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Women in Esoterica: the Joys of Sorting

Because I’m insane, I started another blog, this one temporarily titled Women In Esoterica. (Of Esoterica? And Esoterica?) The title is too stuffy for my tastes, but it gets the idea across.

The blog is an evolution from my earlier project on Women in UFO and Paranormal Studies, which i wrote about here on BoA in March of last year. At that time I still had my Angelfire website, where I started my directory of women writers, researchers and experiencers in the fields of UFOs and the paranormal. That was okay, but it was small and limited. That, and my hellish experience with Angelfire. (I paid for my site, it wasn’t a freebie one, and they just . . .well, I don’t recommend them. We’ll leave it at that.)

My intent for the new blog is to highlight the female in esoterica. By esoterica I mean the paranormal, UFOs, myth, folklore, folk religions, saints, Maraian Apparitions, deities, esoteric history, fiction; if it’s anomalous, Fortean or esoteric, it’ll be there. An example is a post I’m working on now about Alice in Wonderland. So it can be anything, from a UFO researcher to Joan of Arc. Or the singing fairy girls in Mothra.

By the way, as I wrote on the blog, this doesn’t mean I "hate men," (I don’t) or that I’m gay. (not that there’s anything wrong with that.) My reasons for further compartmentalizing have to do with the types of blogs I have, among other things. (Ironically, I don’t compartmentalize much at all by nature in my "real" life; it’s all a mish mash of cold hard reality inside my head.)

I could, and sometimes do, include these things in my OrangeOrb blog but sometimes that’s too limited. The Orb is basically a UFO blog, and that from pretty much a personal perspective and experience. A lot of what I want to address in the context of "women in esoterica" wouldn’t fit into the OrangeOrb. My other blogs address these things at times but again, each blog has its own focus. Mating Hedgehogs is an eclectic blog that concerns everything from parapolitics to pop culture, and often "fringe" or paranormal stuff that doesn’t fit into the Orb, and Frame 352, a Bigfoot blog. ("the stranger side of sasquatch.") Women researchers, etc. may be mentioned here and there though that’s not the focus.

Another reason for yet another blog is the need to categorize. There’s something tidy and relaxing about sorting; it’s a basic developmental stage with young children. No, I’m not developmentally backwards, and I’m not compulsive obsessive (hardly, dahling, have you seen my house?!) but I like the idea of putting things in their little categories, it seems to help in sorting out the mystery.

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