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This New Year Has Me Thinking About 2012

The year 2012 is on a lot of people’s minds, and has been for some time. I seem to be immune to the anxious feelings many have about 2012 -- I think. I don’t know what I feel. People I respect are very serious about what they see as being inevitable: the coming changes in the world. These changes promise to be huge. They’ll be both on an inner level as well as out in the world in tangible ways. From intimate spiritual shifts to geological shifts, 2012, many insist, will bring about incredible changes for humanity.

For some time, like the rest of us, I’ve been hearing this. I brushed it off as interesting, New Agey stuff, maybe metaphorical in some ways. Or misinterpretations. Or... something, but not anything to get worried about. Like the predictions of Nostradamus, I figured it was all just . . . misplaced excitement.

Over time, this urgency has escalated. More and more people -- and more and more people I know -- are emphatic about things to come. The past year or so this vibe of impending change has been the strongest. What really surprises me is my own husband, who believes something is coming. I was at a gathering of UFO minded people a week or so ago, and many there share this feeling, one person in particular was truly passionate about the coming changes, and the fact there’s nothing we can do to change this fact.

The idea that we have no control over the fact of these changes may seem scary. Americans in particular think we can control things, whatever it is, if we only work hard enough. Good old gumption and we’ll wrestle it to the ground and get it figured out. To know that, while we can’t stop it, we can be prepared, takes a shift in perception. Balancing this shift in perception with a state of non-fear takes a kind of Zen like ability. It’s not easy. Avoiding crying out like Chicken Little ‘the sky is falling!” while acknowledging -- while seeing clearly -- what’s happening now and how it’s affecting the future, isn’t an easy trick. But it seems many are doing it.

So what is it I’m supposed to be ready for, and how do I prepare myself? Some take this all literally and frame it in a religious way: the Rapture, Armageddon. Get right with God, get your soul straight, screw everyone else. Meanwhile arm yourselves in a compound somewhere with plenty of canned goods and a few generators.

This New Year has me feeling this coming change in three years or so (some say less) with some guilty trepidation. It won’t hurt to be prepared, always a good idea anyway. And we don’t need the threat of drastic change to recognize that the world is a mess; our own communities have their own, often hidden away messes (“what? we don't’ have any poor/hungry/abused folk here!”) If this state of anxiety over what may come gives us the push to do something useful, so be it.

Some seek clarity on this because of, and through their, UFO experiences. Or some other method, channeling, meditating. What comes through may or may not be accurate;sometimes it takes a lot of skill in interpreting metaphysical messages.

Intent and what you put out there affects things. The words we use, our thoughts, ... pretending everything is fine when it clearly isn’t is just as careless as screaming in panic that we’re all going to die.

I think we’re all going to change. All at once; change on every level, from the most mundane to the dizzying spiritual. When I say “we” I mean all of us: humans and other creatures, the earth. I have a feeling this involves UFOs/aliens in some way, but that that will hardly be a surprise, given the upheavals that will occur. I think that we’ll all accept it (well really, there’ll be no choice!) because we all knew it was going to happen anyway.

I think that as long we’re honest at all times, as authentic as we can be,that will go a long way in dealing with whatever comes.

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