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A Few Favorite Skeptic Threads

Maybe "favorite" isn't the most accurate of words. Amusing, or curious are better choices. Skeptibunkies love to hear themselves talk argue, particularly true when it's something they don't believe in in the first place. For example, they have a good twenty-three hundred threads devoted to Bigfoot alone. All right, maybe not that many, but it's a lot.

A recent visit to the James Randi discussion forum had me wondering at some of the threads, most under the "General Skepticism and The Paranormal" section. Speaking of, why are the words "general skepticism" in that title? Isn't it a given that, by definition, "general skepticism" is inherent in various threads?

For example, there's How do Aliens Kill? "Sonny2" writes in the OP:

I need help for a project - I need to know all the various methods aliens use to kill people and animals (or subdue or mess with their minds) here on Planet Earth. Please spare me any gory details as I'm kinda squeamish, I just need to know alien methodologies (I know, it's hard to talk about such when there are aliens out there who are cruel and think about killing like you and I think about going fishing).

I suspect this is a hoax or troll attempt. Let's hope so.

There's a "Bigfoot Evidence gathering flowchart" thread, but I couldn't find the link to said chart. This in spite of the fact that, according to OP "Drewbot" "While it is understood that the reliable evidence for the existence of Bigfoot is non-existent,..." a flowchart has been nonetheless created.

For those who love ghost stories, there's the following "merged thread" : Monkey Ghost house .../Monkey Ghost House Solved. Who doesn't love moneys and ghosts and haunted houses?! I blogged about this one on my ghost blog Ecto-ville. This thread includes this precious comment from "kittynh" (who also fancies herself a "UFO investigator" since she explains debunks sighting reports for a "ask about UFOs" type of forum):

"But two of these women weren't all that smart. The town isn't known for having Harvard here...the school is where your solid B- student goes."
(B-average isn't so terrible Ms. Snotty Pants. Then again, we live in a culture where coming in second is something to be scorned, not applauded. )

The story about the Monkey Ghost appeared on the skeptic blog Yankee Skeptic which, hold onto your tin foil hats dahlings, was created by "kittynh" our UFO investigator.