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An Anomalous Melange

This weekís Tricksterís Realm is just a musing on a few anomalous things and my personal experiences and thoughts on events; or maybe I should say, nonevents. For example:

I donít believe Iíve been abducted, and Iíve never stated I believe I've been abducted, as Iíve written on line in several places. Despite this fact, a few of the anti-UFOist Pelican crowd write openly that I believe Iíve been abducted. Interesting how some need to perceive those they deem loony stay in the loony category. Opinions are one thing; stating opinions as facts is another. Itís called lying, in fact. But leave that to the Pelicanists in their lairs (of course, pelicans donít live in lairs, excuse the mixed metaphor) the fact is, I donít believe Iíve been abducted. Itís possible, but I donít think that literal abductions are the reasons behind the Ďabduction phenomena.í For myself, the alien abduction is a non-event. (So far anyway.)

And yet, as Iíve also written on-line, I have had two episodes of missing time and several UFO sightings. Things arenít so neat, as much as the irrationalist rationalist crowd would like it to be. Somewhere in the murky Ďgray basketí of anomalies (as Stanton Friedman refers to the hard to categorize weird) is ďthe truth." So far, no one has it. I donít think weíll ever get it, and thatís okay by me. As I recently wrote on my blog The Orange Orb itís as much the process and the journey as anything. ( UFO Studies: Journey and Process.)

Another topic that fascinates me is Bigfoot, Iím not sure why. Maybe itís because i have a fascination with anything to do with animals as well as cryptid stuff in general. The added amount of weird data surrounding Bigfoot only adds to the tantalizing mystery. UFOs, psychic connections, and other high strangeness events in many Bigfoot encounters are intriguing. Thereís also controversy within the field of Bigfoot research regarding the Ďhigh strangenessí aspect of some Sasquatch encounters. I canít resist that either!

Iíve never seen a Bigfoot, and not sure I want to. Iím considered enough of a woo; after all, Iíve had psychic experiences, seen, heard and felt ghosts, witnessed more than one UFO and have had two episodes of missing time. Iím not about to add Bigfoot to the list. (Which brings up the question; if I ever did see a Bigfoot, would I tell my story publicly? Oh, probably. I was doomed to be damned a long time ago, what the hell. ) I do know several people whoíve seen Bigfoot, or who know someone who has. Living in Oregon, itís not unusual to know personally of Bigfoot stories. Speaking of knowing personally individuals with Bigfoot experiences, that includes the high strangeness encounters.

Like Bigfoot stories, I know personally a handful of people whoíve experienced what they call alien abductions. Knowing these people personally puts the Ďalien abductioní event in a different context than just dismissing them as nuts. Or victims of a sleep disorder. Itís even possible -- possible, mind you that itís literal. I donít know. Not having experienced it myself, I canít say. But Iíve experienced enough weirdness surrounding UFOs and the paranormal that I stand firmly in that gray area of weirdness. (Can you stay firmly in such an ephemeral place? Hmm...)

I donít know whatís behind the very weird aspects of Ďparanormal Bigfootí or alien abductions. None of us do. I do know that pretending they donít exist, or being safe and lazy by dismissing them as delusions isnít going to get us anywhere.

Until then, Iím having a fantastic time exploring along the way on my journey.

(Speaking of Bigfoot weirdness, join the Google Group Bigfoot Anomalies !)

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