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Why Are Some So Numb?

Chris Holly's recent two articles; What's Going On? - The Sky is filled with Chemtrails and No One Looks Up! and Something is Wrong - That was a UFO and NO One Noticed! for the on-line publication UFO Digest address the bizarre non-response of potential witnesses to UFOs and chemtrails right above their heads. Holly wonders at the complete lack of interest from others at the highly unusual things going on in the skies above them.

Even after pointing these things out, and if - and that's a big if -- a person looks up and observes something highly unusual, the typical response is a non-questioning shrug.

Concerning a UFO sighting where Holly saw, along with others, some highly unusual lights behaving in extremely strange ways, the response of the others at the gathering was a huge "so what." In fact, they began to treat her as if she were nuts for simply observing, and commenting on, what was clearly right in front of them! Compounding the strange reaction of her friends was the one person at the party who, in private, acknowledged to Holly that the UFO was indeed extremely weird, and it wasn't just a plane (as some suggested, knowing better) but the friend encouraged HOlly to drop it, lest the others give her a hard time!

I had conflicted feelings after reading Chris Holly's two articles. I felt a frustrated sadness; knowing that Holly's experiences were all too familiar. Like Holly, I too have had several UFO sightings, and a lifetime of paranormal experiences. I've also experienced the same thing Holly has described, both with chemtrails and UFOs. People don't look up, even while they notice that someone else is. And on the rare occasion they do look up, nothing is said. Back to business as usual. Once in a blue moon someone will acknowledge the strangeness of the crazy-hazy chemtrail patterns, or the UFO, but even that won't cause them to go further. The latter is even weirder than not acknowledging it at all.

I've stared up at the sky while people walk around me -- I notice them noticing me looking up, but do they look up? Nope. The question is, why aren't they looking up? My husband has tried this too with the same results. Only one time did someone at his work stop and ask him what he was looking at; when he said "chemtrails" the person looked up, acknowledged he thought it was very damn weird, and then went about his business.

Like Holly, I too was at a large gathering of people, out in the country; my husband and I saw a very weird light in the night sky. We were looking up, and running to get a better view from the deck; a few people glanced at us, but no one looked up, no one asked us what was going on, even after we said, excitedly, that there were some really weird lights up there in the sky doing some pretty odd things.

Another time, we were at a friend's home with a small group of people, and saw a UFO. We watched it for a long time. At least this time everyone watched it and acknowledged its existence, but one person became downright angry and walked off, choosing to fume in another room, instead of watch the object with the rest of us. When we came back in and started talking about it, this person said something along the lines of how stupid we were being, and walked off again.

Another time I was with a group of people, outside, in July. It was still light out but getting dark. We were standing in a circle, talking. I noticed something -- a cigar shaped object flying way up in the sky. It was so high up I had to tilt my way back to see it. It was moving at a steady rate like a plane, but seemed slower. I kept watching it thinking it was a plane, but I couldn't make out any wings or markings or lights like a plane. It was a turquoise color, and seemed to be lit from within; it had an inner glow to it, like a light bulb was inside it. It never changed color or revealed other shapes to it, like wings. It could have been anything, a plane (but I know of no turquoise colored planes) military, who knows. The point is, there I am, looking upwards, practically breaking my neck, and no one asked me what I was looking at. Finally I said something, and only a couple of people looked up. One person said, "Oh yeah, that's weird," literally shrugged, and went back to talking. No one asked "What's weird?" or looked up themselves.

This apathy and denial extends to the media as well. A few years ago someone in my town not only witnessed a UFO, but he saw it with several others, and managed to get both photographs and video of the thing. Only one of the local media cared enough to watch it; but, after viewing the tape, they said they weren't interested. Why weren't they interested? An object that, after displaying bizarre lights and maneuvers, remains stationary, gives off puffs of smoke or mist, then seemingly disappears but, upon closer examination of the tape, is still there isn't interesting? Here we have an object that clearly had some kind of cloaking ability, but the news channel didn't find it compelling enough. Well, at least they looked at the thing, which is more than can be said for the other news networks and papers.

I've had many other instances of this kind of behavior happen in my life. As Holly asks, what is it that makes so many people immune to what is literally going on above their heads? Why are so many people in denial, and why do they get so angry, over such things? Why the disinterest, even after witnessing the unusual for themselves?

I said that I had conflicted feelings reading Holly's article; one was the frustrated sadness at the party and denial of people. The other feeling was relief; relief that my experiences are confirmed, that others, like Holly, share them. More importantly, that there are people out there like Chris Holly who write about these kinds of experiences, which encourages others to do the same.

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