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It Doesn't Exist

UFOs, ghosts, Bigfoot, Nessie and many other ufological and Fortean things don’t exist.

They don’t.

The reason "they don’t exist" is because there are some people who’ve gone looking for them and they didn’t find anything.

They've spent years looking for UFOs. Sat out under the starry skies, hoping for a glimpse of a fantastic light. Started up UFO groups and read every flying saucer book they could get hold of. Yet, sadly, they never saw a UFO.

They've spent nights in haunted hotels, went on numerous ghost tours, took photos hoping for orbs or mists. And yet, nothing. They woke up refreshed, didn’t feel any invisible hands on their shoulders, see floating ladies in flowing white gowns, or hear weeping in the night in an otherwise empty building.

They’re camped out in the deep dark forests, set up camera traps, played tapes of presumed Bigfoot calls, tested fur and scat samples, and nothing.

They didn’t see any UFOs, ghosts or Bigfoot. They didn’t hear or smell anything, catch anything on film or video, didn’t feel or even sense a thing.

And so, in their grief at not finding anything paranormal or alien, they’ve come to a decision.

Not only have they arrived at a decision they’ve mistaken it for a fact.

This “fact” is so important, such a major, life altering thing, that they are now obsessed -- indeed, possessed by the same obsession they accuse the so-called “believers” of having -- that there is no such thing.

Their belief, er, truth, is this:

There is no such thing as Bigfoot.

There are no ghosts.

UFOs don’t exist.

They just don’t. They never did, and they don’t. They never will, and they don’t.

And how do they know?

Because they’ve never seen them! (weren’t you paying attention?)

Okay, enough with the silliness. But this kind of “reasoning” has always baffled me; it is irrational.

It’s reasonable to be skeptical, especially if one hasn’t personally experienced a UFO or Bigfoot sighing, or seen ghosts, etc.

But it’s quite a leap from that opinion to the dogmatic belief that “there is no such thing, no how!” ... based on ... what? The person who holds this belief (for belief it is at this point) ignores the anecdotal evidence of others who have witnessed such things, ignored any other related data, and bases her opinion (belief) on only thing: she never saw any such thing, therefore, any such thing does not exist. This belief of the nonbeliever -- that there is no belief -- isn’t satisfied with being just a personal opinion. The person believing there is nothing to believe is compelled to let others know of their non-belief.( Anyway, that’s all material for sociologists or psychologists. )

This mindset isn’t something I can relate to. I have a liaise fair attitude towards things like this; if someone wants to believe in something, who am I to judge? Granted, some of these things are worrisome, if not downright dangerous: creationism taught in science classes, the literalness of the Bible and other holy texts, basically, anytime someone tries to make law their personal beliefs, we’re in trouble. But that’s not the issue here. “Belief” in Bigfoot, UFOs, or ghosts are not forcing anyone to do or believe anything.

I have close friends who lived for a few years in a haunted house. They had all felt, heard and seen ghosts, (including their children) as have many other visitors to the house. And here I am, somewhat mediumistic, who has seen ghosts, “believes” they exist, and I never once felt, heard or seen anything paranormal when I was in their house.

Did I come away deciding there are “no such things as ghosts?” That I was wrong all the other times, in all those other places? That my friends, their kids, and their friends and relatives, were wrong? Nope.

I never tried to contact anything when I was there; (not sure why, good question. ) Maybe “they” didn’t want to contact me, for some reason. Maybe I subconsciously shut them out. Maybe it was simply a matter of: sometimes you see ‘em, sometimes you don’t.

But I didn’t come away thinking “there are no ghosts in that house.” To think that would have been ridiculous, since so many others had seen them. Simply because I, for whatever reason, did not, does not translate to “there ain’t no such thing.”

At best, all I could say is that I never saw anything of a paranormal nature in that house. And it would be reasonable to consider that there probably was something paranormal there; since many others had seen things. Their reports were consistent, and many times, people had seen something, not knowing of the house’s haunted history. It seems that it would be irrational. not rational, to dismiss all that and come away with the conclusion that “there are no ghosts,” made with such conviction.

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