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'Goblin Universers' : UFOs as Paranormal Events (Sometimes)

I’ve been interested in both UFOs and the paranormal for years, since I was a child. I’ve experienced both since I was a child. For roughly thirty years now or more, I’ve been studying both subjects. When I was a student (folklore) I did papers and projects, field interviews and research, on UFO witnesses and paranormal encounters whenever they'd let me get away with it. I’ve never made a conscious distinction in my mind about the two; “this is paranormal, this is UFO, and never the two shall meet.” Technically of course, there are differences. UFOs aren’t “paranormal” and, as I’ve personally experienced, many a UFO researcher or experiencer will be very vocal about letting that known. (I’ve received a few e-mails in my time insisting there is nothing paranormal about UFOs -- one person demanded I remove my paranormal references to UFOs in one of my Yahoo groups.)

And yet, it’s not news to anyone who’s studied the topic of UFOs that there is often paranormal activity associated with many UFO events. This is all the more true with alien abductions. (what we call alien abductions, anyway.)

I think we get into problems when we start to buy into just one, or two, UFO theories -- theories that don’t include anything remotely paranormal. If you believe that all UFOs are military experimental man made craft, there’s no room for anything “paranormal.” (Hmmm, of course, there still could be; isn’t it possible for the dark rogue military forces to have somehow accessed paranormal forces and use them upon the hapless citizenry? Bwwaaahhhahahahaaaaaaaaaa!)

If you’re pretty much a “nuts and bolts” UFOite who believes many UFOs are literal, physical craft from other planets, piloted by aliens -- extraterrestrials -- that’s astounding, amazing, incredible, and fantastic, but it’s not paranormal. Although, as with the example above, it’s possible ETs have paranormal powers. In this case, it’s a matter of both. Yes, UFOs are physical -- non-paranormal - material, concrete things, but they can be operated by beings with paranormal abilities, or, behave in paranormal ways.

Or, it could be that it just seems paranormal to us; the technology is so beyond what we currently know, that their technology appears almost magical to us.

There there are the out and out “paranormalists” -- Jung, and others who’ve written about our involvement with what we see up there; our part in it other than passive and random witnesses. We either “project” from within to without. UFOs are us, not the other.

Or, -- and this is where I fall -- (hmm, interesting choice of word, eh?) writers like Patrick Harpur (Daimonic Reality) Keel, Vallee, to name a few, who believe that we co-exist with other beings on this planet. These beings or entities are not alien, as in extraterrestrial. Nor are they human. They are many and varied, and are both physical and non-physical. They can manifest themselves in many ways, including what we call UFOs, including the “aliens” or extra terrestrials within those UFOs. They are highly intelligent, most of them, and are “paranormal” -- they can communicate telepathically, move things, appear and disappear within an instant, and so on.

The more I research about this Other Realm, or, The Goblin Universe, as F.W. Holiday called it, the more convinced I am this is the “answer.”

There is a problem here though. While I like this theory very much, it seems right and “fits” -- it’s not the final answer. Or “the” answer. It’s part of the answer.

What I’ve personally found with many UFO people is the need to find one theory and stay with it, while excluding all others. Nuts and bolts UFOites have no patience for Goblin Universes, and often Goblin Universers (hey, I think I just coined a new term!) negate the possibility of real, actual, physical aliens from real, actual, physical planets.

I will proudly say I’m a “Goblin Universer” but that I also believe there are, separate from these entities that dwell alongside us (I’d say “co-existing” but that implies a peaceful, agreeable relationship that I doubt is the reality) extraterrestrials as well.

Sometimes, yes, UFOs are paranormal. Sometimes they’re not.

And sometimes a UFO is just a UFO that turns out to be something simple and mundane, practical and boring, like a blimp. Or even swamp gas.

Each UFO event is unique. In one case it may turn out to be a military craft -- or blimp -- then it’s no longer a true UFO, but an IFO. Another case may be something truly unknown, and it may or may not contain “high strangeness” details. Still another UFO event may turn out to be a natural event; weather related, etc. Holding fast to one theory and trying to apply it equally to all UFO events isn’t going to reveal much. We can’t be afraid of the more esoteric causes, such as non-human entities from that “other” realm, aliens, or MILABS and other human mind control projects.

How many UFO witnesses -- even today with all of the abduction, high strangeness, odd creatures, and mind control stuff going on out there -- report such weird things to UFO investigators? How many UFO investigators have the patience and openness to include this data? How many are willing to connect some dots? (The Gulf Breeze/Ed Walters case is an example; it’s pretty much been an either/or debate: Walters was a hoaxer, he was telling the truth. What about another explanation? He was a subject of military mind-social control experiments involving UFOs (not necessarily extraterrestrial craft)? Unfortunately, this possibility is seen by both many UFO researchers and skeptics/debunkers as being on the edges of the kook factor.)

A willingness to be aware of all of these possibilities, and that, at times, any one of them may be the cause for a UFO event, is what’s needed when discussing and investigating UFOs. I believe the Trickster is about, and it often "plays" at being a UFO. Maybe it mimics "true" UFOs (alien craft from other planets driven by extraterrestrials) maybe it plays upon our projections, maybe it's aware of ET, maybe it isn't, or maybe it's a combination of those things.

But while sometimes a UFO is ET zipping around our skies, and sometimes it's black ops or military or blimps or seagulls, fog or comets, it's also, sometimes, the Trickster.

I've experienced all of it; UFOs as military craft, as weird weather stuff, and, as something that has no mundane explanation at all. At all. All the high strangeness and missing time and communication with sentient beings can be explained however by applying, in those cases, the Trickster Theory.

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