of charming in a goofy kind of way on one level. By saying so I don’t mean to trivialize this aspect of the Bigfoot phenomena; I am sure there’s a paranormal connection.

But the creepier covert, military/thuggish alien, "brightly glowing blue belted" Bigfoot stories are in another category. I want to know how these stories come about? Like all things weird and strange, it’d be easy to dismiss these stories as insane, and move on. I agree they seem "insane" on the surface, but why do they exist in the first place?

If you’re a debunker or chronic skeptic, the answers are obvious. So let’s move on. If you’re a sociologist or psychologist and observing all this from the outside, many interesting -- and useful- - insights can be discovered.

But what about those of us who have our own history of weird experiences, who look at things from a Fortean view? In that case, it doesn’t matter if these stories are true; that’s the wrong question. (Of course it’s natural to want to know how much is true.)

With stories like these, as with all accounts of strange things, I wonder at the storyteller. What is their experience, their motivation? Many, especially the skeptics, debunkers, and non-Forteans, look at motivation, but not the personal. Not the experience. Maybe these people are crazy, (if so, that still leaves us with their interpretation of reality) or maybe they’re interpreting something that is real but have been made to see a certain way.

Maybe there’s some elemental force that manifests itself in various and ridiculous ways to disorient us when we get too close.

Maybe these stories serve the purpose of warnings or indicators of things below the surface. Literally as well as figuratively. Like dreams, we can interpret these weird connections and stories -- or even take them as is -- and use them as a kind of magickal tool as we continue on our Fortean paths.

All that takes effort, and as some critics within the field might say, why waste time indulging in this; let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of the stuff. I disagree with that view. From an esoteric, Fortean perspective, these stories serve a useful purpose, whether or not one believes in them literally.

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