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Paranormal P.C.

At a recent meeting of paranormal minded people, it was commented that “we can learn from skeptics.” Indeed, a skeptic -- who was stuck on the whole literal nuts and bolts physics of UFOs thing -- was present.

When Philip Klass died, many in the UFO field said that Klass was a worthy adversary, a welcomed opponent.

No, he wasn’t. He was a liar and worse.

“Learning from skeptics” is a general remark. First we have to define skeptic; are we talking abut debunkers, sceptics, skeptics, irrational rationalists, materialists, pseudo skeptics, or what?

And the idea of “learning from skeptics” is different from being skeptical. When researching UFOs or the paranormal, reserving judgment and refraining from making assumptions is necessary.

Extending that obvious approach to a Pollyanna feel good “Golly, we can all learn from skeptics, we welcome them” is nonsense.

I for one no longer engage in “discussions” with skeptics. (I don’t mean those who simply haven’t made up their minds either way; I mean those who proudly proclaim they’re skeptics, and I certainly mean those of the CSICOP ilk. This includes those anti-UFOists , New Thugs, and other skeptics of UFOs.) It is nonproductive, often quickly degenerates into ugliness, and this is partly what “gives UFOs a bad name,” not the Contactees, Abductees, or even the Raelians. (maybe.)

I will make this one quasi-concession however: there is one thing we actually can learn from “skeptics” and that is their tactics. Knowing their tricks, aware of the resources they use, goes a long way in developing your own skills. (Randi’s Project Alpha was disgustingly arrogant and unethical -- despite its so-called qualifier to acknowledge one’s agenda if asked -- but it did provide an important reminder to all researchers of UFOs and the paranormal: be very, very careful in your testing procedures. Don’t assume, and tighten up!)

I’ve been harassed, cyber stalked (an ongoing issue,) libeled, and much more by “skeptics.” So I have no problem with utterly disregarding anything they say concerning UFOs or the paranormal, with one exception.

That is, to correct any lies, misrepresentations, disinformation, misinformation, or agenda-laden research. And in those cases, I present the information without directly engaging with said “skeptic.”

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