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Medley of Weirdness

"We are dealing with a multidimensional, paraphysical phenomenon which is largely indigenous to planet earth." - Brad Steiger

For any of us involved in esoteric studies, we know that weird things get mixed up a lot with other weird things. There’s Bigfoot, weird enough to be sure, and then, there’s Bigfoot and UFOs, all in the same encounter. Or Bigfoot, UFOs and telepathic communications, all in the same encounter. We sometimes get Bigfoot, UFOs, telepathic communications, orbs, beeping electronic sounds, and dematerializing Bigfoot, all in the same encounter.

Or psychic communications with UFOs, "dreams” that are far more vivid and real than any dream you’ve ever had involving aliens and lights and fairy like journeys into other realms. Out of body experiences that involve aliens, aliens and UFOs alongside ghost sightings, haunted houses and UFOs, beings popping up from underground, lizard men, strange creatures with red glowing eyes, flying saucers, beeping robotic entities and men in black.

The aftermath of some of these encounters for the witness can include the ability to heal, a new creative or artistic talent, increased energy, an obsession, almost, with esoteric studies, religious or spiritual pursuits.

Aren’t these things separate? What does Bigfoot have to do with UFOs? How can a flying saucer communicate with us telepathically? Dreams are just dreams, not astral journeys to other planets. Ghosts are dead people, they don’t have anything to do with aliens. Right?

But we know it’s not that simple. Some researchers prefer to just ignore the weird elements they don’t like, tossing them out. We all know there’s the flesh and blood Bigfooters vs. the paranormal Bigfooters. Others don’t exactly toss them out all together, but, bewildered by the seeming contradictions, they let the weirder elements languish in some soon forgotten file.

"The devil and his demons can, according to the literature, manifest themselves in almost any form and can physically imitate anything from angels to horrifying monsters with glowing eyes. Strange objects and entities materialize and dematerialize in these stories, just as the UFOs and their splendid occupants appear and disappear, walk through walls, and perform other supernatural feats." - John Keel, UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse

However, there are some that see a connection between these things, even with differing views on just exactly what it is. Patrick Harpur, in his book Daimonic Reality: a Field Guide to the Otherworld, ties it all in with "faeries,” or another dimension that’s not necessarily extraterrestrial, coexisting with us. That’s a simplistic summation of his work, and I don’t mean to trivialize it, not at all. Daimonic Reality is a great book, and anyone who is involved in the study of the weird should have this book.

Others believe there’s a connection with all these things; John A. Keel, Dr. Jacque Vallee, and Brad Steiger have believed this for years. Somewhere along the way, I think many have forgotten this. Instead, we’ve taken to separating things out; UFOs are this, aliens are that, Bigfoot is a "giant ape,” and has nothing to do with the paranormal, etc.

Dr. Kenneth Ring has called these stories of odd encounters with multiple effects "mixed motif reports.”

In the October issue (2007) of UFO Magazine, writer Nick Redfern interviews UFO researcher and experiencer Ray Fowler. (Fowler wrote The Andreasson Affair, the story of Betty Andreasson abduction.) Fowler has been studying UFOs for decades. In 1947, he saw what he calls a "flying disk” and has been involved in investigating UFO events ever since. In the interview, Fowler shares his theories on what all this is:

"... When I examined these synchronisms and similar ones experienced by others, I came to the conclusion that UFOs, near-death experiences, after-death communications, synchronisms, and other paranormal phenomeana have a common origin. I speculate that it is the collective output from a parallel or adjacent civilization or civilizations;I suggest that it has symbiotically evolved with our reality and occupies our same space but vibrates at a different frequency.”

We, and "them,” meet when there are "bleed throughs,” as Fowler calls them, from one dimension to the other. "They” know what they’re doing, intentionally come over to our side to do... whatever it is they do. Occasionally we can meet them "over there” or wherever it is, if we’re psychic, or through meditation, even through the use of certain types of hallucinogenic. But it’s all of the same origin, and all the incredibly varied beings, from reptilians to giant insects to the grays and solid one minute / ephemeral the next UFOs, come from that same place.

A sort of unified field theory of high strangeness.

This is something shamans, mystics, magicians (magick, not "magic” of the Amazing Randi variety, adepts), and many who study the esoteric realize.

While the researchers I’ve mentioned here (and there are many others I haven't named) may differ on the particulars, they seem to generally agree that these things are all connected. "They” know a lot more about us than we do them, and the veil supposedly separating us is a lot thinner than we’d like to think.

I believe this too, that these entities of all types exist in various places: inner earth, in caverns, within other dimensions, on the astral plane, etc. Yet, I’m also holding out for a few good old fashioned aliens from Mars.

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