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An Oregon Abduction

I've long felt that for every UFO, alien, missing time or abduction encounter we come across, there are thousands more that are never shared. These encounters aren't shared publicly in any way, or even shared with family or friends. And for many of these stories that are shared, some parts of the experience are never told. The following story is of a woman I'll call "Jane" who I met at the Eugene, Oregon chapter of UFO Contact Center International in the 1990s.

The Eugene, Oregon chapter of UFO Contact Center International, was run by Francesco Pagliaro. They brought in speakers and encouraged local residents to share their stories. I had the impression I wasn't much liked by Pagliaro; he asked for letters from us detailing our views and experiences, and I had written that I wasn't sure what was going on, but it's possible the government is involved in manipulating some of the UFO experience. At one meeting he held up my letter, (did not name me, thankfully) while shaking his head, saying that the group's intent wasn't about "negativity." My questions about the phenomena were never addressed. Their exasperating all -is -groovy -aliens -are -our -friends vibe aside, they at least were a strong presence in town, if a brief one, and got the local media interested, bringing attention to UFOs. At that time, there was a lot of UFO activity in the area, and media did report on it.

At one of these meetings, a middle aged person, (who I'll call "Jane") quite respectable looking, mainstream, conservative, broke down and related her experience of missing time, bright lights, and strange shadowy shapes outside their trailer while camping in the Gold Hill area of Oregon. Whatever the reasons, probably because of my own experiences, I felt a connection to Jane. I wanted to hear more of her story. We talked a few times back then, but haven't been in contact for years. I have searched for "Jane" recently without success.

The other day I came across a paper Jane had written back then. Defying the uber-skeptoid belief that people like this person are in it for the money, or attention, Jane had written this disclaimer on the first page:

Copies of this essay, [Title withheld] may be reproduced only with the written permission of its author, [Name withheld] said copies are not to be used, distributed, or published for monetary gain.

The 12 page document contains Jane's account of camping in the Gold Hill, Oregon KOA campground in spring of 1992. After a night of strange lights in the sky, and other odd occurances, Jane found she had many physical after effects: aching muscles, bruises, red spots on the face, "oval skin patches" on the tongue that "sloughed off" yet returned for months, hair loss, headaches, stomachaches, and "an irritating ability to hear high-frequency sounds," fear of being outdoors, and this intriguing phenomena:

a crow would land near my feet and "talk" to me -- which seemed strange.

Jane had flashbacks for several weeks after her camping experience. She appealed to her faith and her spouse without much help from either. After weeks of feeling weak, scared, and suffering from disrupted sleep she awoke, at 3:00 am (a magical time, and a time often reported as being significant in UFO events) remembering meeting a hypnotherapist several months ago while having lunch with friends. Jane contacted the therapist and discovered under hypnosis that she had encountered entities who had taken her aboard a craft and performed medical exams on her. Jane describes the aliens as "short...with long tapered three-fingered hands covered by nearly transparent skin -- a pale shade of grey-green with large black glistening eyes."

In July of 1992, Jane had another encounter with aliens in the Grand Canyon. These beings were different however. Jane describes them as "gentle" and "tall, fair and human" looking. The beings used a "red laser beam" breaking up "unhealthy tissue" in her right breast.

Strange episodes continued to happen to Jane, including UFO sightings. Friends and some family members also saw UFOs when with Jane. Then Jane began to experience "mental messages" and became involved in reading about other spiritual systems and cultures. She also would sometimes hear "a soft fluttering sound" and "felt a vibration" feeling "the presence of a psychic intelligence entity." (I've felt this latter experience myself on a few occasions in connection with UFOs.)

Jane ends her paper with messages from entities received by writer Ida Kannenberg, which I'll write about in the next Trickster's Realm.

I don't know where Jane is now, or if she is still alive. I had lunch with her a few times; she was a warm, open person who was dealing with something extraordinary, and didn't seem the least bit crazy or dishonest. As frightening as her experiences were, and as physically scary and uncomfortable as they were, she came through them with strength and a positive perspective. None of us can say what really happened to Jane of course. But it is interesting to know that the Gold Hill area is a vortex; and the Grand Canyon is also a magnificent physical attractant. Jane did have physical injuries from her UFO encounter. Other witnesses saw UFOs when with Jane. She writes that her spouse had his own nightmares and issues with the experience.

This is the point when we wonder what "really" happened. Even for many of us with our own experiences, or who've researched UFOs for some time, don't take these things literally. I'm not insisting we do. But on the other hand, it's quite possible experiences such as Jane's are just what they appear to be: visitors from space interacting with humans.