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I've been experiencing a lot of owl Synchronicty these past days; I've been keeping a journal of owl coincidences on my blogs The Orange Orb and Animal Forteana. Some of the owl synchronicities involved clothing and jewelry; an owl (actually an owl-human cartoon hybrid, which is interesting in an esoteric way, given the alien-human hybrid theme in abduction accounts) and over sized earrings; large hoops with owls perched inside.

Owl Fashion

The synchronicities were odd enough, but I've been seeing owls in fashion as well. Today at Target I saw a lot of owl figures on jewelry. Some of it was reminiscent of kitschy owl motifs from the 1950s and ‘60s, others were a little more elegant. One pendant I saw was pretty nice but I decided not to spend the money, and anyway, I wasn't sure if I'd really wear it.

Owls are the big fashion thing this year. I guess I haven't really been paying attention, but a quick internet search told me the news that more fashion savvy people have been aware of: duh, owls. Everywhere. Actually, it seems it's been a trend for a couple of years now; I just haven't been paying attention.


Even Farmville, the Facebook/Zynga game that has many people, myself included, wasting time harvesting pretend crops and pretend animals on a pretend farm, has an owl statue in its inventory. Which I just won while playing five minutes ago.

TV and Movies

The owl is a prominent symbol in one of my new favorite TV series, Rubicon. An owl belonging to the main character's deceased (or is he?) boss is now in his possession; he opens it to find a bug has been hidden inside. The owl figured in Twin Peaks; where the cult classic line “The owls are not what they seem” has become the esoteric realm's mantra. Owls are referred to several times in the movie The Fourth Kind, where Alaskan residents are being abducted; there are many more examples of the owl appearing as a sort of esoteric/occult code for conspiracy embedded in entertainment.

The Fashion Masters

Behind all the trends involving color, fashion, decor, -- from dishes to paint to clothes to jewelry - - there are people who decide on those things before releasing them out into the culture. It's weird to know that there are a handful of culture designers who influence our tastes and our consumerism. And who also influence our moods and our environment via color. Paint a building in the two or three popular colors of the current trend, and we're stuck with it for a few years, even decades. Until someone comes along and repaints or redecorates, our schools, homes and offices are giving off a particular vibe based on the decisions of a few.