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There's MUFON and then there's Mufon

I was feeling grumpy the other day and posted this on Facebook:

"Some MUFON folks are such stick in the muds. So fucking SERIOUS. "Science based this..." and "hard evidence that" and... look, kids, UFOs are crazy wild things with no sense and witness accounts vary like mad. So either help the witness and be true to the data or shut the hell up and take that stick out of your bum."

The always right-on and poetically efficacious Alfred Lehmberg left this comment:

"The ostensibly 'serious' and 'respected' learned of our torrid and anxious community decries the 'carnival atmosphere' of studies 'paranormal' in general and UFOs in particular. These persons aforementioned—self-assured that they are at the cutting edge of reasonable entelechy—bemoan the tolerated huckster. They lament the lack of qualified peer review. They weep regarding the 'provoked disinterest of mainstream science.' Finally, they rather toothlessly bewail the incorrigibly inconsistent and even damaging protocols employed by suspicious 'amateurs' in the field. How dare they?"

Agreed, they act like none of the stuff described here even happens.

They don't find it odd that given all the existential fractal echoes and reflections in the corporeal around them, that a _very_ flawed humankind would be the sole thing having no fractal reflection itself... ...when fractal reflections of sentience abound right here on this planet! Several species of hominid just to start before we move on to Cetacea commonly known as whales, dolphins, and porpoises... then there are evolved dinosaurs: birds; and lets not forget that relative of the lowly _clam_ also known as the octopus. Sentience must abound cosmically and seven categories of evidence suggest that that is so. See the above URL for a discussion of those categories.

Science Shmyance, eh? It's a coward's cover for self-consolation where it otherwise falls short with regard to its propensity to set itself up as the arbiter of all things, even those things which it, in all steadfastness, refuses to investigate at all? Such may be so.

What got me going was a recent Conspiracy Theory episode about Robert Bigelow. One of the many frustrating things about the program was the Bigelow-MUFON relationship. Not news to UFO researchers, but, as I wrote in a blog post, astounding that this connection, after the flurry of comments at the time, seems to be shrugged off. There is the belief by Bigelow and behind the scenes partner retired army Colonel John R. Alexander that the public doesn't have any innate right to know about UFOs:

The most blatant and arrogant element in all this: both Alexander and Bigelow remarked that (paraphrasing) the public doesn't have any particular right to know the truth on UFOs. UFO reports, data, research -- not a given that the public should know, or needs to know. Bigelow and Co. are collecting what they can and keeping it to themselves. That attitude -- that a quasi private citizen with enough money is the winner in UFO Land -- is a heinous one. The fact that MUFON supports this is equally disturbing.

It seems that the past few years, the biggest and most unethical of behaviors and practices (i.e., David Jacobs) continue, even after a period of discussion. But after things die down, they're allowed to continue as before. Jacobs is still out there doing his UFO thing, and plenty are actively supporting and following him. There was a flurry of suspicion and discussion around the Bigelow-BAASS-MUFON alliance, but, they're still doing whatever covert thing or things they're doing. Any criticism or investigation into their cloistered activities won't stop them, but maybe that's not the point. (not so much, anyway.) Simply bringing this to everyone's attention is enough, for now.

It is incredible that this attitude is allowed to be passed off as legitimate research. MUFON's complicity in this is distressing, and MUFON cannot be taken seriously. (That, and their continued support of David Jacobs.)

There is MUFON, the entity, the institution, which needs to be held accountable. Or, ignored. I say, just ignore MUFON, ridiculous and a bit unnerving; their relationship to Bigelow and approval of tactics. But within MUFON are some individual researchers who are trying to do the work.