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Spirit Sounds

Aside from my life long encounters with UFOs and related entities, I've had many encounters of the ghostly kind. I've never captured EVPs on recorders, digital or any other kind. I've had the typical experience of having my tape recorders fail, even when, five minutes before entering the haunted location, I've put new batteries in, double checking to make sure the thing worked. Yet when entering the haunted property, the recorders failed to work.

But I have heard, with my "naked ear," these spirit voices. It's difficult to explain how ghostly or spirit voices are different. The skeptical response to this is usually something like this: "Well, there was a radio or TV on in the house," or, "There were kids in the house, someone (someone human and living) was obviously laughing." But in all of these cases of hearing spirit voices, there are subtle but vivid differences between hearing everyday voices, and voices from the other side.

The sounds are outside my head; (a good thing, don't ya think?!) what I mean is, they are definitely "out there" but they are also coming through. There's a slight tinny sound to these voices. On the occasions I've heard these voices, they are accompanied with a strong psychic impression that they are emanating from a specific location that is on another level. Call it the astral, or the etheric, or another dimension, but it is the strong mediumistic message that leaves no doubt: these spirit voices are real, and are not "from around here." When I hear these voices, they sometimes come with a vague image or picture. Sometimes it's just the voice. Sometimes theses sounds are confirmed by others: I won't say anything, but someone else will say, for example, "Did you just hear someone laugh?"

Ghost hunters sometimes recommend leaving digital or tape recorders out in your home to see what you can capture. Personally, I think this is verging on dangerous. Unless your home is haunted, why invite something -- or wake up something -- that isn't necessarily interested in being awakened? Once you do wake that spirit up... well, be careful what you ask for. There is the chance of inviting something negative and changing the energy, but there's also a matter of respect. If "they" aren't bothering you or connecting with you, why disturb what appears to be dormant?

Another weird sound I experienced once was a loud knocking/thudding. It was very scary and unnerving. We were living in a haunted house. My sister had seen the ghost of a woman, years later my husband told me had as well but never told me that when we were living there. One night, talking in the living room, we heard a weird crashing sound from the kitchen. When we walked in, an antique cup and saucer that had been sitting on a shelf above the counter was sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor, just like someone had gently set it down. Furthermore, there was a spoon laid neatly across the saucer!

But the creepiest one, for me, were the knocks. I was reading in the bedroom in the afternoon. No one else was home. (We had roommates at the time.) From out of nowhere, I heard three, extremely loud "knocks" on the outside bedroom wall right behind me. For something to make a sound like that; so loud and heavy, they would have had to use something, like a large and heavy steel pipe. Three loud, rhythmic knocks, one right after the other. Then, nothing. I was freighted out of my wits, but went outside to see who, or what, had made that sound. The only way someone could get into the back was to hop a fence; I didn't see anyone. No one in the back, or walking out on the sidewalk, or the yards next door. If someone had been back there, even if they managed to get out of our yard before I got there, I still would have seen someone. Nothing. No mark on the wall, either, or anything around that could have made that sound.

As with the voices, the strange knocking thuds I heard that day came with a murky impression that there was a non-human or non-mortal presence responsible for those sounds. It's just something that I "knew." Furthermore, I knew I didn't want to pursue it. The energy in that house overall wasn't good. It wasn't evil in a demonic way, but it was unhealthy, unwholesome. Bitter, sour, and petty.

Other things happened in hat house that were definitely human caused but odd and I wonder if the ghostly energies in that house acted as sort of magnets for those negatives events.