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Hearing Voices

Lately I’ve been hearing voices. Again. In particular, I hear my name called. I’ve experienced this before many times in my paranormal life, but not for a long time. Recently I’ve been hearing my name being called all this past week.

Naturally enough many think this is a sign you’re nuts. Or suffering from sort of unease like stress or being over tired.

But for those of us who accept that there are spirits and guides and all kinds of things unseen but very real, this isn’t surprising. It’s no coincidence at all that I’ve been working very deeply with meditation and crystals. One of the things I’ve been asking for/working with are my guides. Hearing them call my name -- for that’s what I believe it to be -- is a sign they’ve heard me, and are responding.

(Usual disclaimer: yes, I know this sounds incredibly New Agey dahlings, but you know what? I just don’t care.)

I don’t hear the name inside my head; it’s definitely outside -- and a bit above -- like at ear level, but from a distance. That’s not to say it sounds weak or vague; it’s very specific.

Another thing that happened to me the other night is a nosebleed. Children get them all the time; I did when I was a kid. (And abductees!) I can’t remember the last time I had one. But here I am, finding myself awake at five in the morning, with a huge nosebleed. It was weird. There’s a perfectly reasonable explanation: allergies, no doubt.

The pollen count in my area is very high (in fact, I live in the Willamette Valley, also called “the valley of sickness’ because it’s among the worst for allergy and asthma sufferers, like me.) (Please don’t ask why I still live here, it’s a sore subject. Suffice to say I hate it here and hopefully will be leaving soon. But I digress. . . .) And yet I couldn’t help but wonder, when I tried not to freak out too much about the blood, that it had something to do with all this recent crystal and meditation activity.

For myself, I’ve had very powerful things happen when i work with stones and crystals, and that’s partly why I stopped a few years ago. That, and my ADD has helped to make me notoriously inconsistent with just about everything in my life. But for some reason, I’ve been hearing the call to get back to work -- it’s an urge, a very strong pull, that has caused me to get back to this. Almost as if I have nothing to do with it. This pull came to me after I’d been thinking on why I write about UFOs and related phenomena in the first place. It’s as if a shift has occurred; a new direction in this process.

I just know it’s important, whatever it is, and I’m looking forward to learning and sharing what I find. It’s possible all of this has something to do with my upcoming birthday, and a shift into a new stage regarding my age -- (uh oh, entering Shirley MacLaine terrority!)

During this past week, it’s not just my name being called, it’s my name in general that's floated around in the ether. Regan Lee isn’t a usual, common name, but it isn’t all that unheard of either. Years ago I did a Google search on myself (hey, admit it, you do it too!) and found that there were five Regan Lee’s in Texas. (hmmm...)

This week, I received an e-mail from a local group I joined that was slow in responding, because they thought I was the “Regan Lee that lived in Elktown” (a made up name, I’m not using the name of the real town to protect this person) which is roughly thirty miles from where I live. There’s another Regan Lee living right here in my area. It’s a reminder of something; probably to not take myself so seriously!

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