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Think Cosmically, Act Locally: UFOs and Politics

Thatís a bumper sticker I saw a few days ago; a twist on the "Think Globally, act locallyí motto. (Also reminds me of another favorite bumper sticker: Visualize Whirled Peas.)

A couple of days before I listened to the Jim Marrs interview here on Binnall of America, I wrote about my intent to be more vocal regarding politics on my blog, The Orange Orb.

Listening to the interview with Marrs, which was great of course, I was struck by what he said about politics. All of what Marrs had to say impressed me naturally but Marrsí comments on politics especially piqued my interest.

Regarding world hunger and the globalization of the planet -- our planet -- Marrs said that "somewhere, somebody wants it that way." If "somewhere, somebody" (or bodies) didnít want it that way, it wouldnít be. Simplistic sounding at first, even naive. But sometimes things are just that simple.

I was thinking of this more today. I work in education; the childrenís services agency in my city is horribly understaffed, and they arenít paid very well. This seems to be typical across the country. Only the most horrendous and sad cases are addressed. And every few years, the local media do a big expose, and politicians come out and promise all kinds of things and everyone is outraged and then, it all goes away. Things donít change, and things get back to "normal." Of course, thereís not a damn normal thing about it, but itís the way itís been, and so we accept it.

Education in this country has been going through surreal and bullshit machinations to assure the dumbing down of our society. And itís working. This isnít anything new; itís been in progress since the late 1960s. Currently we have the No Child Left Behind act. On the surface it sounds great; no student left behind, all included, money for programs to ensure education for all. Anyone working in education -- and I mean down in the trenches, not the administrators and politicians who havenít worked in a school for some time, if ever -- will tell you the same thing. The twistings of the systems we have in place, ostensibly to improve things, are creations of madmen, it seems. But as cynical and paranoid as this will sound, I donít think itís madmen at all; but the work of those who want to see us become compliant; sheeple. The latest trend is to get rid of whatís been working; individual attention to students in small groups with specialists and education assistants, and replace it with "integration." This will fail of course. More mandates with more specific academic programs for each student; sounds wonderful. Donít make the child feel he/she is demeaned by pulling them out -- which they donít feel, in fact, they like it, and the other students are usually a bit jealous. Instead, integrate with twice as much work for the classroom teacher, who know is expected to do all this for 30 or more students, but without extra time, and certainly not without extra staff. In fact, with less staff.

In what world does this make mathematical sense? Expect more, much more, with far less. Itís like expecting your car to perform three times as well and go faster than is programmed, and not use gasoline, but water.

So Iím rambling. Iím pissed. Stay with me.

So the kids will of course not succeed, how could they? Teachers will burn out, but not before doing incredible circus like acts and working for free to try to reach the unattainable. And theyíll try their damnedest since most are women, and women are great multi-taskers and will work for nothing. But soon even these women will quit, and then weíll have another "crisis" and wonder how it was that children have fallen so far behind. Again.

When the current teachers leave, due to burnout, or itís time to retire, the new, young crop will come in. Whoíve already been trained in the "new ways," and who have themselves been dumbed down. So now weíll have the compliant well trained sheeple teaching younger sheeple.

And itís because somewhere, somebody wants it that way. Simple. (Of course this begs the question: why do "they" want it that way? Which is another topic for another time.)

Whether weíre talking about education, feeding the hungry and helping the poor, or whatever, it gets down to one simple thing: if this really meant anything to those "somebodies" that are "somewhere," it wouldnít be. It is that simple. But there are enough somebodies that are "somewhere" that donít want it to change. Because if they did, itíd be different.

It may be a circular, simplistic, argument bu that doesnít negate it. The fact is that if "they" cared, "they" would change things.

Donít misunderstand, Iím not abdicating responsibility and putting all the power into "their" hands. Itís simply a pragmatic acknowledgment of the way things are.

As far as UFOs go in the context of full disclosure -- or even just some honest acknowledgement -- the same applies. "They" -- all those "somebodies, somewhere" donít want the world to know the facts about UFOs and thatís that. Simplistic, but true. Weíve become so bogged down in decades of disinformation campaigns, debunking campaigns, lies, mind control, infiltration of pop culture, a climate of ridicule, that any truth -- and of course some truth most certainly has come out through these long years -- isnít recognized for what it is. It is by some individuals here and there but not by any great number, and not at any great levels, that count.

So we have little spikes of interest, outrage, prime time programs, like the Peter Jennings UFO special of February last year, Seeing Is Believing ( which of course was flawed and didnít change a thing) then things get back to the way they were. Which is the same; nothing new, nothing different, no subverting of paradigms.

Itís possible things are changing to the good ever so slowly, I think that maybe they are. Marrs thought so, in fact, he was more optimistic than I am about that.

But itís too slow for me, and the older I get, the more frustrated I get that the "truth" is controlled and released as "they" see fit. Yes, there is a "they," and yes, "they" are the somebodies that "want it that way."

But itís not totally a downer. Because every time you do a little something, itís better than a lot of nothing. Having that cynically pragmatic opinion gives me hope, not despair. Now that I know the facts, I can proceed. "They" may control things, but not everything. Not my thoughts or my choices. (I suppose the latter can be argued against philosophically but letís leave it at that.)

From our own backyards, our own local politics, our own inner experiences of the mystical, divine, weird and life altering, to the global, we need to continue to tell our stories. For a lot of us, the internet, blogs, web sites, self-publishing, are the tool to reach others around the world with our experiences.

So whether itís UFOs or "real world" political causes, loud squeaky wheels need to continue to turn. Our voices need to be heard, our words read, our stories told.

And in these times, it more important than ever to speak up.

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