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The Psychic Factor and the UFO Experience

UFO lore is full of encounters with a psychic component. Telepathic communications, high strangeness on some level of "other," --- all the nebulous stuff that is hard to get a handle on for researchers. You can take soil samples and do reenactments of where the craft was seen, calibrate it to get an estimate of distance, etc. and it all goes into a data bank, but you can't do that with anecdotal evidence.

And yet the UFO phenomeana is all about this slippery stuff. From the Contactees to the abductees and just plain ol' UFO witnesses, many have reported having precognitive, telepathic, or other paranormal type experiences within the UFO encounter.

Some researchers do their best to incorporate these psychic experiences, others downright sneer at them. (And they're the "good guys" -- forget about the skeptoids.)

The nuts and bolts approach is needed and I'm not suggesting anyone stop. But, like it or not, this other side exists too, and is as real as the rest of it, and if we're serious about UFOs we have to not only acknowledge this, but deal with it. Really deal with it. I think we've gotten away from this a little bit, the days of Vallee and Keel, etc. seem to be considered a bit outmoded in some ways. And then there's the credibility factor; so many researchers are more concerned with looking good to the dark side, okay, by that I mean skeptics, academia, science, etc. than exploring all aspects of UFOs, no matter how uncomfortable it makes them.

I recently wrote an article for UFO Digest ( A Little Experiment: Pendulums, Telepathy and Aliens about my own psychic experiences with UFOs. Before you think I'm just a complete loon, these have been confirmed by others who've experienced the same thing. Since the article appeared, I've heard from several people who've had the same kinds of experiences. Many of these people haven't told others about the telepathic, psychic type nature of their encounters, even if they've shared their UFO sightings, for fear of being utterly rejected, and worse.

What am I talking about? A jumble of things, like knowing, I mean really knowing without a doubt, getting a strong telepathic message, that a UFO is going to appear. And of course it does. Knowing, feeling, the presence of "them," -- aliens -- even while not seeing them, but hearing them, feeling them in your mind -- (I know how nuts it sounds, and you know what? I don't care anymore) and again, this confirmed by others. Encountering aliens on the astral realm, or during meditation, and again, having it confirmed by others.

This last bit: "confirmed by others," is interesting, and says a lot about the telepathic factor. If it were just me, well, . . . but it isn't.

Some of us, including myself, are at times embarrassed about this aspect of UFO encounters, but the older I get, and as I continue on this journey, I just have to tell my story the way it happens.

And hope that it will help some researchers accept this part of the UFO experience.

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