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Unlikely Shared Experiences

It's been said that no matter how bizarre an experience of the Fortean kind might be, others have experienced the same thing.

Paranormal Bigfoot

When I first came across a UFO-alien-Bigfoot story, I thought it was not only extremely weird, but "wrong" somehow. Something about reading an account of a Bigfoot communicating telepathically and vanishing kind of spooked me. Even though I didn't believe it; or so I told myself. I wasn't sure what to believe, and that free floating feeling of vague anxiety added to the weirdness factor. I almost threw the article away; it kind of ticked me off, but something made me file the article away. That action in itself is interesting: what motivated me to keep something I had such strong and conflicting reactions towards? Maybe it's just a characteristic of the Fortean obsessed.

Very soon after that, I began to come across several articles about the "stranger side of Sasquatch." I had gone from never hearing about these encounters, to finding one every week or so it seemed. Now my files are full of these kinds of events, I get e-mails from people all over the country, including photos, (none of Bigfoot, alas) and there are two cases of high strangeness Sasquatch in Oregon (where I live) that I've researched.

No matter what thinks about these kinds of Bigfoot stories, the fact is, there is a body of paranormal-UFO Bigfoot research to be found. Books by researchers like Lisa Shiel (Backyard Bigfoot,) Peter Guittilla (Bigfoot Files), Jack Lapseriti (The Psychic Sasquatch: And Their UFO Connection) and

Sali Sheppard-Wolford (Valley of the Skookum: Four Years of Encounters With Bigfoot,) among others, deals with this phenomena.

Puppet Wolves

I've written about my "puppet wolves" experiences I had as a child here on Binnall of America and most recently on UFO Digest. It would seem than a highly esoteric and specific experience like this (small fuzzy puppet type beings at the edge of my bed) wouldn't be experienced by others. But there are two strange elements to this experience: one, my husband had experienced the same thing as a child, and two, what are the chances of this happening to someone I'm close to? And in fact, our paranormal paths seem to have crossed since childhood. The inspiration for the recent article is due to Andrew Colvin, author of Mothman's Photographer III, who wrote of furry small beings scurrying around his bedroom at night when he was a child. And just the other day, I received this e-mail from someone who doesn't' want their name used, but was kind enough to write me:

I'm a great believer in the paranormal and the alien agenda etc. But when I came across to your article it struck me like nothing ever before, I believe we all dream for a reason, whether it be a message or something our minds put together, but I do remember some small world like creatures that used to haunt me as a child, not all the time but I did see them more than three times at least and thinking about it now is probably one of the most vivid of my 'dreams' I remember them (from my Blurry Childhood Memory) as small creatures, cat like in a way from with larger heads than usual sort of dwarf like proportion and I remember at least twice seeing them in my dream in a tunnel, sometimes I would be watching T.V and the TV would blur (in my dream) and then I would see them, I can't remember if they jumped out or I got sucked in so to speak. another occasion i remember them dragging me outta bed by the corners of my bedsheets and as you can imagine it seemed pretty 'real' maybe it was I don't know, but if you could e-mail me back it would be most appreciated and I will definitely do my research of them.


Most people who share their experiences with me don't want their names used publicly, and they're trusting me to honor that. Their need to communicate with someone they hope is respectful of their experiences is something that needs to be treated honorably. Others don't mind if their real name is used (assuming the name is their real name) and that also says a lot; the vulnerability that comes with putting yourself out there is a precarious thing. I am always very grateful to those who send me their stories. They don't know me, I'm a stranger to them as they are to me, and yet, they are willing to share some incredible things.

It's always possible, when dealing with information in the weird zone, that the person sharing photos and stories is deluded, a liar, or a fraud. At some point you have to go with your intuition and instinct, and even if you're not sure what to make of the experiences, including one's own, something out of the ordinary is occurring.

It's comforting to know that, no matter how bizarre these fringe experiences are, there are others that have seen and experienced the same.

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