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Mothman and Darklore Volume II

The second volume of Greg Taylor's Darklore journal is now available. Taylor runs the very excellent website The Daily Grail, and is the publisher as well as contributor to the journal. Darklore is a collection of esoteric articles by such anomalous authors as Nick Redfern, Daniel Pinchbeck, Loren Coleman, Blair Blake, Michael Grosso, Paul Devereux, Stephen Braude, to name a few.

And, I'm still in a bit of honored shock to say, me. Several months ago Taylor invited me to submit an article for the journal. My article, Mothman and Other Synchronicities, discusses how I came to be interested in Mothman, which is a bit odd, since I live on the west coast, have never been to Point Pleasant, and have had no experiences with Mothman. (Or have I? :) No matter, I'm an anomalous explorer, so it's all good.

Darklore II is described this way on the Darklore webpage:

Our new release is Darklore Volume 2 in which you'll find discussions of subjects such as the origins of the Illuminati mythos, the psychedelic underpinnings of European witchcraft, the true story of the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull, early reports of near-death experiences, the influence of the occult on modern rock music, DMT's role in magick, the 'other' mysteries of Loch Ness, and much more.

DMT's role in magick and the psychedelic underpinnings of European witchcraft, can't resist those. (And Mothman, don't forget.)

Taylor's article from volume I offers a unique look at paranormal and related phenomena in general, considering sound. Bells, singing, beeping, and other sounds that individuals experience during such events like OOBEs, some cryptid encounters, and other esoteric phenomena. Having experienced OOBEs and other altered states in relation to the paranormal and/or UFOs, I found that article extremely interesting. Darklore II is equally fascinating.

Taylor offers readers a gift: you can download three articles from volume II for free:

We are pleased to offer three sample articles from Darklore Volume 2, as examples of the quality writing and layout inside the book - simply click on each graphic to download the PDF file. The first is "The Fear of Psi", by one of the world's foremost experts on the paranormal, Professor Stephen Braude. The second sample article is "Darkness Over All" by author Mike Jay, which looks at the origins of the Illuminati mythos. And lastly, we have "The Fog", by Fortean pundit 'The Emperor', which looks at how many paranormal events feature strange fogs and mists.

There are different ways to get your own copy of Darklore (and a nice gift for those on your holiday list) on Amazon.com, or the Darklore webpage. There are paperback editions but also beautiful collector editions, which are going fast.

Taylor's Darklore journals are truly a labor of Fortean love; little money is made, but as we all know, that's okay. Well, maybe not okay, who wouldn't mind making money, but obviously we don't write on these subjects for the money. And when things like Darklore come along, that proves the point. So if you're looking for a different kind of gift this season, the Darklore journal is certainly that.

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