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The Stephenville, Texas UFO Sightings: The Trickster And The Aftermath

I hadn’t commented on the sightings in Texas because a lot of others have. And a lot of others had in-depth, interesting things to say. Not much more I could add, so I didn’t. While I followed the events in Texas, I didn’t follow them too closely. I didn’t follow them that closely because, as I said, others have, and the sightings seemed more of the same (I do not mean that to sound jaded!) and, there was/is a lot of UFO activity going on in the world right now.

So I hadn’t expected I’d write anything on the Texas sightings, until I read that a Stephenville reporter, Angelia Joiner, was fired for her involvement in the UFO events. Joiner wrote a series of articles for The Empire Tribune on the sightings. Two of the articles are about witness Ricky Sorrells, who made international news (picked up by Associated Press) discussing his repeated sightings of the UFOs. Not only that, he also discussed his harassment by military, or military type, persons. Black helicopters buzzing his home, threatening phone calls, finding odd intruders on his property.

Joiner was told by her newspaper that it was time to move beyond the UFO sightings, and the city council was embarrassed about the publicity. She gave two weeks notice, but the paper terminated her abruptly, taking her computer, her rolodex, and kicking her out of the building.

If one wants to persist in the naive belief this could have been due to her work performance, etc. and had nothing to do with her reporting on UFOs, let’s look at the context.

UFOs fly over the small town of Stephenville, Texas. They’re observed by many witnesses. There’s photographic evidence. Like the Phoenix Lights UFOs of 1997 and so many other cases, the military denies any responsibility. Yet, fighter jets are seen chasing after the UFOs on two occasions. Two weeks later, the military comes out and admits they did have exercises.

Joiner reported that:

... press release issued by Major Karl Lewis of the 301st Fighter Wing Public Affairs at the NAS Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base, stated, “Ten F-16s from the 457th Fighter Squadron were performing training operations from 6 to 8 p.m., Tuesday January 8, 2008 in the Brownwood Military Operating Area (MOA), which includes the air space above Erath County.”

However, three pilots take issue with that statement:

All three pilots say that space does not include all of Erath County. It only includes a small portion of Dublin and does not include Stephenville or the Selden area at all. . . “Stephenville is 11 miles from the MOA,” Stewart said, as he pointed out the area on an aeronautical sectional map.

The Air Force press release came out after two weeks of denial on their part that they were engaged in training exercises.

Witness Ricky Sorrells says he’s seen the UFOs not once, but four different times, and he becomes the victim of a harassment campaign. We don’t know, and probably will never know, if this harassment is from the government, psy-ops, mind control, attempts at disinformation, from MIBS (ours) MIBS (“theirs”) or what. Or if it’s some hoaxer from the community playing games. And, it’s possible Ricky Sorrells is just lying. As with any UFO or paranormal case, there’s always that issue.

But at this point, it almost doesn’t matter. The Trickster has arrived, and things are getting stranger. They’re getting messier.

Linda Moulton Howe, who has gone to Texas to investigate the sightings, is given a tape of lights filmed in the sky. Stephenville resident Steve Allen gives her the tape,made by witness David Caron. Allen in fact, tells her:

Steve said, “I have an amazing videotape to show you. The gentleman, David, who operated the camera brought a DVD to me at my office, I paid him some money and he said I could do whatever I wanted with the videotape. And I want you to have a copy, Linda.”

More Trickster play. The lights are real -- after all, they’re on film and others have seen them. And it’s merely speculation on my part, but I sense a bit of a set-up here. More distraction tactics by “them” (and as I say, “them” meaning us, or, um, “them”) by conveniently handing over this video to Howe. On the other hand, David Caron, who caught these strange glyph like lights in the sky on video, is unemployed and could use the money. He is unashamedly asking for people to purchase the video. Nothing wrong with that. But I admit my paranoid suspicisons are my own, and, like the question of Sorrell’s veracity, these things don’t matter in the bigger picture.

Remember the fighter jets chasing the UFO? The Air Force now denies that. So first we have the military denying they had any knowledge or anything to do with the UFO sightings, then they tell us they were out there after all, yet deny being out there with fighter jets even though many witnesses saw them.

There’s also silly humor in all this, which is a Trickster characteristic. Joiner wrote an article for The Empire Tribune: Science club shirts are a hit! on Januray 31, about the Stephenville High School’s Science Club fund raising project. They sold t-shirts with a design of a UFO:

The design features a Holstein cow being “beamed up” by a spaceship and the back says, “They're here for the milk.”

The sightings themselves may or may not continue, but the UFO event is still happening. The aftermath of the actual objects seen in the skies is as much a part of the UFO sighting as the UFO itself.


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