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"I Tell Everybody"

Many a UFO debunker and "skeptic" often point to witness behavior as a calibrator of truthfulness. (Obviously, if the witness is generally of unreliable character his or her story is less credible.) But the UFO skeptic points to the reaction of the UFO witness (or Bigfoot, ghosts, etc.) to prove or disprove the event. Their thinking is that the witness will so excited, so amazed or outraged about being abducted, or upon seeing the mother ship, that he or she would tell everyone. As notorious UFO debunker Philip Klass once so blatantly and famously said:

If extraterrestrials are abducting earthlings, as is claimed, then it is time to alert the federal government to defend us, for our government to join with other governments to defend this planet. To encourage those who claim to have been abducted, to report it to the FBI—our national law enforcement agency responsible for kidnapping.

I have gone into my lifetime savings, and offer to pay 10 thousand dollars to any person who believes they've been abducted, to report it to the FBI. Let the FBI investigate it. If the FBI comes back and says, 'We believe this person's story,' I will then go into my life savings and present this check for 10 thousand dollars to that person. And thereby, we will have alerted our federal government. ~ Philip J. Klass (source:Nova on-line)

Most of us realize how ridiculous that statement is.

UFO witnesses vary in age, gender, life styles, cultural background, etc. as well as personality. As to reporting their UFO encounters, that decision is up to the individual. No one can point to a UFO witness and declare them wrong, or a liar, or non-credible, because they're chosen not to report their experience.

Others do report their UFO encounters. Jason, for example. I have a friend -- I'll call him "Jason" thought that's not his real name. And even though "Jason" tells me it's fine to use his real name, I feel more comfortable keeping him anonymous. He reports to everyone he meets. As he told me, when I asked him if he's told others, he laughed, shrugged and said, "Hell, I don't care, I tell everybody. They can think what they want."

Now that's brave some might say, but you have to know Jason. That's simply his personality. He's reported his UFO encounters, including a possible abduction. He's reported it several times in fact. Just not to the authorities. He's not an authority kind of person. Jason is an outsider. He's a damn hard working man, self-employed, loves his children and makes sure they are taken care of, and is a generous and helpful friend. But he's on the fringe of society, and authority isn't his thing. The idea of reporting what he considers highly personal, even spiritual, life changing events to authoritarian representatives of the infrastructure he's spent his life avoiding is ludicrous. And here's something else: there's the suspicion these very authorities are partly responsible for these events. So why play their game any further by participating in the expected behavior of reporting these UFO events?

I'm not judging Jason; I don't care if he reports or not to self-imposed authorities, be it the government or MUFON. Either way it is his choice. Jason doesn't owe UFO research anything. But it is "brave" if that's the right word, of Jason to tell the people about his experiences. Whether they believe him or not, whether they "believe in UFOs" or not and regardless of what their reaction to Jason may be -- including rejection that might hurt employment,etc. -- Jason knows he's not lying or crazy.

All right, os what was Jason's UFO experience? A sighting of landed UFOs in Hawaii, and a huge brilliant white light sighting on the Californa-Nevada border that involved being paralyzed by the side of the rode, fellow travelers oblivious, missing time, feeling as if he'd been "beat up" and strange marks on his ankle complete with a not there before lump beneath the skin as if an object had been imbedded. INcredible, and yet, as incredible as that is, thousands of others have experienced similar events. The idea that out government (or any government) is unaware of this phenomena -- let alone directly involved in many cases -- is truly preposterous.