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Red Glowing Eyes? Just a Windy Night in the Country

Well, of course I knew they weren’t.

I recently spent a night out at my friend Lola’s place, who lives on the Oregon coast. Lola and her family live on several acres of land, surrounded by woods, on a road that doesn’t have much in the way of people. Lola’s road comes off another road, that comes off a highway, leading (eventually) to a very small town, then another, then the same highway. All of which is in wild Oregon coastal country. So there isn’t much in the way of big city whatever. I like that. A lot.

Anyway, out there on Lola’s property, late at night, with the sound of the roaring creek in your ears, and that magnificent night sky (if it’s not overcast) you realize it’s just you out there. You and whatever any number of other things are out there as well. There’s also Lola’s supernatural history; before and after she’s moved to the coast. Together, these things make a good setting for the spooky.

Back to the red glowing eyes, so I’m safe and warm in the house, but was having trouble sleeping. It was 2:22 AM, according to the blue lights of the kitchen clock, and I was standing there at the kitchen window, glass of water in my hand, looking out at the pasture. It was a full moon so I could see out just fine.

The wind was blowing pretty well, and it’d been raining off and on all day and that night. Things can really take on a ghostly eerie appearance in those conditions. That, and knowing, as I said, there are a lot of things that go bump in the night out there. Cougar, bear, for a fact. (Huge cougar print found on the property not long ago.) Those aren’t supernatural, but given the context of Lola’s haunted history, and with me always wondering about Bigfoot in them there woods, I was letting my imagination run away with me that night.

So I’m looking out the window, and see two close set red glowing orbs. They seemed to shift, or “blink,” but overall, didn’t move from their spot. Whatever the creature was, it wasn’t moving. It was looking right at me, it seemed. Watching me watch it. The “eyes” were too large to be of deer, bear, cougar or really, any known animal that’d be around those parts, and it was too low to the ground to be, say, a deer. Then a sudden huge white, flapping thing went across my peripheral vision, and my heart really jumped. (For some reason, I immediately thought of a giant owl.) I looked up, and realized what had flapped so dramatically was the tattered banner that hung from a large tree.

Back to the red glowing things, they were still there. I finally decided that it was reflectors on the fence separating the pastures, but didn’t remember seeing any reflective things on it. And it was the only one of its kind; those two roundish red things. If it was coming from the fence, there’d be more of them.

The next morning, I walked down to the pasture to see what held my attention the night before. To my surprise, it was the reflectors on a trailer. I say it was a surprise because the trailer was close to the house, while the red glowing “eyes” seemed much further away, further down in the pasture, than they really were. But clearly it was only the trailer lights I saw.

Too bad. (Then again, what would I have done if it had been something really unusual or downright supernatural?)

Every time I go out to the country -- which is all the time, given I live in Oregon -- I am impressed with the power of what’s around me. There is real energy out there, a true living presence. It’s not a matter of belief or faith; it’s what I know and feel and experience when I’m out there. And this is a powerful feeling; it doesn’t take much more at all to take another step or two beyond that and see, feel, become aware of, much more. Things that many deny exist. (Possibly this awareness or perception is connected with “paranormal” Bigfoot encounters.)

The red glowing eyes in Lola’s pasture turned out to be nothing more than reflectors on an old trailer. That little episode was a good reminder about keeping one’s head and not jumping to supernatural conclusions.

That’s not to say, however, that there won’t be a next time!

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