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I find it offensive when a Christian goes into a haunted place and starts exorcising the spirits with Christian prayers and rituals. (This goes for any assumption by any religion; Iíve only seen it done with Christianity with one exception; that was a Native American prayer, which I found equally offensive.)

Unless you know for a fact the spirits were Christian, unless you have the permission of the people living in the haunted building to do a Christian (or other religious rite) prayer, it is terribly presumptuous to go in there and start praying.

I know that if I were dead and haunting a place, and some Christians came in praying over me, waving crosses and rosaries, Iíd be very irate. Iíd make sure there were plenty of crockery flying about!

Itís one thing to use these things as protection for yourself; if you are a Christian (or whatever) do what you need to do. I do various things myself when entering those places. But I donít assume itís what anyone else wants, cares about, or believes in, or that my beliefs and rituals are going to bring comfort to others.

The same for Native American traditions. The term Native American is general; rituals, beliefs, prayers, varies from tribe to tribe. If all you know is that a place is ďhaunted by an East Coast IndianĒ and you donít even know what tribe or clan is involved, (which could very likely be easily found out) donít start chanting some Hopi thing you picked up in Boy Scout Camp. Iím part Native myself, and find that very offensive.

I suppose that an atheist, faced with a haunted house, having a team come in and do some sort of cleansing, whether it be a Voodoo ritual, Christian, Native, Pagan, or whatever, would also be offended. In that, case, hmmm... well, you called them in, whatíd you expect?

Itís a fine line all right; after all, clearing negative energy, protecting yourself, and dealing with the paranormal in general contains elements of so-called ďreligion.Ē I prefer to call it a spiritual sensibility, without religious assumptions.

Iím simply urging those involved with paranormal research to be aware of this issue and avoid being heavy handed with that Bible. Or, whatever it is youíre brandishing about.

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