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True Confessions! Women in Peril! Under Attack!
Can These Women Be Saved From the UFOS????!!!! :
Putting a Positive Spin on the Abduction Experience

We TV is a cable station for women. Their programming includes shows like Bridezillas, Wedding Gown Secrets, stuff like that.

But We has a bit of a paranormal edge to it as well. Besides the bridal stuff, the hair stuff (Hair Trauma) the house renovation stuff (The Ugliest House) they venture into the realm of the unexplained.

Medium John Edward has his show on We. There’s a program called Supernatural, which I haven't seen yet, where two "rescue mediums" go into haunted houses and problem solve with the lost and misbehaving entities. (I just love that: "rescue mediums.")

But my favorite is the program on alien abductions. It’s called Alien Abductions: True Confessions. True Confessions?! That's one cheesy title. The word "confession" implies something nefarious. I don’t know, putting the word "confession" in there gives the abduction experience a factor of sleeze that shouldn’t be there. It’s also a bit outdated, like the 1950s tell alls of housewives by day, hookers by night kind of thing, or reform school girl tell-alls about their time in lock-up with bulldyke matrons running the show.

There is some typical spooky music of course, another cheese factor. In fact, watching the program last night, I realized what the music reminded me of: Plan Nine From Outer Space! Sheesh.

Despite its exploitive silly title, the program is pretty enjoyable. First of all, it’s nice to see a lack of skeptics. There are no storage skeptics -- the ones they usually trot out to assure us, with smirks, that people "see what they want to see," or we "misinterpret natural phenomena" or that, as skeptic Joe Nickell will no doubt tell you, it was all a case of mistakeing owls for UFOs -- you know the drill. None of that, thank goodness. Just the person herself recounting her experiences. That is so refreshing!

The women are from all over the country, and range in life style, age, etc. But all of them have similar experiences dealing with abductions and UFOs. The episodes have a pattern. Each episode starts off with an individual, who recounts her anxieties, her fears, her spotty memory (including missing time), reaction/rejection of friends and family. Often these things go back to childhood. She’s frightened, pissed, confused, sometimes lonely. But something causes her to seek regression therapy, where she finds out what she’s suspected all along: she was abducted.

After the hypnosis, after the recall of these events involving UFOs, aliens, flying saucers, missing time, etc. the women are at peace. They’ve gone from a state of confusion and anxiety to a state of peace and acceptance, and this enables them to continue their lives with renewed strength and purpose.

Another thing I noticed in this series is the focus the show puts on the women. The honesty, independent nature, and overall forthrightness of the women is always stressed. They take what they’ve learned about their abduction experiences and used in positive ways.

All this is a nice twist on the whole tangled mess of UFO abductions. There is a part of me though that is suspicious; not of the women themselves, not at all. I just mean the big picture; all those unanswered questions. IF they’re aliens, are they "nice," and merely curious, or the negative mean buggers I think they are? What are they up to? But in the meantime, those who’ve gone through it (whatever "it" may be) need to be treated positively, and Alien Abductions: True Confessions, does that.

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